2018 Lexus LC500h Hybrid TECH REVIEW (1 of 2): Orange is the new Lexus . . .

Having been very smitten with the Lexus LC500 V8, MotoMan has Lexus send him the Hybrid version of the Lexus LC 500, the 2018 Lexus LS500h. In this TECH REVIEW, he charts the changes that make a 471 HP Lexus LC500 into a 354 hp Lexus LC 500h and shows you one hell of a shocker that wasn’t part of the stunning burgundy and tan LC coupe that originally turned up at MotoMan Studio A . . .

For more information, watch our 2018 Lexus LC500 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-v5tZExD_N4

– and –

Lexus LS 500 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqmfs8asamg

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Mozart Lalanne says:

This interior is absolutely stunning. The LC is the real successor to the DB9. Beautiful car.

Edysin Simon says:

I certainly love the interior of that V8 version in the LC 500~ So gorgeous looking/appearing! But in interior of the LC hybrid? Not really my cup of tea! Especially since it appears to be a bit of a miss-mash! To me, the V8 version appears to be the most complete packaging and sounds just so great!

headcas620 says:

Would look 10x better if it didn’t have to comply with shitty pedestrian safety regulations.

Mike Watson says:

I don’t like the front grill design of this Lexus

seif salman says:

I think fuel economy will be a matter after 200 may be 300 yrs from now when barrel of oil hits 500 dollars or so , and every one have to wait 3 or 4 hrs at the gas station to get a limited amount of it

Stuart Charlton says:

Bought the V8 version a couple of weeks ago in western Canada – good deal on an Atomic Silver demo. Your original review had an impact on that decision over a used 911…. The SOUND is a huge part of the appeal, I suppose I’d go hybrid if I just liked the looks and wasn’t a car person. Fuel economy on the V8 around town so far has been abysmal – around 20L/100km. But honestly I don’t care, it feels special, drives very well and looks very unique. Doing a road trip soon and will look forward to seeing how the fuel economy improves…

Stinger430 says:

1,2,3 in Japanese sounds like: Itch, Knee, Sun. You’re welcome. 🙂

John Capozzi says:

It’s not fuel economy that drives high-end hybrid/EV sales, it’s virtue signalling, and buying indulgences from the Church of Climate. Also helps that the hybrid versions are generally more expensive than the pure-IC models , so there’s a status signal bump there too.

SkiddingMouse says:

I guess it does to a point. if is your daily vehicle then I think it plays a role in the purchase decision. if is a weekend fun car it will hardly matter except if you got a challenger hellcat and you live in Italy or Norway…. that will empty your bank account quite quickly even if you are called Mr. Gates.

Valdis Vitols says:

i believe miles per tank is the important thing, not miles per gallon.

futility of human endeavor says:

05:35 I’m sorry but that color is just amazing.

Jason Parry says:

You and other journos have the old way of thinking – SUVs have to be “baby buggies” and fuel economy doesn’t matter in performance cars. Not anymore. We want it all. Therefore we SUVs and please add some sport in as well yes sedans/wagons are better but we don’t want those so if we are getting an SUV then have sport please. Same with swoopy coupes- we want our sport ANd fuel economy too. This is why I have a cayenne ehybrid – it’s the only vehicle that has sport plus suv plus efficiency.

David Mulligan says:

Unless fuel economy is ludicrously low, I don’t worry about it. My last car averaged 19 mpg over the six years I owned it. My current car might be more like 18 mpg (I’ve only put 2700 miles on it yet). At 12k miles per year, I’m spending around $2000 on gas (NJ). If I increase fuel economy by 10%, I save a couple of hundred – not a big deal if I really prefer the car I’m driving over the one with better fuel economy.

blitzbbffl says:

Now, driving only about 10K per year – fuel economy is a non-factor in my auto leasing decision process. The only time it became a major concern to me was between 2005 – 2009 when I was driving a 2006 FX35 about 15K per year. A disproportionate amount of that was on the FL interstates @ 85mph. I loved everything about that Infiniti crossover – except those $65 fillups twice a week!

Yoqlene says:

Looks like a Camry.

David Jebson says:

From France. Fuel economy should always be a consideration. When buying a ‘sporty’ car it might be not be the very first component, but all cars nowadays can be fuel efficient. The main downer about most modern cars is that they are SOOOOO heavy, unnecessarily heavy. This affects performance, handling and fuel economy – ” make them lighter guys”!!

cadsux says:

I’m in California and have a 2015 Mustang GT. I average 20 mpg, my best was 27 mpg. If it was getting 12 mpg like my old Mazda CX-7, I’d be concerned. I respect the LC500h for it’s mpg, and not being too far off in performance for the price of that V8. I do think Lexus sports coupes are a tad overpriced. As sacrilege this may sound, I wonder if Ford would be able pull off a hybrid Mustang. .

M1911jln says:

Motoman, I usually agree with your opinions on styling, but you lost me here. I think that interior is just hideous. I’d probably like it in a different color, but blue, orange, and white? No thank you very much.

Talasas says:

Stunning design through and through. The interior colours are coming back from the Japanese bubble economy era in the best possible way. Cars like the Soarer, Cresta and Crown all had adventurous colours and they were great. This is the modern twist on it and I love it, keen to see it feed down the product line.

Shannon Stjulien says:

no, south louisioana

Haruchio Pagani says:

Fuel economy becomes important if you daily drive the car. And the LC500/500H are cars that can be daily driven. I get 30MPG on the highway on my LC500 and I can’t stress how happy I am about that 🙂

Elton Elzee says:

If you are buying a vehicle > $75k, fuel economy shouldn’t be an issue! … from the US

Sayyid Taimur says:

Although its a LC review but i am loving that LS in the vid.

JunZZZ Z says:

Tax will be more than 40% with a V8 5.0 engine here in China. I guess that’s one reason they only sell 500h.

toyota celica says:

Yes,fuel economy is very important,because i live in europe,the prices for gas are very high,a powertrain like the one on the LC is perfect combi between performance/economy for a european buyer.

carman geek says:

A hybrid in a car like this is just stupid. What are they thinking.

Thorick says:

The interior looks like someone left a huge orange vanilla creamcicle inside on a hot day.. jury’s out but it is different for sure..

usernamefromhell says:

I don’t really care about mpg, as long as it’s not ludicrously low.

cpfb68 says:

So, I picked up a 2011 Lexus IS F about a year ago. Love the car, have been looking at the LC 500 as a future used to purchase. I always look at the MPG of every car I have looked at buying and I continue through ownership with every fill-up. For me, it helps track how the car is running. The IS F is right at what it was rated for, 16 City/ 20 Highway. I do wish it was better. But the light car with 416 HP V8 makes up for it…I guess in the case of the LC 500..becasue it might be a daily driver…I would opt for the Hybrid to get better MPGs…..I love power but drive too much and am too practical (im an engineer)

M Dac says:

I don’t care about fuel economy unless it’s so low the gas guzzler tax is is super high. Not usually an issue.

Hadeed Tarar says:

First comment

dipsyfriday says:

Great question! At this price point few, if any, will care about the fuel economy.

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