After a long hiatus, MotoMan returns to the gold standard of the Luxury Crossover world, the Lexus RX350. However, everything is the same except for one BIG thing: It’s longer. So MotoMan takes the baby buggy that started the luxury CUV craze over twenty years ago for a drive, the 2018 Lexus RX350L. Along the way, he shares a VERY unusual update from an unlikely source that sorta has something to do with this Lexus . . . and many other cars . . .

For more information, watch our 2018 Lexus LS500 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqmfs8asamg

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Lexus RX Full Line TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4bnWLCyy5g

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Muhannad Aldajan says:

That Mini interior is fantastic!

Sevenfeet0 says:

A long time ago, Cadillac came out with the SRX (2004). That car was based on the same rear drive platform as the CTS with more rear overhang to accomodate the optional third row. I owned that car and while we rarely had adults way back there, my daughter and her friends loved it since it was an opportunity to get away from her brother in the second row. That car never sold well despite best in class driving dynamics since the RX had tidier dimensions and a better executed interior. Lexus sold a ton of them causing Cadillac to go back to the drawing board leading to the second gen SRX and successor XT5 which follows the RX formula closely (and sells a lot better). It’s ironic to see Lexus taking a page from that original Cadillac design to add a third row to the RX at this point.

Finally, Harman (nee Samsung) had a lot of flexibility in the automotive space with branding since they have a number of well known audio brands at different price points. I’m a little puzzled that they chose Mark Levinson for Lexus…I would have saved that brand for something really expensive. Mark Levinson sells audiophile equipment that can cost as much as that entire Lexus.

whiteandnerdytuba says:

I wish to see Ferraris and not cars made for sisters

Aaron Agsalud says:

What Maserati is that with the wide screen?

mreddieotis says:

What else is on the short list of car/suv makers if you want to own longer than 5 years?

THe Chron1c says:

The s63, 911 review were awesome. More of those please!

Michael Moreau says:

Just to clarify, back in the day (70’s) HK amplifiers had one of the best signal to noise ratios per dollar of integrated amplifiers. It’s were they come from.

Michael Snow says:

Another great review as always, but santa Maria madre di dio that thing is UGLY! Speaking of getting what you ask for, how about you take these manufacturers to task for the lazy design/engineering of these afterthought of a navigation screens. Also, could someone explain to me how one could spend $50k+ and be ok with unpainted black plastic around the wheel arches and bumpers? We all know that these will never see anything more offroad than a gravel driveway.

albatrosmile says:

I like how they always forget to build the interiors.

HW2800 says:

Front end is hideous @ 11:53!

Csab says:

I thought he gonna review a toyota corrola!

Chuck Music says:

My wife has a 2009 RX350. Other than normal maintenance, we have had only one minor problem with it that was easily fixed (positive battery terminal corroded). It’s been so reliable that she says she is still happy with it and would rather keep driving it instead of buying a new vehicle and dealing with the payments. This summer her mother is looking at getting a new 2018 RX350 because she is planning on keeping it 10+ years also. The RX is boring entry level luxury with the long life of a Toyota. Boring for a car enthusiast, but perfect for someone that wants dependability with a little bit of luxury over many years.

BTW, loved the part about Samsung and Harmon. I know one person that retired from Harmon before the Samsung buyout (was VP of JBL car audio) and one guy still there that is in charge of the acoustical tuning of the ML audio systems that goes into Lexus vehicles.

Keep up the great work, MotoMan!


Here in Southern California a total electric vehicle won’t work. Bumper to bumper traffic, slow moving traffic.

Hazmie Kasturi says:

Is it 13.7 mpg? Good or bad?

SkiddingMouse says:

ok, if it gave 50ev miles I´ll put down an extra5k max, if 30ev miles then 3k max. interesting and well done car. still, the best of the episode….. 2x f18

Guneet Surdhar says:

I prefer a mix of realisitc and practice vehicles and the crazy sporty stuff

A F A says:

Was this a car or audio review?

Roger Janes says:

Great … keep the SUV comparisons coming…. although you did not go into much detail about the media electronics.

Jonathan Krompegal says:

To answer your last question: YES! There is a market segment in need of a vehicle. Something like a Chrysler Pacifica but in an suv form

Tully3674 says:

I think Motoman didn’t have much to say about the SUV to fill 15 minutes. Talk about the sound system was for ‘fill’ and mostly jibber-jabber. I can’t recall (in recent memory) covering the sound system of any car. No blame as this isn’t an exciting or ground breaking vehicle.

Cababah says:

Lexus..when you don’t want to feel anything!

Artur Eff says:

a Mark Levinson system may cost more…eh

Rick Beyers says:

one word….WOW

d hoffman says:

Good Stuff….especially the H-K tech. How about a strictly tech review of future in-car electronics? Keep up the good work.

Roni Rex says:

I loved your monologue of this video. Man! you are so informative… & thanks for the third row review. Can you please do a comparison review between 440i gran coupe 5 door vs S5 5 door coupe?

Merle Therrien says:

Holy shit, that maserati futuristic dashboard is unreal!

Shannon Stjulien says:

well… i have never been interested in any sort of crossover… ever. i would own a full on wagon first. a few full sized suvs have crossed my radar but never these. i would not pay anything. i will say , that jaguar crossover is very easy on the eyes and its cousin the Velar…maybe just maybe i would spend a bag on one of those, maybe.

Edysin Simon says:

Regarding the dip shit that got his panties all wadded up in a knot? If I wanted you to whine about it , I’d unscrew your head and dip it out!

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