2019 Lexus ES 350 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW: Not your Grandmother’s Lexus . . . (2 of 3)

The Lexus ES 350 is completely different – but not in that regular new model way: Make this a bit better, tweak that, change design slightly. No, instead MotoMan learns the 2019 Lexus ES 350 is designed to do A LOT more than the Lexus ES your grandparents bought . . .

For more information, watch our 2019 Lexus ES TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRwEOKdlDHs

– and –

Lexus RX 350 L FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COb3BMgoofQ

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j_spark says:

What I find frustrating is that naturally-aspirated engines are becoming a novelty these days. Props to Lexus for not replacing their V6 with a turbo 4-banger.

Rpplerarr says:

Hate your shoes!

Mister E says:

That ES is gorgeous

That 4 Door Lexus says:

Toyota and Lexus has dug there self in a hole. Instead of competing they have been safe. I like where both of them are going but it’s to late. The GS should of had over 400hp back in 2013. Interior on there cars has gotten so much better. But as a GS owner i will be heartbroken if they kill it off. A front wheel drive ES or AWD ES will never truly take the place of a GS.

CKal1990 says:

GS is dead rumour has been around for months now. It’s probably true. What this really does is illustrate how frustrating Lexus product succession planning is. If I had an ISF… There was simply no replacement. If I have a GSF there is no replacement. With BMW its not even a secret that there will be a 5 series and there will be an M car soon after. But Lexus? Nah

Sevenfeet0 says:

Geez, you snuck into Nashville again without saying anything? And the Natchez Parkway is literally a short drive up the road from me. 🙂

RAN D says:

Nice review Moto man!

MrMustangrick says:

KEEP the GS Lexus ! Best cat I have ever owned, and I have had a lot

LEXUriouS Kirk says:

My job is to sell these things when they come out….Thanks for the differentiating features: “Laser welded screws, glued with 65 ft of adhesive, stiffening brace, plus extra sound deadening!”

Supperconductor says:

I hope the GS stays around but unlike you & me, the market doesn’t care about FWD vs. RWD.

golfbuddy1969 says:

If this car is only maybe 10% more than an Avalon, but quieter, more luxurious, and better looking (by a mile), has Lexus in essence, committed infanticide?

Wageesha Samaraweera says:

No matter how great a car GS is( and I’m seeing more people praising it after hearing the rumors of it being discontinued), if it doesn’t sell well, it’s unprofitable. Plus it’s not necessary for Lexus to have 2 models to compete in the same size category when they can instead focus on one product and make it better.

Pars S says:

I’m also surprised. Expected it to be a rebadged Avalon. I think people who like to drive, will still want a Sedan. VS SUVs, which don’t need to be as good when push past 90%.

Very few will cross shop a rear driver with a front drive, doubtful one will affect the other. What we’re seeing is improvement across the board with front drives. All the competent manufacturers are closing the gap betwee their rear drive counterpart.

Brandon Wiley says:

The Es is for sure punching above its weight to compete with other mid sized luxury competitor’s. The IS will also stay around and will probably be fully redone next year. Lastly, I feel the gs will evolve into a four-door coupe to compete with the likes of the cls, A7, and 6 series gran coupe.

Sevenfeet0 says:

Now back to your final question….odd that Lexus is doing a F sport version of this car with I think only suspension and trim piece mods and no engine upgrades. This car was always the modern Buick. My mother (who is a grandmother) has driven ES’s since the 90s when she abandoned Cadillac after a poor dealer experience. I think she’s on her 4th car now. The GS was always the slightly larger driver’s car which I think Lexus always wanted to have in the stable to compete with the 5 series and E class but it’s never come close to the sales of those cars. The ES on the other hand sells zillions of models, surpassed only by the RX. So from a fiscal standpoint, the ES wins back in the corporate headquarters (which is why its coming to Europe now). But I still can’t imagine that a FWD car, even as nice as this one is ever going to challenge a RWD/AWD platform of any kind which is where the GS and it’s competitors play unless they think they can do what Audi does with the A6, which means they need AWD here and they don’t have it yet.

Carroll Shelby says:

How does this channel exist with so few views in comparison to others? Are you on the manufacturers’ payrolls or independently wealthy?

DarthRegis says:

I enjoy your reviews.
But your opinion about golf can go straight to hell. 😉

LEXUriouS Kirk says:

GS is on the chopping block, the sales volume is so low and is too similar in size to the ES. I can see them keeping the IS because it shares so much with the RC . As a salesman, it might be hard to sell the new ES for those looking for an entry-level Lexus. The reason as that when equipped, it will cost at least 2-3k more than before… On the other hand the new entry for Lexus is the UX coming soon….Sorry for the convolusion.

christian Chichester says:

As soon as the ES gets AWD the GS is going to die sadly.

Brandon Wiley says:

I don’t think people understand how good of a car the GS350 is(especially in fsport trim or just look at the gs F) , and losing that rear wheel drive bias sedan would lose customers. So I’m really hoping it does evolve into something new.

alpha7ization says:

I would be surprised if lexus came out with a 5th generation GS. In my opinion
One of the most underrated cars ever. Still driving a 1st gen Gs getting close to 300k and the car still runs as smooth as a new car. Of course maintenance helps, but this car has been misunderstood from the beginning and I blame Lexus for that.

David Mulligan says:

I think the GS is on the way out. The new ES is going to be available in many more markets, and is, as you found, very much an improvement over the previous model. I would prefer a GS over an ES, but I guess sales figures will determine whether it’s worth keeping the GS around.

Pedro says:


Silmarieni C says:

There would be no shame in hiring good car designers for a change.

wayne says:

I wish they made the ES in RWD and, hope they keep the GS some of us rather have RWD.

ARentz07 says:

I think that the IS will stick around but not the GS. The IS hasn’t been the king of sales but considering the price tag is so close to the ES and new for this generation NX, it’s holding its own. The GS has declined pretty sharply in sales compared to the last generation, and hasn’t particularly outdone its competitors. If the GS has anything keeping it alive, it’s the new Toyota Crown platform. However a shrunken version of that might just get used for the IS, much like the current IS inherited from the GS.

Eton Thompson says:

There is a segment of the population that still eschews all of these notions of “practicality” and still want sedans.

Csab says:

is he a pilot???

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