2019 Lexus ES 350 & Lexus ES300h Hybrid TECH REVIEW: A High Tech volume Lexus . . . (1 of 3)

Lexus makes a MAJOR change to their volume sedan, the Lexus ES – both the Lexus ES350 & the Lexus ES 300h Hybrid. MotoMan goes on a deep technical dive of the changes to the 2019 Lexus ES range – both the 302 HP V6 Lexus ES 350 & the 215 HP Lexus ES300h with its two propulsion systems . . .

For more information, watch our 2018 Lexus LS500 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqmfs8asamg

– and –

Lexus RX Full Line TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4bnWLCyy5g

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Mr M M says:

This is an amazing car. It way better quality and reliable than all German cars it’s worth every penny if you go to any Lexus dealership you will find customers trading in there. BMW or Mercedes or Audi in to a Lexus but you will never see it the other way around des that tell you something Lexus IS a true VIP car will always be

Claire Kennedy says:

Lovely car

futility of human endeavor says:

Wrong wheel drive though

Supersonic Hamster USA says:

That drivers seat leather is already wrinkled

TheBjjones says:

How is the 2019 Lexus ES350 more premium than the 2019 Avalon when:
The Avalon interior has an infotainment touchscreen with spectacular graphics while the ES350 is still using a dated track pad with old graphics icons and font.
The Avalon has a more pleasant, unique interior design with a better implementation of quality materials throughout while the ES350 interior design looks like a refreshed RX350 with hard plastics in touch point areas.

Lexus needs to hire new interior designers and step up their tech because the interior of the new ES350 is a complete mess!

blitzbbffl says:

Thanks for identifying that shrinking weight delta – between the ICE car and the Hybrid car. A noteworthy trend.

Mitchell Pritsker says:

The Lexus ES and the Toyota Avalon is the first to have Apple CarPlay but no Android Auto. I wish all the other Toyota and Lexus models put Apple CarPlay in there infotainment system and also Mazda and Infiniti.

adilator says:

Hey man, I like your videos but there’s a high compression on this one that makes it blurry even on 1080p. Botched a setting when encoding?

Connor James says:

Man, the interior is absolutely gorgeous.

Lionsheartification says:

Really don’t understand how this guy doesn’t have more subscribers.

SkiddingMouse says:

i do agree with the reduction of weight of hybrid tech. It´s almost a no brainer to go for the hybrid if the price delta is not excessive. Can´t wait for the drive review of both types of propulsion systems. 45highway sounds impressive for this car. Lexus design is finally its own, not sure if I would pick a German vehicle or this but finally this brand can stand by their own when it comes to style and no need to be compared.

Muffinman012 says:

That record scratch or whatever it was around 7min 20sec was fucking TERRIFYING.
Please balance your audio better.

charles shen says:

Do a review on the lane tracing assist. How it compares to autopilot, propilot,etc.

People who buy lexus generally don’t care about rubber burning 0-60 times.


Prof Griff says:

Is this the first Lexus/Toyota sedan with a panoramic roof?

Tim Cho says:

Wait, Am I missing something ? I thought Lexus will only discontinue GS in Europe not world wide. Anyway, GS doesn’t seem to hold up well on the U.S. market though.

Rye Shelton. says:

vary nice car….but it’s not RWD.

Jdor D says:

With the stunning design of the new ES there really isn’t a need to get an LS but with no new GS this car needs to handle better than my previous 2013 ES, great vid…”Yeshua / Jesus is the way “

Zachary says:

This is very nice. Buyers should be happy. I like the new LS too but it looks small in person. IMO and from the outside it doesn’t appear to be a class competitor of the MB S class or BMW 7.

J Mos says:

Tech review without talking about electronic safety features like accident avoidance? Seems like you’ve missed some important things which are the essence of a tech review.

B Bee says:

It seems clear to me, but then again I wear glasses and think this looks just like an Camry.

Sang Eeth says:

I like the new ES a lot. But I also wanted the GS still on the line up.

Great review!

Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. says:

A mouth in front big enough to gobble up a Fiat 500!

Kawai Sit says:

What is the different between this, Camry or Avalon???
It have the same thing but different price…

Scott Anderson says:

If it was RWD and had a better motor this would be the perfect car! Looking to replace my 328i soon, this maybe on the list of maybes…looking forward to your driving review to hear how it compares to the comps.

HW2800 says:

Lexus front end is completely hideous!

jpmackin says:

Where’s da pooch?

Csab says:

is that a Rolex?

Pedro says:


private says:

Can’t believe this will replace a GS. What is Lexus thinking? I have a 2007 LX470 and 2013 GS 350 AWD. GS is quite an epic sedan. Great chassis balance and overall a fun car to drive. All Lexus has to do is give it more power. ES is too soft, a baby LS. About 10 years ago Lexus created the LFA to show the world that it will start making fun cars to drive, now they are killing off bmw 5 series, mb E class, Audi A6 competitor.

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