2019 Lexus ES – Digital Side Mirrors

The new ES will become the first mirrorless production car when it goes on sale this October. However, Lexus’ new camera system will only be available in the Japanese market for the ES 300h version L.

With Lexus’s “Digital Outer Mirrors,” the typical glass mirror pods are replaced by rear-facing digital cameras. The feed from those cameras is then displayed on small, 5-inch monitors inside the cabin that sit at the base of the front pillars. The cameras even automatically adjust their field of focus when a turn signal is activated, or the vehicle is put into reverse.

Here in the U.S., the technology has yet to be made legal, though vehicles are already being sold with video screens that replace the center rearview mirror.

The development of cars without conventional side view mirrors has been proposed for some time now due to their number of advantages. In addition to providing an expanded view and better visibility at night and in poor weather, these digital systems can help yield better fuel efficiency due to the more aerodynamic design of the camera setup.

While these benefits are all fine and dandy, let’s just hope they’re flexible enough to fold in when absent-mind drivers or pedestrians decide to bump into them. It’s already expensive enough to replace broken car mirrors, and we don’t want to begin thinking about the cost of a whole new camera system.

Although regulations do not permit the technology in the U.S., it is legal in Europe, where Audi plans to introduce it as an option the automaker’s upcoming all-electric E-Tron SUV. Both Audi and Japanese developers continue to lobby for mirrorless cars in the States, so only time will tell whether we’ll be seeing new vehicles equipped with those stylish camera stanchions any time soon.

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Wouter says:

Unfortunately Lexus engineers were to stupid to think about earodynamics while designing this. That’s really the only big benefit that this could have.

AMiguel06 Perez-Perry says:

I hate the two monitors! It makes the cabin look like the inside of spacecraft and it is very distracting. It really takes away from the classy cabin. I would not buy this with someone else’s money much less mine!

VEN0M says:

useless.. waste of resources

Henri says:

Looks like an item that’s easily damaged and very expensive to replace

arcyoon says:

A curved monitor may be more suitable for a side monitor.

Vin Benzin says:

I disagree. Too much technology into a car, too much to repair after 5 years and too much cost for that. We need more cars with less technology

Raphael Lim says:

It looks good but it might need a spare for when it is crushed.

Lazz Lazzor says:

Sorry guys, but this is really really useless…

dailylegend says:

Great technology, aerodynamic = more fuel efficient, smaller than mirrors save parking space, no need to twist my neck to check mirrors, hopefully it will also include blindspot sensors.

Ondřej Matějka says:

But normal mirros have “stereoscopic” feature, this is only 2D picture. But good thing is better aerodynamics of car without big mirrors. 🙂

Prince Duties says:

Every car should have this!

JW Rijneveldshoek says:

At 3:35 it’s “Thanks for Watching!” (and not “watcing”, you’ve forgotten an H).

Billie Dharmajaya says:

I disagree the first cars with digital mirror was audi not lexus it because audi have showing us about the digital mirror when its still spy shots so the first digital mirror was audi not lexus

Erwin Ros says:

Electronics never fail, so this is a great idea.

MrFacePeck says:

You’d think that it could be made much smaller.

Tony Pasby says:

Good concept, but not liking the “mini iPad’s” on the sides, that’s clutter.

What it needs is the display integrated into the instrument panel, so to the left and right of the speedometer for instance.

richardu van der says:


Anakonda Vlogs says:

Lexus Is the best in the world for new Features and Performance

Ronald Van Wolferen says:

Do you see anything when de sun shines on de screen,inside the car ?

Deimos000 says:

Still huge flaps on the side of the car and the monitors look hideous on the dashboard. Perhaps integrate them a little more?

Kevin Driessen says:

so much negativity in comments, but I like the idea of camera’s more than I would’ve thought: broader angle, cleare vision are definitely welcome.
What I would like even more is not being blinded by those many way too bright car headlights. They are literally an eyesore. Camera’s can help regulate brightness allowing me to see more.

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