2019 Lexus ES – Review & Road Test

The Lexus ES luxury sedan comes loaded with luxury trimmings that cater to every customer’s whim. Prestige, comfort, performance driving dynamics are expected in this category for this price point, and Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio will take you for a lux spin to see how the ES delivers on all those luxurious promises.

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Mehboob Rafeeq says:

Some good improvements keep it up

cleandiaper says:

Toyota sets the standard again.

Diwa Alejandro Galvez says:

Are Lexus Hybrids reliable enough? The NX 300h and RX 450h are pretty popular here in the Philippines (they claim at 20% of the buyers of those crossovers opt for the hybrids), but I’m not sure about the long-term reliability.

MicPenedor says:

One day i shall have 1 if God judge it good.

Everett Harper says:

No AWD, No folding seats, poor infotainment = No go.

ATG IMM says:

This is my dream car I have a Camry XSE right now but when I get older and have more money I want this reliable luxury machine

z00h says:

Great review, Kelly Blue Balls.

Peizxcv says:

Looks good and you know you won’t be on a first name basis with the dealer’s mechanics. What good is luxury and performance if you have to drive the loaner regularly?

Joshua Daniel says:

I think this is the only non symmetrical interior that I like.
Good Job Lexus!

Huss Salman says:

Awesome review mate

xx zz says:


seif salman says:

This vs the g80 , i would buy a stinger gt

aamirqz says:

This is the most attractive result of the Lexus design language thus far, aside from the LC Coupe. Better realized than the new LS even.

Oruns Dru says:

This is a direct hit at the E-class.

De U says:

Looks good inside out. But the 2018 Toyota Camry XSE V6 beats it 0-60mph

Sam Setiaboedhi says:

Do you guys film in Irvine?

Tim Chuang says:

Just bought a new ES this week. Loving it.

AntsAfan301 says:

This car never seemed like an actual luxury car to me, it just seems like a nicer Camry, Maybe this generation will seem more “special”

winterpageant says:

It is a good car, but there is Model 3 now…

OutOfThisWorldTV says:

If you want really good luxury car go with lexus.. its a japanese mercedes just its 100 times more reliable

Yakabitch B says:

Freakin ugly

Radeon_ V2 says:

Beautiful. Hard to tell the difference between this and the LS. Just add AWD and this would be the perfect 4 season sedan.

BBdecool1 says:

Nice review. Hate the infotainment touch pad….not only do I have to move my finger, I also have to look for the cursor to see if it’s where I want it to be, It’s time for Lexus to ditch this bad setup. As a dinosaur I say bring back the buttons…or at least some of them

ぴーちゃん says:

Can he drop the gay cheeky persona please

SilentShores says:

Sleek looking sedan with the quality to match!

black5corpion76 says:

My next lease

zhen yu says:

lexus is shit

Larry Calloway says:


ai zheng says:

Toyota Avalon & Toyota Camry is the same car cost $$$$$ less

MrRanvic says:

Lexus IS king of cars. Legendary company that always comes in with the best for their customers

Sonpakorn Y. says:

2019 premium car should 100% LED light. But…why???

John Doe says:

Can’t afford it, what a beautiful car!

sanju2 says:

Wow as if I didn’t already lust after the hybrid in ultra luxury trim, he said it runs on 87 octane! I’m weeping at the gas station when I have to fill up on premium for my leased Lexus RC 350 AWD which is a total gas guzzler.

Captain CJ 97 says:


FederalNetwork says:

Best channel for real world car buyers and car nerds. Covers everything.

Larry Ingersol says:

Love it except Lexus has fallen way behind in the engine game in order to save money.The tired 3.5L V6 is unchanged from 2005. Even the hp/torque specs are the same. The reason why the transmission is hunting so much for a lower gear is in order to save fuel since this V6 is not very efficient. The hybrid variant make the most sense here. The old and dated GS no longer makes sense and it sells very poorly so my dealer also said he figures it will be discontinued soon.

QuietStormX says:

Another boring Sedan…. ;-(

Jova R. says:

It might be me, but when this ES and the RC is moving and it’s in direct sunlight, it looks good. I hope that this is the beginning of the end of the Darth Vader looking Lexus and we can return to the more elegant, even bland styling that we all, even me, took for granted.

Mihir Phadke says:

I would get this over the camry

PB&J Racing says:

damn this car is really cheap for all the features…

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