2019 Lexus UX 200 & Lexus UX250h Hybrid TECH REVIEW A funky looking Baby Buggy that wants to be a P1

Volvo XC40, Cadillac XT4, now it’s time to look at the Lexus version of this fast growing crossover segment – the 2019 Lexus UX200 and Lexus UX 250h Hybrid. MotoMan finds the concept may be similar but learns that the execution of the details is far different . . .

For more information, watch our 2019 Cadillac XT4 TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGUyZSHEPGE

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Lexus RX Full Line TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4bnWLCyy5g

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Kory Nguyen says:

Not attractive at all

mfmf100 says:

1. XT4 2. XC40 3. UX200. But I’d prefer an X2 or CX5 (bigger size same $ < brand).

rubiks15 says:

1) XC40
2) XT4
3) UX

Mainly because I don’t like SUVs that look like a bar of DOVE soap. I like the overall squared look of the XC40, but love the look of width and stance of the XT4. Only reason the Volvo places higher is because it’s functional interior. Ux seems so small and smooth, like a runt. Interior is arguably most attractive, but that jellybean look isnt my taste at all.

Toyota admitted they wanted to square up the design of the RAV4 to make it more appealing to male customers. They should have sent Lexus the memo.

anasim says:

Yes, I find the UX attractive and I would buy one.

Javi Fabela says:

That, my friend, is an ugly crossover

TheNacropolice says:

the interior reminds me a bit of my Mazda6

2W3X4YZ5 says:

Messages for Lexus:

1. Get rid of the spindle grille.

2. Get rid of the spindle grille.

I know current Lexus owners who refuse to buy a new one because of…the spindle grille.

Joachim Magnusson says:

1. Cadillac
2. Volvo
3 Lexus (far behind)
1. Lexus
2. Volvo
3. Cadillac

Ashish Patel says:

Kinda wish this has 200hp. It would just a killer.

Jordan Catcher says:

In this specific segment , my top picks would be the Lexus Ux , the Cadillac xt4 , and new Audi q3. The Ux will retain it’s value significantly better (Reliability is yet to be determined even though this a Lexus , this is an all new vehicle so you never know what can happen). The xt4 offers 3 things in 1 pakage (Power , space , and great fuel economy). And knowing Gm , they’ll probably do lot’s of incentives and discounts to satisfy more people.

ostvarg says:

Will the updated Lexus RX include a UX like interior you think?

Michael C. says:

Why no Infiniti QX30?

Aminadab Lugo says:

Front looks good but overall I don’t like it at all. Order would be 1-Volvo, 2-Cadillac and then this one. Even BMW and Audi will be between the Volvo and the Lexus in this category.

Van Hammer says:

I find the XC40 and the XT4 more pleasing to look at, both inside and out. The interior of the UX in that color you showed, does look fine but I just can’t feel much admiration for the exterior styling of some Lexus products.

Autos Fan says:

1. Cadillac
2. Lexus
3. Volvo

Jason Parry says:

1. Volvo 2. Lexus 3. Cadillac (distant)

I think people should reserve judgement on looks til seeing in person, but it looks nice! I just remember the NX being cramped so how cramped is the UX??

Alex Kaloger says:


Toyota4Life says:

That interior is CLASS LEADING.

I like the design. Its very youthful and very modern looking. Some bigger aftermarket rims to fill the huge fenders would make this thing look much better

carlos caro says:

Looks like a cross over version of an “IS”

crossandshoot says:

more like a baby 918 in the sense that there are wheels which are only connected to electric motors and ones that have both the ICE and electric motors

Right Lane Hog says:

The Corolla engine and CVT do not cut it in a Lexus.

SkiddingMouse says:

Nice review MM, the UX it´s kind of a wanna do all in a small SUV package… and it works for most people who just need a nice comfortable and reliable car. The hybrid is the way to go in my opinion given all the extra tech involvement and that nice mpg rating. Is it attractive? not for me but it´s got the modern sort of glamorous shiny crossover flair which today seems to be the Nº1 preference.
Volvo, Cadillac or this?….. can´t say much about the Cadillac but between the Volvo and Lexus I go Lexus.

I. Fawzy says:

What’s the price for the hybrid?

v36nismo says:

I think it looks ok overall but those weird wheel arch mouldings ruin it for me. I don’t mind the current lexus design language but i think they will age horribly

HW2800 says:

It too bad Lexus cannot design an attractive car anymore!

TheMichaelRN says:

Ugly inside and out.

Tellie Smith says:

It doesn’t look bad to me I don’t mind the Lexus front ends but I would put in order like this between the 3. 1 Cadillac 2 Lexus 3 Volvo

Elton Elzee says:

For me reliability is more beautiful than anything, therefore, I will choose the UX!

BLacKNesMonsTaz says:

Helllllllll no..

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