9 Things you never knew about the 2017 Lexus RX350

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In this video we’ll take a look at 9 things you probably never knew about the 2017 Lexus RX350. You’ll be surprised most of the items on this list! I hope you enjoy!!!

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Truth, Balance, Oneness says:

Cup holder depth, COOL! knew everything else.

Kenneth James says:

I like this car wow how much are they

Bruno Kaselow says:

Very cool SUV. Thanks.

Jo Avila says:

I have 2017 rx350 fsport, and you just showed me some stuff I didn’t know I have on the car!!! Great cuerdo!

phlotographer says:

the tailgate can also be activated to open with the use of the elbow as well as the hand which is great when having items in hand and not able to put them down until the hatch is open — an no, this is not like the “fake news” voice command. Nice car although I have yet to give it a test drive but lots of great features (needs self leveling headlights though). Awaiting the Genesis SUV for 2018 and also interested to see what Lincoln’s 2018 MKX will offer as I love my 2011 MKX.

Komang Ariantha says:

Aaah Lexus…, have durabilty like Toyota and has Luxurious n sophisticated, just like most luxurious Germany car maker… 🙂

Paolo Vazzoler says:

Thanks, beautiful video! Do you do more about the lexus rx450H?

Алекс Ко says:

Really COOL! THX! )))

Rafael Rubio says:

i learned you’re an idiot! lol. just messing with you!

jm2ube1 says:

What app can start the car? Is it free?

greg soto says:

I love it I’m buying one for my mom that’s right buying

awesomeness7566 says:

i was tripping with the voice command

tigerbiterhater says:

Can’t wait for 2018 with 3rd option available for the RX

Victor Otieno Odera says:

I want to Visit Lexus headquarter where is it based?

Superblyme139 says:

told my mom abt getting this car. She said its too small and decided to get a land cruiser instead

Erno Mma says:

Lexus has most difficult infotainment system ever! Thats the only thing i hate about Lexus.

Buffy McKee says:

Went to a dealer today. Our salesman didnt tell us half the things about this vehicle. Wish you were local to me.

Belito says:


Liz Ha says:

Thanks so much, you managed to answer my questions!

TheSugarplum770 says:

I love my RX 350. It has the exact same interior.

Maher Matar says:

Lexus are the best cars on the planet I will never drive any thing other than Lexus sexy cars and quality you can trust

Khiem Do says:

Are all these functions available in 2016 Lexus Nx200t with Navigation

Manny Echaluce says:

My Corolla has voice activated open trunk, just shout out “Open the trunk” and one of my kids do it for me 😀

Brandon McDole says:

Ha! You had me with the voice activated locking doors and lift gate!

Eduard Chavez says:

I like your video man…

therealredfireguy49 says:

I already got this car for couple months now and That Voice Activated Locking Door Technique didn’t get me…Great Video Though!

Edwin Nwafor says:

wahoo…, the 2017 model Rx 350 is so amazing…… How do I get the RX 330 2008 model… pls contact me on danedwin2003@gmail.com.

Mettur7 says:

Thanks for this. I really liked all of them including voice activated doors 🙂

Massimiliano Palmo says:

Does it pick me up using self drive?

Sahil Modi says:

voice thing is cool. (if it wasnt fake) loll. Good One.

Grover Brown says:

My wife keeps getting a coffee alert, can’t find anything in owners manual.

Sahil Modi says:

Does the lexus rx 350 have a hard drive? and if it does how do you burn your music on it?

Steve Dziegielewski says:

Great videos! Keep up the good work! I’m the biggest Lexus fanatic so keep the videos coming!

Benjamin Silva says:

I like your style.

Sidney Trinh says:

Awesome video, please keep doing more lexus cars!

13 AUDILEX says:

Of corz it’s Lexus .Very premium Brock

harley Zhu says:

does it have power folding for the rear seats for 2017 Lexus RX350? my car has the two buttons in the truck but do not work.

Sahil Modi says:

Hey Brock, important question. I was told by my local Lexus dealer that the 2016 RX 350 does NOT stop if there is a object in its way although it does have sensors that will beep. I dont agree with this, I was under the impression that the 2017 and 2016 are exactly the same with just a few minor touches. Can you verify this for me. Will the Lexus RX 350 2016 model stop if a person or object is in the way either reversing or going forward at a medium speed. Please let me know. Working on deciding which year to get.

Thomas Culkin says:

Just bought one and their technical expert did not show us any of those features. So much for their expertise.

Elisha Talla says:

I am impressed with the the car

Lackluster Barry says:

Thanks to your RX tutorial video, now, my F-200t is fully connected with my house! Great job Brock, arigato.

manjot sandhu says:

Lexus rx350 will be my next ride I will start with used certified one then make upgrades, btw awesome features

Peter Charlton says:

You had me with the voice activated tailgate too! But you are right that would be a great feature.

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