A Ride in the Google Self Driving Car

Join one of our safety drivers for a ride in our second generation vehicle, the Lexus, to understand how Google’s self-driving technology works on the road.


Green Hot Rods says:

I wouldn’t trust self driving cars!

Julio Carrascal says:

maybe in 50 years from now

Lewd, Rude and Crude Old Dude says:

That’s all well and good…until the technology fails and the car runs amuck.

Risky Normal says:

Anyone here after Nvidia’s CES 2017 announcement?

bg147 says:

She’s cute.

Zaheed Chapman says:

ew future cars are horrible no offense google but cars like this? Ew humans are smarter than robots because they invented them….

ADV 707 says:

They should made an antigravity car

EarthUnity says:

What if a drunk retard decides to jump infront of it ?

jake de Graaf says:

message to google and anyone else with the same ideas: go die in a hole, cos this is crap.

Mea MSP says:

This car would cost $10.000 and its gonna be 100% out in 2020 (:

mike jones says:

Well millions of taxi and bus drivers around the world would soon be unemployed

John Connor says:

Keep up the good work guys.

socca blau says:

(Suddenly loses connection and drives in to a kebab shed)

Eric Shultz says:

i rather have the cars we have now

gembel monas says:

well at least we can blame google if something bad happens

Max Logic says:

Wow this technology is so amazing!!! I can drink my coffee, watch movies or surf the net on way to my destination, i gotta save up & buy one….. O wait a minute, i can already to that for 1/10 of the cost & take the bus.

kevin dewitt says:

people are lazy enogh

Heaven is a dirt nap says:

Um, someone is still driving the fucking car.

Christo Slowrider says:

Tesla fucked all others ‘D

nothings cool says:

it should have and I’m feeling lucky button that drives you to a random location just like the I’m feeling lucky button and Google that brings you to a random website

epSos.de says:

It’s an amazing technology. Automated cars will enable new jobs for the service of those cars. The driving jobs might go away, but there will be more administration and maintenance jobs for those cars, because they will be in use 24/7.

Limon Juice says:

You people ever heard of the phrase DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVE ? If google self driving car works 100% then all of you lose your right to use the road because you are way more dangerous and cannot be trusted to drive. You will now BEG google whenever you step out of your house. Whatever policies they put into place will now be what you are to do. Let’s even suppose they still allow you to drive, however they will make getting a drivers license IMPOSSIBLE. The tests will be so hard and fees so high YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET A DRIVERS LICENSE UNLESS YOU DIE FIRST. Those NERDS who help google build this shit will have finally stabbed themselves ! God DAMN nerds.

Tim Toolman says:

So a bad solder joint causes a bit to vanish between a processor and a sensor and the car heads into oncoming traffic. I don’t want one and don’t want to be surrounded by self driving cars. Over time who can trust the wiring, sensors, fiber optics etc. I don’t know why this is being pushed on the American public. Oh forgot the sensor and processor suite will add $15000 additional to the cost of a car. Do we see 8 year leases in the future? The other thing is hackers will figure out how to command the car to drive itself to the chop shop of their choice.

Kg.Bhaskara Rajan says:

Bring to india, test drive any city roads,if passed without crash, the AI programme is validated, dame sure that it won’t pass the test in indian road condition!!!!!

MaxDatMusicalMichael says:

lol what if you didn’t even get in the car at all. Maybe your using someones car that happens to be one of the google cars and then when you get home just have it drive it self right back to where your friend is lol

Ryan Cross says:

In the future, what if I enjoy driving, will I still be able to drive my own car?

David Stewart says:

This is going nowhere. It will come close but not enough. Driving requires human experience, anticipation, and emotion that only a living creature poseesses. And artificial intelligence cannot replicate. Example: if your driving with the family and a deer jumps out into highway and there’s cars around you? Do you brake and nosedive the car risking the deer might come through the windshield? Do you Swerve? Right? Left?? Or floor the gas and brace for impact? These are questions that only a human with life experience, anticipation and emotion can answer.

Eoghan Crowley says:

Fuck this shit . I’ll drive myself thank you very much !

Daniel Sheehan says:

they are pushing you towards a life where you do not control your own future. you will have a guaranteed income and eat what they say and when they say and take shots when they say.

Michael van Rhee says:

What if self-driving cars approached a four-way stop at the exact same time? How would algorithms determine who goes first?

Coconut Hossen says:

Yeaaa, congratulations, now millions of driving jobs will be eliminated. Now we should make robot doctors, robot chef, robot president so nobody have to work anymore.

Tina Simkins says:

That’s not the law on four-way stops. The video explains that people decide who goes first based on eye contact…wrong. The driver on the right has right of way, if he stopped first, unless it is confusing as to who was there first. Then it’s more of a who is kind enough to yield situation. My husband and I don’t want anything to do with self-driving cars and he is an electrical engineer. He has told me that too much can go wrong.

shenjeev k says:

In case of the accident who gets the blame?
car owner or the company of the car?

AANickFan says:

I hope self-driving cars are around when I’m older so I don’t have to get a driver’s license.

Steve Williams says:

Will the “Road Rage” add-on be free or will it cost money?

veronica smith says:


Lori Wolfcat says:

There’s so many problems with this. First off, robots can turn evil, ESPECIALLY if they can learn! Robots are perfectionists!! Like, will their even be cops? What if you’re trying to avoid a tail? Like if someone wants to kill you? Like witness protection? And what about driving in LA? What if you get to your destination, but no parking? What’ll it do? What if there comes a time when we’re at war and we DON’T have a destination? We just want to leave?! Cars were not meant to go from point A to point B!! They were to escape! Instead of making robots in charge, MAKE FLYING CARS ALREADY!!!! I’ll NEVER trust a learning robot! Robots like phones, DS’s, computers, they’re small, so if you ever just are fed up, or it’s being difficult (like malfunctioning) you can throw it away. The down side to waterproof technology is “What if someone hacked you?” Or “What if you don’t wanna be seen?” (Like witness protection) You could throw it in water, or something and be done with it. DON’T let it be everything proof! Know limits! Sheesh, have you never seen ANY robot movie?! Robots can turn evil because you idiots teach them to learn! The problem with this, is robots are NOT like us!! SOME of us are protectionists, but NOT ALL! ALL robots are protectionists! Ugh, humans are SOOO stupid! Instead of making cures for cancer, or solving world hunger, we’re making robots that are smarter than us! Will the car stop for an injured person on the free way? Will it stop for restroom breaks? Sheesh, QUIT THIS AND MAKE FLYING CARS!! It’ll solve traffic at least!

steven pene says:

How does the self driving car notice traffic lights turning green, yellow, and red?

Mick T says:

Wouldn’t last year 2 mins in the UK … The Potholes in the Roads would smash all those Computers to bits…!!!! you cannot even play a CD in a Car over here without it Jumping .

Nikita Gorelov says:

This is bullshit. Like people can drive themselves.

cu29640 says:

Say good bye to personal liberties. Because the mass sheeples view cars as appliances and can’t keep their eyes off their phones should not be a reason to take away the freedoms of those who love driving and are good at it. All cars designed as driver’s cars have different personalities that add to the fun and enjoyment of life. The masses see cars as an appliance or a social statement. These are the non car people who buy BMWs and other fun cars for the wrong reason.

Shlomy77 says:

They will eventually phase out all normal driving, and this will usher us officially in the robot controlled era. Google, you forgot one thing : we are watching you, too.

Radu Savutiu says:

Wonder how it will work in other parts of the world. South East Asia, Eastern
Europe, Africa….. That may be a lot harder to achieve

Kutsy says:

The question is, how does it react to a motorcycle filtering through?

Dermo M says:

Will the self-driving car drive with from half-blind to totally blind? Because I am half-blind from a brain accident when I was 12 and I want to know that my future is driving.

94bbtrixx says:

Well…I guess that means humans are becoming obsolete.

Marc deni says:


FastCarsNoRules220 says:

We should also have cars that can talk to us like KITT from Knight Rider or Gadgetmobile from the live action Inspector Gadget movies 😛

OK66M DOTCOM says:

I am anxiously awaiting…. waiting 4 D 1st accident to collect big pay $$$$s, jump on board fools>sign up 4 D alliance. Our goal should B 2 take them 2 D cleaners>D-Machine.

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