Car Tech – 2013 Lexus ES300h
The Lexus ES is the car to get when you’re serious about MPG.


Zum Zamim says:

I so completely hate that front grille.

Narrowc ross says:

Its to bad the ES250 doesnt not come to America for some reason

げんヨッサン says:


210castro says:

I love the intro song

tr6752 says:

There’s only one problem with these type of car: They overprice them waaaaay too much. It’s bad enough they are an overpriced Camry on wheels, but with a hybrid on top of that. I dunno if this ar will attract many people because of the price sticker shock, but I” have been wrong before though so ya never know..

Realtime Reviews says:

Not a very attractive car. The lines and shape doesn’t flow well. It’s ashame I love Lexus! They are the most reliable luxury brand.

J P says:

Love watching these videos good host

Calvin Wong says:

Does it offer lane keep and front radar?

John Stone says:

Surprisingly; this car does really shine in person. I would recommend checking it out at the dealer.

James Brown says:

Accord copy-paste much?

Zinizzle says:

The ES shares it’s platform with the 13 Avalon.

97432561 says:

Your grandpa prolly derserves to die for having such a grandson

Dallas Settee says:

Why is this guy so animated? Too much coffee? Coke? The other coke?

Edward Cedillo says:

Odd looking indeed b

MARS says:

So he was dead and still bought a German car, AMAZING! When im dead ill buy the car of my dreams.

Michael says:

Scare the be–jesus out of me.

The_vb says:

Nope, passat use audi’s technology, 300 and charger is the same car and CTS is a rwd car but malibu is fwd

potta14 says:

nasty looking. about as boring as a cab or rental. how anyone could overlook germans and buy this is beyond me.

Robberto Pyne says:

Hogwild lol

No says:

“No real gears in there” wat.. But it does have a regular planetary gear system with 1 gear..

venom5809 says:

I looked at buying the new ES and hated the ride now. Like you said they are trying for a sportier ride now and that is not what I want in a Lexus.

Matthew Geiger says:

Would it be possible CNET to review the 2014 Lexus ES350 as I am in the market for purchasing one.

Bruce O. says:

Seems like a bargain now that it’s not $39 million.

lmg10ny says:

I’m pretty sure it’s because you’re using a seat heater in summer weather….

Mike S says:

Love this guy’s reviews lol. Can’t say he doesn’t have an opinion one way or the other.

dygardion 91 says:

Aren’t the new es based off the avalon?

Ch28Kid says:

Why reupload? I like my 39 million dollar car!

Cartoon Planes says:

Well, you sold me on the xB RS 8.0 w/ voodoo blue paint. I’m getting a non hybrid ES 350 this week to go w/ my xB.

Jay Wang says:

This guy complains too much.

The_vb says:

this car is kinda crap for a luxury car, its like a suit up camry

danwat1234 says:

3:50 , not a lean burn engine but an Atkinson cycle engine, which I’m 95% sure still keeps the stoichimetric fuel:air ratio but reduces pumping losses by keeping the Intake valve open a bit past bottom dead center.
Hopefully true lean burn will come back in 2015 or so in combo with Atkinson cycle for a truly innovative engine

AE Lough says:

Because history belongs in the past. Are you responsible for removal and killing of native americans? Why buy american? You endorse slavery?

coffeechiller says:

It’s a beautiful car but I am happy with my Camry SE for now. =)

S0L0W21 says:

Looks retro.

Nevil Patel says:

I bought this car 2 days ago. I drive mostly in suburban NJ and Manhattan. The ride is the smoothest and quietest I have ever been in. While I am not a hige hybrid fan, the lexus is an exception. In sport mode, the car moves really quickly. I junked an Acura TL to move up to the ES 300h and am happy with my decision thus far. 

200458200458 says:

Nice car

jvrdlc says:

The heat seater coment from Cooley was awesome lol

MARS says:

tape player?

Veyronp87 says:


Danial khan says:

how much it cost ??

LifeofZain says:

I own a 2009 Lexus ES 350 Regular Gas engine. I got a loaner from Lexus which was their new 2016 Lexus ES 350 which felt like it was a completely different car. It felt down on power, steering wasn’t as responsive, and most of all coming from one of the most comfortable cars I’ve ever driven (My Lexus ES350) The New ES350 felt a lot stiffer and trying too hard to be sporty while also TRYING to be luxurious. I wouldn’t recommend the New ES350.

franki3Ru550 says:

It looks way better than before!

Nikolaou Georgios says:

looks like a poorly-destined is300

V.C. says:

make some breaks during your speech for god’s sake. 

dunhillsupramk3 says:

your grandfather is dead you should move on

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