Car Tech: 2013 Lexus GS350
Nice car, but enough to help put Lexus back on top of BMW and Mercedes?


LexusReyes says:

I wish this body style came with a 460 V8… even the older 430 is good. Torque trumps everything

Jason Huynh says:

One of the most best reviewer out there

sunilsidhwani says:

I got a year end 2012 Nissan Maxima at Year End for about half of the cost of this car and a lot of the bells and whistles to boot! Getting a really expensive Toyota is just not worth it!

realchimera says:

Two years later, it turned out that F sports is a great package for the new GS. 

textthing says:

Never saw Cooley as a Haydn man.

likedbymany says:

the body looks like an 02-06 infiniti q45 with a diff grille

Abracadabra huh. says:

i own a similar car ;

1- the pointer doesn’t miss that much .. for me, it’s easy and accurate most for the time.
2- There’s always a back button you find it at the right top corner of the screen ..
3- you still can get the Sport plus mode in the DD brand ..not only in F sport ..

MegaTechpc says:

I’ve owned both as well and you’re full of it if you think Lexus build quality is significantly behind the Germans. Obviously BMW (not really Audi or MB as much) has a performance advantage but Lexus has its own advantages as well. I think they both make fantastic automobiles, just with different goals.

Adam N says:

Nice big screen but what an ugly interface.

koro746 says:

5:15sec Assassin !!

sunilsidhwani says:

And besides, learn to respect other’s opinions you dumb shit! People have their rights to like and dislike at will! Comparing an ES with a Maxima is even when you take any generation and model year one against the other. But in the case here, I’d take the Europeans over this GS for the same $60k ish tag. If this were maybe $10k less, then yes it wouldn’t be a debate. But this care isn’t worth $60k+ to me!

malavpatel77 says:

the screen is 2025 iphone

Noah Bardach says:


Wade H says:

I just lease this car for $460 a month, its probably the only reason I’m driving one. My last car bmw 535 is almost 300 bucks more per month since i only drive it to work and back might as well save the extra $300 bucks.

Noah Bardach says:

There’s a back button… look at 2:57 for example. Top right corner, hit the back arrow. Also another point, you can adjust the sensitivity of the controller so you don’t overshoot the thing you want to press

Xenon Kyre says:

What’s with the hostality?! Seriously, I make one comment and you go all ape shit. I never said you didn’t have the right to your opinion. You however, don’t have any respect for mine. Like you said, “people have their rights to like and dislike”. In this case, I disliked your comment. Lexus GS has a higher quality interior, a quiet and luxurious ride, opulent mark levinson sound system, and plenty of tech features.

Ajlan Al Ajlan says:

This.. or the Chrysler 300 SRT8 and why?

nick reddy says:

how about the fact that all the european models are more performance oriented and they have better build quality..ive owned a lexus and the build quality was okay not like bmw or audi

Winston X says:

I rather have a srt8 2012 charger or a 2012 srt8 300 awd

superstan121 says:


FantomLightning says:

God I miss the old GS, that actually looked distinctive in the Lux market that’s attempting to make everything look like a stylized SS. This just looks like a damn Infiniti (in a bad way).

xuimod says:

This guy is terrible at car reviews. He’s too damn hyper. Boy needs to calm down a little.

Ronnie Dang says:

everything is perfect except for the media interface

Xenon Kyre says:

You’re comparing Nissan with Lexus…You sir are a total dumb ass!

Nicholas Elliott says:

Perhaps if you read the manual you would know what the icons are smh cmon man don’t be overly critical

mark tu says:

Oh yes!! Totally agreed with that guy.. Especially the pointer thing. It’s so hard to focus!!

MegaTechpc says:

Maybe you can elaborate on why the European models are worth $10k more than the GS350? I certainly can’t think of anything other than the badge. Maybe you should stop being a fanboy and actually drive the car?

Xenon Kyre says:

Nissan has yet to update the Maxima, which still has a very out dated tech features (Navigation for example). Nissan isn’t even in the same category! Lexus is a luxury company that has been known for their quality cars and reliability. It’s far from a “Toyota on Roids”, a term that many ignorant people like to use. Face it, you’re just a hypocrite. You may want to learn that on YouTube, people have the right to comment what ever the hell they want. Try not getting so butt hurt over a comment…

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