Car Tech – 2013 Lexus LS600hL
The top of the line Lexus makes a statement that is more sybaritic than compelling.


foxhounduk2k8 says:

I love Brian Cooley. He is the most entertaining car presenter in the world. The intro is brilliant;

“If you want everything Lexus knows how to put into a production car, this is your Huckleberry! But are you a dumbass for buying one?”

Vaioleto says:

Cute cat is cute!

V.C. says:

it’s not a CVT, it’s an E-CVT, composed of planetary gear sets just like an Allison transmission. No reason it would not cope with insane amounts of torque…

Malvan Riana says:

This isn’t an objective reviewer. He hates the car from the very beginning which sets the mood for the rest of the review. C|net should hide another one who can do a better job than this guys at least.

1bentley4ever says:

Not if you buy one used. But good luck. Used ones are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Cecil Njau says:

This is just a critical, this car is amazing just go and test drive it.

V.C. says:

why the heck are you screaming ?

mzone12 says:

His last line really nails it…LOL

The Blue Dragon 1835 says:

Nice car

Unclenate1000 says:

agreed there’s too many drive modes

243wayne1 says:

This guy is a real Chode Strap.  Class dismissed.

You'll Never Know says:

at first I thought, “That’s a pretty nice $50,000 car.” Then the price came up and I nearly peed myself. Wtf haha

321thach says:

This reviewer is a dumb ass don’t know much about car or technology

Nader Abdelhamid says:

I think this guy hated this car,, the way he talks and review!!! its just like he want us not to buy it.

Stephen Ferris says:

Boy I can see why Toyota is losing consumers in this segment are going to the Tesla S

Jayden Choi says:

a fully loaded s550 is much better than the ls 600h lexus

Paul David Cross says:

I prefer the LS430 cause you could see out of it, all these more modern cars have windows which are too small. I bought an S Type jaguar and its up for sale cause you feel claustrophobic in there compared to our 32 year old XJ6 which has a softer ride too.

bumbble says:

this guy looks like buster from arrested development TV show….except he is much older

Charuhas Kshirsagar says:

Japanese companies really have to up the competition with their German counterparts!!

PiranhaJaw22 says:

he should change his last name

Frank Assnot says:

Ain’t nobody have any damn business buying ANY LEXUS (except the LFA)
For a $120k+

Anton Mihiș says:

the way they’ve integrated those controls on the console, in groups of buttons surrounded by that wood, reminds me of the old Mercs from the 80s and 90s (like the W140)

goddesseddog says:

eCVT != CVT. It can handle more torque than conventional torque converter auto. It’s a really smart way to get a continuous range of gear ratios using a single planetary gear set — the design is ingenious. Maybe the drive still feels CVT, though. For cruising, this is perfect; but for high speed driving this thing revs too high.

cayyyvon says:

I think that the cat just made this video. Its really cute omg

Amir Kazemi says:

well, there is no pleeezing u then.
this guy is a jack ass

Alex Hagan says:

I enjoy a lot of your reviews, but found this one to be way too negative.

Trades46 says:

The LS600h in summary: Too much of everything. Controls, settings, luxury appointments (a surprise really) and the hybrid powertrain is more Toyota boasting what they can do than going for a solid goal like increased performance or MPG.

Frank Assnot says:

No matter the price of purchase or maintenance I like german cars because they feel heavy and have that sucking vault feeling when you are inside

The Japanese brands are more reliable but they just feel very light and pre school plastic like

I HATE that bamboo wood of lexus
I LOvE the DARK BURLWOOD of the benz

Cesare Chiesa says:

The best executive sedan of this Planet.

N says:

Lol “Are you a dumbass for buying one?”

Answer :YES..this is so overpriced its ridiculous.

jian shi says:

the Lexus Ls 600hL and Lexus 460 are so much different. so you can’t say how long or how many miles does it takes to get your money back for the price different. I test drive both, the Ls 600hl is much more smooth, much better car. I love every second of my driving experience. its such a luxury car. the only problem is it’s way too expensive. it’s better idea to buy a used one if you like to have one.

caprisun2k1 says:

<---- this guy was the 1000th like! what do I win?

Angry Whale says:

Ahh, Avalon at it’s roots. CVT? No thankyou. Especially for the price…

Aston Bright says:

Don’t get a **** about what this guy says. It’s 5 litre 438bhp engine and the fact it’s a lexus sold me.

Samuel Wu says:

Love Lexus. Same car Ari Gold drove in Entourage too lol

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