Car Tech – 2013 Lexus RX 350 F Sport
The original luxury crossover attempts to tighten up its rep.


JECZ says:

My guess is that Cooley couldn’t be there to do the review so he did a voice over. Whenever someone else does the review, people bitch about it.

Gasket says:

this f sport is bullshit, they should a turbo to make it to a SPORT

Realtime Reviews says:

I cant believe you had this car and only did a 3 min review wtf

weirdshibainu says:

Still a chicks car.

James T says:

I will go for the GS450h

0LAF2046 says:

Yeah I was going to say that. LOL! Slick one CNET but Cooley fans know whats up!

TJC450 says:

Too short. Should of been longer and what chunky packages. Automakers need to just bundle all that nav and app shit together.

TOYOXUS#1 Forever says:

Love it!!!

Joku Sekou says:

Nerd porn

Chetanya Choudhary says:


MustaineV says:

what the hell Cnet, we wanna have an actual review, not this “phoned-in” garbage. Don’t get cheap on us now.

NikoBell12 says:

I have to agree.

igeekone says:

I see there is little love for Lexus over at CNET.

MacMaster144 says:


Daniel Knocker says:

please dont stick with this type of review. The cars part is the only reason i subscribe to this channel

Finn Bonner says:

looks like a kia sorento

Thug9030 says:

Same horse as in the regular rx350 dont give it a F badge if you aint gonna put the horses in it to

Topp Cat says:

Officially Fugly.

Alessandro Filippi says:

Ugly …

Miguel7395 says:

Seems like it was pre recorded and cooley just did a voice over

jake n says:

“F” sport

Vulgora says:

that was a shitty review total rip off

foxxmufasa says:

come on coolie… better than this

sharkteeth10 says:

Thumbs up for Alcatraz in the background 0:08

Vulgora says:

lol its a v6 and gets about the same as a 91 caprice with a v8!

Ralph Breezy says:

Fuck this dyson commercial

723lion says:

The F sport is complete garbage invented by the US Lexus marketing department. A few F stickers, 18 to 19″ rims, $8k more lol.

Snack830 says:

have to dislike this one even though it is cooley

ArJuN Mangal says:

I <3 Brian Cooley .............

Dom Crad says:

Cooley, did you even drive the car? You didn’t feature in one scene.

Naif Ibrahim says:

this car needs more power.!
V6 3.5 on this car is nothing!
Also the transmission position is the worst!

Ken Lebel says:

It would be easy for Lexus to make a real high-performance small SUV. Just put the 5.7 litre from the LX in the RX and then you will really have a AMG and M fighter.

Daniel Park says:

Looks really nice

Ken S says:

Yah this is better than no Brian. At least we get to hear his commentary and criticism

jNG23 says:

Q5 is so much better

Andy Hu says:

i have one
and i hate the back

damovee says:

do u have to be parked to imput the navi like the acura mdx?

Dinal Attanayake says:

Can you please do a review on the 2013 BMW Z4

IAmReal_LSV says:

I don’t like this but I like is250

ldawson103 says:

F Sport is a ridiculous idea for a RX.

0LAF2046 says:

One of these things almost side swiped me this morning!

PussMag says:

Buying these cars, you think you can afford but after options, you can’t

brian guzman says:

Ha! A tarted up Toyota Rav4! Wast of money….

Jojo D says:

how the hell does a nine speaker system works in such a confined space

GOBbluthagain says:

hmm.. this video seemed phoned in… didnt see cooley at all… and not a thorough or witty review.. i guess cooley is too busy to do his usual awesome car review…

Charlie Hustle says:

Cooley. Cooley.

B. Chan says:

Plastic engine covers are AIDS

Steven Franklin says:

ugly car

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