Car Tech – 2014 Lexus LX 570
Think of it as a Land Cruiser if the land you are cruising is the country club. ​Brian Cooley test drives the 2014 LX 570 and checks the tech.


Jay H says:

Anyone who says the g wagon is better are just classless and embarrassing

marty mcfly says:

beautiful color, plus that card key is slick.

M.A. Omarkhail says:

everything is great on this car with the exception of the transmission. 6 speed? Come on that shit is 10 years old. They need to bring atleast a 8 or 9 speed transmission on this to increase fuel economy and smoothness.

Mr. Cairo says:

You remind me of that JJ Simmons or whatever his name is in the Spiderman films.

Amarilisantonia Ortiz says:

q. bello

Rxonmymind says:

Weak horsepower, a TON of missing tech and they want $90k?
Disappointed in you Lexus. This vehicle is acting like a first generation model effort.

doomtomb3 says:

I dont get the attraction to these

JAB says:

I like this guy’s quirky, weird sense of humor and way of communicating.

Sponzy says:

does using air suspension most of the times affect the car suspension?

Arthur P says:

just buy a land cruiser…

Christian Chichester says:

The 2016 LX is so much nicer

symmetry08 says:

Most people who drive them do not go off road. So are they buying it? To show off or to tow, and feel secure. Just buy big Van.

Christopher says:

lol, iHeart owned by clear channel owns like 90% of all radio stations. 

Adam Copling says:

the new 2016 lx has all the missing options and more

Jon Y says:

This shows how biased these reviews are. Literally every single full-sized luxury SUV is superior to this one in virtually every way, and yet these reviews will always have nothing but praise for Japanese cars, and nothing but criticism for anything else. It’s like that with every car-reviewing group there is, too.

melanie Palmer says:

Hay its me from omegle 😉

Abdul A says:

Theses so called “unnecessary” oil/battery/ temperature gauges are actually important for the golf countries ppl who actually use these trucks in desert. That’s why it’s very reliable car.

Pseudos says:


y571 says:

Love this beast .. A true go anywhere off-roader that hasn’t gone soft over the years

Prem Rush says:


ShhIKillU Nohacksjustburitoos says:

I wish u could post things in that Facebook app but it is just party’s

ARich says:

Too many buttons. And that’s coming from someone who LOVES cars and isn’t confused too easily by controls inside usually.

Vince Dumbovic says:

you mentioned air suspension… is it actually air or hydroponic.

gerry chan says:

Wow!!! A vehicle with 5.7 vvti engine and you’re yapping on f**kng pandora!

Viren vs says:

direct injection isn’t a magical new thing that makes your engine better. most D.I engines have serious reliability issues

Roop Dhillon says:

I own this and the new range rover sport supercharged, both have their own unique attributes. But the LX just has something that makes me love it more.

MichaelD8393 says:

7:46 “Ok let’s price our big Crimson friend”. Really? Brian looks taller than the LX.

afshan chaudhry says:

Everybody is just jeolous its a lexus

CasaDeGomez says:

“…it’s for small kids or adults you hate.”
Cooley, your comments are the best and why I return and watch these videos every time! 

Noel Jacobs says:

Love this and the land cruiser, such beautiful cars. 

Mymomsagirlpoopgood says:

fj80 last true landcruiser ;(

afshan chaudhry says:

Everybody is just jeolous its a lexus

Brian Nguyen says:

As Cooley was in the interior I couldn’t help but be distracted by the giant 69 in the background.

JELH says:

Am I crazy to say that I prefer the LX 570 over a G550 or even a Range Rover?

Imad Khan says:

For some reason this video is not loading on any of my apple devices. I’m trying to replace my 2014 gx460 with a 2014 lx and I need to watch this review.

Toyota4Life says:

Beautiful SUV inside and out. Beast and damn near indestructible

Andrew Draxlar says:

Audi R8>Lexus LX

Steve Kilimanjaro says:

if people knew the capability of this truck it will sell out in droves this truck is capable of going a million miles and going anywhere on the planet…. my mom worked for unicef and she was chauffered around in landcruisers which this is essentially a landcruiser although the 2017 lx is a piece of shit body wise, this is the last great lx totally worth the price. 20 yrs from now it will still hold its value it does not break. 1997 lx 450 are around 13 to 15 thousand dollars

Rockdaground says:

Looks like the GX460 luxury has more features but is smaller and cheaper. Like both

Andre Thais says:

Probably the ugliest interior in any SUV I’ve seen, looks like the interior of Nissan Armada, specially for that price.

Stealthmuiz says:

can we add some safety rating from iihs to these reviews. Then they would truly be a one stop shop for reviews.

Marwam Camery says:

very nice

Sam Nelson says:

Forsaken land says:

It lacks many high end technologies
I think it is too expensive for nothing

Ill06Taco says:

FYI suspension is hydraulic not air

Naseem Oravingal says:

I think lx 570 is the best!!! Range Rover’s wouldn’t be reliable by taking one example of those touch sensitive screens in the interior. They might have put this effort to reduce the number of buttons but the touch sensitivity of the screens won’t be reliable under extreme conditions like those out in the deserts.

المعلم المتفائل says:

This style is better than 2016 and 2017 model

007 says:

ihartradio is better than Pandora.

Chris Matsumoto says:

I’m happy with my Cadillac Escalade!

Rohit Ralh says:

Lol 69 in the back round

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