Car Tech – 2015 Lexus IS 250
More balanced than brawny, the IS 250 is key to Lexus’ pursuit of younger buyers.

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Phu Doan says:

MAZDA KNOCK OFF keep it going Lexus

Whammy says:


Pasha Bhai says:

For 46k i can get a mercedes c300 2015

Ricky Von Ricky says:

I was debating this car but the IS 350, the BMW 335i and the Infiniti Q50. I went with the Q50 Premium. It has plenty of power (330HP) with a ton of standard features I love the looks and the interior is amazing. I get 29 – 32 MPG highway and about 21 – 23 MPG average. I like the Lexus look a lot but if I was to buy one I would want the F sport and that cost a lot extra (49k). I also like the 335I but I feel like BMW nickle and dimes you for everything. Even heated seats is extra. The great thing that BMW has is its twin turbo engine with tons of torque all down low. I’m very happy with my Q50. Sticker price was 41.5k, I got it for 37k and in total with tax was just about 40K. I think I got the best deal for the car but who knows

soiceyboy33 says:

What an overpriced car. I can get a well equipped Mercedes CLA at that price

David hanley says:

Over priced Toyota! Smd

Peter Lee says:

If you spend 40k on an is250, get the f-sport it looks much better with the grill.

But id prefer the 350 for the power

Gianluca Cannavo says:

The front grille design looks like Lexus was trying to joke around. Seriously, the design choice is awfully ugly. 
Lexus needs to replace its design team ASAP.

R00ZBAY86 says:

Lexus…why can’t you make the is250 a 2.5 4 cylinder it’s stupid to with that many liters for a V6

lawlerzwtf says:

Did they collaborate with Nike on those head lamps?


50,000 dollars for a slow 200 horse powered cars not worth it.

Faisal Alanezi says:

this lexus is so sexy

Gamer888MPH says:

Can’t wait for Toyota to replace the old V6 204 HP engine for a turbo engine instead.

ionut alexandru says:

60FPS is nice, come on with the HD !! 😀

tepeke88 says:

How come consumer reports said the iS250 was quote “underpowered and not that engaging to drive”!? Brian just said it has good handling and nice ride. CR bashed the shit outta the is250, it didnt even recommend it.

Cyrus Salimi says:

This car sucks Trust me lol

DoubleD 613 says:

Awesome looking cars but that v6 is olllddd and done! Same with the v6.

David C Schlesinger says:

That Audi A4 should smoke this car at 2:10.

keri ellerbe says:

At .49 look how the trim piece dont line up together.. I’m sure if this was Cadillac someone would have bitched about it already!

lexusfan100 says:

What did he say about the outside look.. A barn burner?? What does that mean


2015 wrx rapes this overpriced junk. Looks nice though!

thinhv12 says:

may the last manual”fature win….

but with all these “advance-intelligent-12speed-fastshifting-dual-clutch-twin-CVT?” technology… 
what the future generation called fun will be a very pretentious one.

SaudiGangStar says:

Thx God I own one and I am so happy.

Fitzger00 says:

Cooley reviews are so natural and logical. Cnet on cars rocks socks!

Dr.GoFast says:

60fps FOR THE WIN!

KatiushaVN4 says:

False information

alex fernandez says:

I recently purchased this car. The drive comfort and interior are top of the line. Yea the engine could have a little more go but overall a great ride and a head turner.

Nicola Ruggiero says:

Ha, I like what you said about the power, “Enough”. Would definitely get one for my commuter car, although in Seattle every dealer example is primarily AWD.

Tim Joseph says:

A base Acura TLX with a 2.4 Liter direct injection engine makes 206 hp, paired with an eight speed dual clutch transmission with torque converter, and gets better fuel economy than the IS 250 with RWD. I know that Lexus will replace the 2.5 Liter V6 engine soon with a powerful 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine with direct and indirect fuel injection systems used in the NX 200t. Why doesn’t AWD versions get the eight speed automatic transmission? Of course it will be reliable regardless of what Lexus makes thanks to research and development.

Croo ookie says:

whoa that 60fps looks wierddd. Never plays the 60fps on my ipad.

Freethinking Влади́мир says:

The NAV screen is for a 2015 luxury car simply unacceptable.

TheOne says:

2.5L v6 lol. That’s the smallest v6 I’ve ever seen.

Trades46 says:

That engine needs to go right now. The IS has a great chassis, but that puny 2.5 V6 gets neither good fuel economy or generate good power. It spoils the entire car.

The IS350 makes much more sense, if rather expensive (matching that of the C400 and 335i). However, Toyota needs a much better engine for the volume base car.

EDIT: I driven one today and I take that back (well, some of it). It has ‘adequate’ power for a 2.5 V6 and the car has enough spunk to be fun on city streets at around 80km/h (~50mph). Step onto the highway though and you do feel the lack of grunt at the top end.

UltimateDriver says:

The IS250 is unfortunately just a re-badged Toyota. The styling looks too edgy to be considered premium or luxury. Seems like Lexus tried too hard to look “cool” and now it looks like a toy that a teenager would drive.

Mahin Ahmed says:

I hate the front look of all lexus

rolexr says:

What resolution is this??? Looks like I´m really there and not to watch a movie! I love the look of the IS Lexus. And what about that boyracers always with them turbo charged engines. It is so cool that are still some naturally aspirated 6-cylinders out there. 

Bitcoin Video University says:

Best looking car in this class. Needs the 3.5 to be fun.
A stronger base engine is about 18 months away.

TheAdventureMazda says:

I actually had this car on my short list when purchasing a new vehicle this past summer…until i did some serious research. I happen to be one of the few who really like the styling, but what the hell happened to the powertrain?! For what this car offers it is safe to say that it should have a starting price of under $25k. Who would pay these prices for a car with 200hp that does 0-60 in 7.7??? And it doesnt even get great gas mileage. This lexus is the absolute WORST value for any new car out there.
I went with a Mazda 3 that has 184hp and does 0-60 in 6.8-7.0s, while getting 39mpg hwy. Plus it has more features. Why would anybody buy this lexus. An extra $20k just for the looks i guess.

Chauncey Get-Yo-Bills-Up says:

I’d choose this over any 3 series or c-class any day of the week

JasonPlays says:

This car is absolutely beautiful. The one thing I don’t like with it is the turn signals. They don’t sound that much so you have to look at your dashboard to see if its on while you are driving.. But overall its a great car to use in the night.

Nam HT Nguyễn says:

It looks nice and stuff, until the pricing comes in. What’s with the 2.5 V6 and 204hp? For $45k, I’d definitely get the Infinity Q50 or spend more for the A4. 

penvon says:

When Lexus builds a vehicle it has the consumer in mind.It’s not all about making you pay for a vehicle which will cause you headache unlike some other manufacturers (no names).I will never switch auto makers because Lexus has proven to me that their vehicles last & the service is unmatched.

chrisak49 says:

$45-$46k for a IS250 that is underpowered. I hate Acura as much as the next guy but you can get a new TLX 3.5 SH-AWD topped to the gills with all the options for $45k. Infiniti gives you a 3.7 base even! 

Slimecrazy234 says:

This car looks hot with the optional dual projector LED headlights but gross with the single projector standard lights. 

Mina Botrous says:

Damn !!! I would get a Hyundai Genesis for that.

Samuel Chanthaleaungsy says:

For the price I’ll take a mustang gt or camaro SS any day

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