Car Tech – 2015 Lexus LS 460 L

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How does the 2015 Lexus LS 460 L stack up against its German rivals? Brian Cooley drives it and offers his take.


Cyph18 says:

I mistake this car for a Camry when I’m a little bit far. Not good IMO.

thejets24revis says:

Status of the badge? I consider Lexus higher than Audi… right up there with bmw and merc

wholeNwon says:

Why I’ve kept an LS? Reliability!

Nike Air says:

The greatest trick in the world …convincing the world that a Toyota is worth 100k lol

DavidSaganHD says:

Who would pay almost 100k for a car that looks no better then a toyota camry

345 Hemi Pwr says:

if you buy this car you’re pretty much telling the world you don’t really care about cars and just want something comfortable. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I guess..

jump oricakle says:

the new maybach s class is the full size luxury car everyone is talking about lexus is the last thing people are talking about. cooley didn’t even check out the back seat which is super important in a car like this.

Jake Carter says:

crazy good deals used, in toronto canada i picked a 2013 460 awd up for $40300, the car retailed at $87000, huge deprecitation and itll run forever

Vanuatoo says:

It’s really amazes me how car reviewers (not just Cooley) don’t compare cars by their reliability. Of course if you have a new car for lease for 4 years, you don’t care. But if you want to keep the car for 7-10 years, Lexus is the best choice and that could be deciding factor for many.

ctuan13 says:

Cooley, my Town Car’s walnut wood wheel is more than comparatively smooth.

John Doe says:

I’d never pay that much money fore a gussied up toyota.

NSX-R says:

The new LS is coming in October. Don’t bother buying the current one.

GetDropped718 says:

I can tell by a lot of these comments that not very many of you buy cars let alone own high end ones. Reliability is KING then comes performance. smh

Willis Brandon says:

Or you could just get a base Mercedes S550 for roughly the same price, marginally better gas mileage, and over 400 horsepower.

Barbara Rewińska says:


Laurence wu says:
TruAgape1234 says:

The new LS (code-mnamed LF-FC) looks STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!  It’s 4 inches longer than the current LS long-wheel base.

funny meme man says:

behyawnd the centrawl knawb

roguedogx says:

I’m kind of surprised they have yet to put a smaller engine in it, sense downsizing is all the rage, this things fuel economy is not great, and there are some really nice engines in the Lexus lineup that could do the job much better.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying ditch the v-8 at all but offering a smaller engine would be a pretty good idea, considering the market, so long it can do the same job for little penalty.

Hectrim says:

So not worth the price

Shirley Reece says:

the lexus is just a big toyota avalon and camry toyota get its parts from america & germany lexus not a independent car dealer like the bmw for the money i will just buy a toyota avalon and put a lexus logo on the front & back and no one will no difference and take the rest of the money buy a real car like mercedes or bmw all lexus cars are looking to ward senior citizen people 15 years ago yes but now hell no germany got them beat all over inside and outside?………….

Jack Whelan says:

Anyone know the name of the song starting at 0:55? Sounds like a remix of U2 – Ground Beneath your feet?

Ed says:

Curious how you think the ’15 Genesis or Equus would compare

Omar Carnegie says:

This car is super comfortable I love it ride smoother than BMW 750li

EJ Tech says:

For that money you can get a Tesla

impro bro says:

this car nice and great but its not men car its more for women

Michael Nguyen says:

2015 LS exterior looks outdated.

Dilithium Crystals says:


Boots N Pants says:

brian sounds drunk, or drugged up on meds or something

914050a says:

Glad this was uploaded in 60fps.  That works well for car reviews.  Wish it was 1080p.

K SrJames says:

Am sure there is something wrong with your hand
i have a Lexus GS 2013 which was in showrooms in 2012 ive been using this Remote mouse or whatever they call it and its PERFECT
my advice go fix your hand dont be stupid

DejaVuSx says:

When will they make the LS all new?

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