Car Tech – 2015 Lexus NX 200t
A turbocharger and a touch pad are just two of the firsts the sharply styled NX 200t brings to the Lexus brand.


Hempstone says:

Cooley! Cooley! Cooley! Cooley!

Lily Huntington Yuan says:

Stop hating this is for educational and persuadsive purpose only

osamaFXX says:

No Brian? no watch hit the back button.

David Margolis says:

where is my man cooley?! >:(

Serge Khmur says:

Apparently in last 8 years or so all car designers but especially Japanese are in fearsome competition whose cars are UGLIER. This one is good example of that

Albert Williams says:

GREAT review!

2x Espresso says:

how ironically that RX looks magnificent while the NX looks like shit

J High says:

I like to use the same move he does at the 1:18 mark of the video on my wife.

Samuel Tan says:

Where is Cooley?

Kh Wong says:

Somehow I really looking forward how the Volvo XC90 impress them

55nonni says:

The huge spindle GRILLE sends the message, that this car – SUCKS AIR like a Monster. In a smog-filled city – it spews out POLLUTION to fill your lungs. Switch to Tesla folks ! – Before it is too late.

Lou M LL says:

As always, I am waiting for Detroit fans to say “Lexus copying GM or Ford”

James L says:

becoming too sporty and less luxurious face

Neil V. says:

He did an OK job- but come on- everyone is here to see Cooley. There’s a million car reviewers on youtube but WE COME TO CNET ON CARS FOR COOLEY! 🙂

Pete Jr says:

Toyota, please fire your Lexus design staff! Used to be every other vehicle generation, Toyota would swap design houses. One gen the Cali guys, the next the robot warriors from Japan would get a turn. You could tell by the more organic California designs vs. Sharp edged Ultraman meets Transformers gang. Well the horrid spindle, Preditor, Star Wars designs have run their course, time to move on to something more adult yet modern. Maybe hire a designer from the Vdub group (everyone else does) and get things back on track for Lexus. Leave Mr. Roboto themes for the Scion kids.

2x Espresso says:

how ironically that RX looks magnificent while the NX looks like shit

Vijay Vasireddy says:


jwatwater says:

whoa whoa whoa whoa. There’s no sunroof? This is a LEXUS without a sunroof? ??? ???? ?? What

Enni Folorunso says:

Lol these trolls and their Toyota comparisons. The RX is the best selling luxury car in America. CAR, not suv, CAR. I bet thus will be the same.

DHK says:

Before even seeing the video I can tell it’s not Cooley based on dislikes

YeuLaKho says:

nice car. I want one.

Justin Prater says:

I can’t tell if I like the look of this car or not, it’s very sporty looking but it looks kinda odd.

LeeROBD says:

No Cooley? Not cool

Josh Flores says:

I miss Cooley

K A says:

This is going to be my next car. I love it.

Sy Thanksp says:


Gianluca Cannavo says:

Ugly SUV, especially the front grille and rear design. 
Who in their right mind would pay $35K for this piece of trash? 
Lexus is not even considered premium by 90% of people. 
It’s just a rebadged Toyota.

Juan Zingarello says:

Where’s Brian Cooley? He did these reviews best. 

bluex610 says:

Cooley needs to redo this review but with the f sport model

eliott970 says:

Where is Cooley?

UltimateDriver says:

This is just a rebadged Toyota RAV4. Complete waste of money.
I would buy the 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe and 2015 KIA Sorento for the same amount of money and get the same interior luxury and a more modern design. 
Lexus needs to learn design.

Michael Nguyen says:

Just bought this car and I love it.

Jesus Morenoalvarez says:

Nice RAV4 !

Djonemore says:

nooo where is brian cooly?!

851995STARGATE says:

3:00 that’s similar to the injection system that toyota designed in the Subaru partnership with the FA20 in the BRZ/FRS

Christian Parker says:

no cooley, no views

produceratbiscuits says:

This guy did a great job with the video and it was beautifully edited. 

415kelvin says:

You are driving in San Bruno San Francisco !! OMG

Andrey Cherneha says:

Pretty ugly looking. Beauty is subjective thing though, meaning some actually may like it but I think there is something about this car’s look that makes me feel uncomfortable.

Marc Luffy says:

looks poor

PunjabiVenomz says:

Bring back Cooley!

Pete Jr says:

Hey, a Darth Vader’s helmet on wheels! Low rent plastic crap interior, just what a luxury Lexus buyer always wanted!

jashou89 says:

so sad Cooley didn’t review this car….:(

David Soto says:

does anyone notice his lisp, like holy crap why is he doing the reviews

John Wick says:

This guy has no sense of fashion whatsoever! Bad

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