Car Tech – The brutally brilliant 2014 Lexus IS F
We bid farewell to the most unlikely Lexus — a sport sedan with the heart of a muscle car.


Andy Lee says:

Shame it’s the last we’ll see of the ISFs – I love how much of a beast it is, but on the surface looks like a normal sports sedan!

Mike says:

this guy really work on his lisp and presentation. nice

bruceliem says:

His voice sounds weird. Couldn’t focus on the details of this vehicle because he sounds sloppy. Watching a different video now. He’s got a speech impediment.

Mehrdad Falconi says:

retarded design

Nduka Smith says:

like the vertical double exhaust though…..

Jake McCrary says:

It’s funny how everyone disses Lexus’s remote touch. It is a simple controller, a mouse with four total push buttons. Look at BMW and Audi’s MMI, they are far more complex, and have many more buttons. 

Michael Shao says:

i kinda agree with you with the screen! But they certainly need to improve it 😉

Andreakatickles3 says:

I’m keeping mines

Zhemin Lin says:

10MPG   >.>   screw that i rather buy a proper sports car ;’D

احمد محمود says:

Leth thee wahth under tha hood lool

cilvrado says:

I don’t mind Antuan or someone else reviewing cars as long as Cooley also reviews the cars. Deal CNET?

Blake.TV says:

Why is he wearing a beanie? obsolete fashion trend, my friend.

Codiak RUSSELL says:

Where’s Cooley?

Jamil Mukhtar says:

Okay he isn’t Brian Cooley, not as good as him but give credit where it is due, his reviews are getting better and better. This in particular is very good, really enjoyed it. The people complaining about him need to stop with the petulant behaviour and enjoy a brilliant review. Everyone starts at some point, he is taking the same steps as Cooley did

acalthu says:

Eh? The Germans have been using 8 speeds for the past two years in nearly ALL their models.

A F A says:

Who is this joker?

LoveStallion says:

Ah man. It’s this guy. Doubt I’ll complete the video. Wheeeeeere is Cooley?

KrookedWorldTV says:

this is a dope car but its actually a 2012. the 2013’s and up look alot different especially on the front end

Xpert GAMER says:

Is there right hand drives??

Elephant In The Room says:

dis guy is like a lexus…. a cheap ass rebadged toyota camry knockoff… bring back cooley not this cheap fake watch replica

Lucky Bastard says:

No Cooley No Watch

Dan L says:

Those side fender slots are not “fake brake ducts”, they are functional heat extractors that pulls hot air from inside the engine bay located near the bottom of the inner fenders. Also those are not “F-Sport” badges, they are “F” badges only found on full “F” models. F-Sport badges are what you find on regular F-Sport Lexus cars.

GetoverYourself says:

Its ugly!

Alex Lara says:

It’s not cause he’s black it’s cause he’s not Brian Cooley ! We want Cooley dammit lol

Maksym Matviyiv says:

cnet needs to make more reviews they are really slow.

williep2445 says:


Smokey BEAR says:

i was like why the dislikes, then I realize there was no cooley

Wolf Man says:

This thing is a pretty big ripoff. Pickup truck engine, dated specs and interior, hell, just skip it.

Weapon1 ISF says:

Once again you have these suppose it car enthusiast reporters on these video magazines giving mis information when he quotes $67,000 price tag for fully loaded ISF compared to $10,000 or more for similarly equipped M3 or C63. Yes base price is higher on ISF but there fully equipped where as M3 and C63 both have lower base prices but quickly go up in price once you start adding even the most basic items.

John Vu says:

Ok, this guy did fine. I thought the video could of been a little longer but Cooley or him CNET needs to spend some time showing the “performance” of these cars and a little less on “checking the tech”. Otherwise, he did fine and I like how he described the car to be part sports sedan and part Japanese muscle which is the description I needed to hear. He made some good points here but the video just needed to be longer and he just isn’t dressed quite as nice as Cooley dresses but a dress shirt doesn’t help to describe the car does it?

Carlos Miranda says:

is this mike tyson son?

Alan Founcright says:

This host is doing a great job if you consider his age. I mean reviewing products requires a lot of experience and knowledge because you are basically comparing the product to the world you know. Cooley’s review is more interesting because he has a larger experience background.

jmp216 says:

Lol the fender vents are actually functional and not fake or cosmetic. It allows air trapped in the fender to escape increasing aerodynamics.

zachary paris says:

for and by people who don’t know shit about cars.

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