Car Tech – The gigantic Lexus GX 460

Lexus’ second largest SUV may be a better fit for big luxury drivers.


Kent Pra says:

This kid is obviously not Cooley, but that doesn’t mean you need to bust his balls. The kid is trying for goodness sakes, give him a chance. Cooley has had a LONG time to hone his skills, and has mastered the craft of reviewing. Seems like this guy is just getting started so of course he’s not gonna be as skilled. Just give him a break, he’s doing his job.

kawasaki racing says:

what did he just said at all?

Rich Piana says:

For all the idiots saying it’s ugly u just can’t afford it

Turbo says:

not 4 runner, this is based on toyota land cruiser prado….

Joseph Yi says:

lol the offroad joke

Tuan H says:

The only exterior is fkn nice you guys have no clue what you are talking about. Dat interior tho son I am disappoint. Good thing there’s the lx570 with a nice exterior and interior

jose daniel guerrero says:

this is not base on the 4runner. it is base on the toyota prado

Jiraiyafo Namikaze says:

it has no relationship to the forerunner it’s related to the toyota prado it’s not sold in the usa and Canada

Lord Densel Michel says:

Based on long term reliability would it be smarter to opt for this one or rather the Mercedes Benz ML 350 ?

Volnik says:

Will never use sport mode.. Yet I will shift it manually myself? lol That makes no sense. If anything, people will be more likely to put it in sport than to shift the gears themselves..

Ruben says:

You would have to be insane to choose this vehicle over a 2015 Escalade.

Artistic Me says:

where is cooley?

Mr_ NutZ says:

Nice looking truck

Party Animal says:

Poor review. Does not say about handling, braking or acceleration.

es3502012 says:

Its not based on the 4 Runner at all, and what the hell is the 0-60 time?? Damn it ! I searched uo this video to just find out the actual 0-60 time and god damn it you didnt sayit. Is Brian rly the only one that we can count on ?

emacemacii says:

So many people clicked into this video to bash this car, I don’t like it either because I think it’s ugly as heck. But this car has an important role(along with its Prado sister) because it’s an upgrade for the people in cruel Defender or older Land Cruisers living working on the edge of civilization, not the urban city school bus where most Escalade/GL/Range Rover are used for. There are reasons why some parts of the world there are only 3 kinds of cars survive, Defender, Land Cruiser and old Mercedes.

kawasaki racing says:

good car bad review

Aadarsh Bijoy says:

I miss brian cooley

run2jazz22 says:

The vehicle is not thst appealing but the Toyota vehicle has been dependable, reliable and holds its value more than than the Cadillac and Range Rover. It is not a “Bling” vehicle with the Hollywood types but those who want a lasting vehicle it is a sure winner.

shakke52 says:

Funny how I hear many americans say “you dont offroad in a 50-70 thousand $ car.” Haha come to the middle east we offroad in g class and other luxury suvs

abcdLeeXY says:

is this car from the 90s? 4.6L v8 301hp and steering wheel looks like a 1997 es300

orlando124431 says:

Cheap plastics and VERY dated… this to the Merc GLS or Audi Q7 heck throw the Volvo XC90 in and this machine is starting to look…kinda tacky.

Christian Merlos says:

If you are going to talk about cars, you should know about cars!
“Nobody takes a Lexus offroad”: ignorant assumption.
“The GX is based on the 4runner”: really ignorant mistake, for it is based on the Toyota 150, a totally different platform, known in many places as “Prado”
Get informed before getting in front of a camera kid!

Everett Kim says:

I was very skeptical of this car review because I thought he was annoying but I neared through this video to find out he has no idea what he’s talking about. This is one of the only truck based mid-size luxury SUVs out there. It’s very capable and if you look at other reviews or even the pre-face lifted review by Cooley you’d see that this car is actually much more than leather seats on a raised suspensions like the RX is.

uncknownable says:

They are both based on land cruisers, the gx is a prado while the lx is a land cruiser 200

Ni Ja says:

Who is this guy? Do some research before presenting your stuff. It’s not 4 runner, it shares the frame with land cruiser prado in other markets. And the reason why people buy this truck is because there are very few offroad luxury trucks. i.e., LR4, or this in the US market not because of the price. Just on price you have many other SUV choices over this.

ابو احمد الغزوي says:

It has ugly back.

Barry Macokiner says:

No disrespect to this guy but “check the tech ” should be a Cooley thing !


A nice vehicle, but I don’t like that grill.

zackerya achmad says:

I bought 2011 GX 470 and it looks awayyyyy better then this crap you guys can look it up and compare it. white gx470 with black rims and tints. also the body designs of 2011 and prior years is  is better then this shit

Rev_Rob says:

When did the “Chocolate Rain” guy start doing car reviews?

Jeremy Wood says:

He said that low range is for when you need to tow something. WHAT???

Chad Singleton says:

This is a strange bird indeed. It’s not a 4runner and it uses a Lexus LS powerplant minus direct injection…
I dont see this as a sells success in the U.S. market.
The avg American would buy a 4cyl crossover before this..

Avinda Perera says:

Mate btw, in most 4x4s you don’t get “mud” “snow” sand” options. Its H or what is provided on the GX460; reliance is placed on the driver to decide which to use when, generally H for sand/snow and L for mud/rocks…..Those are all the controls you will need in a 4×4. Also this is directly based on the Land Cruiser Prado, which also shares its platform with the 4runner/tacoma & Fortuner/hilux.

Nick Routsos says:

Refuse to watch this because Cooley is not reviewing. I think I speak for most people familiar with cnet.

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