Here’s Why the Lexus RX is the Best Selling Lexus in the US

( ) Mike takes you through the 7 reasons that make the Lexus RX the best selling Lexus here in the United States.

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repairvehicle says:

Best selling vehicle Toyota Camry. No it’s not Ford F-150. Ford takes sale numbers of 4 trucks and claims it’s the best seller. F series trucks include F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450. Ford will never show people true numbers for F-150, because it’s less than Camry.

Артем Чуян says:

Isn’t RX based off of the Toyota Harrier??

Richard Dunn says:

I think it’s more competing with the Acura and Q5. The Q7 and X5 are playing with the bigger boy platforms like the XC90 etc.

m schiffel says:

A couple of very important questions…Will the RX run on 87 octane regular gas, and does it have a spare tire?…In my area the difference between premium gas and regular gas is about 75-80 cents per gallon…That’s quite a bit every time you need to fill it up.

Susdey Sun says:

Yes, i love this car too.

Georg Mihatsch says:

Ugly shit car!!

Jill Lynn Beauty Therapy says:

We just brought home a brand new RX 350 last night, and took it out today…. HEAVEN!! Rides like silk, sooo quiet, and practically drives itself! We also own a 2009 RX 350 it runs like a dream w/ 130,000 miles and we know it has a ton more. We test drove an Acura RDX before we headed to the Lexus lot, and absolutely zero comparison. I knew the minute I got in and sat down, touched the steering wheel…I did not feel I was in a luxury vehicle. The ride, the noise… not in the ball park of the Lexus.

S Johnson says:

Lexus isnt bad but I just think of them as an over priced Toyota you can’t tell them apart. Whats the point. I dont get it!

Makizee 6.0 says:

I don’t think the RX compares directly with the Q7 and X5…except the GLE. It competes more with the Q5 and above the X3..BMW does not have a direct competitor to the RX me thinks.

John Hughes says:

Unfortunately 99.9% of the world cannot afford one.

Ali bin Ali says:

This is the thing I hate most in the Lexus SUV. I mean the heavy steering. I am sure that my wife will hate it too. I believe LEXUS isn’t concerne enough about their female customers. Unfortunately, their Moto was Delighting their customer but in reality they ignore the customers. Thank you

Ivan Kristoffer Antonino says:

one downside i saw is the infotainment system.

Jet Lee says:

Interior is kinda outdated even with a fully loaded trim.

kerem says:

I heard some people saying Lexus NX is same as Toyota rav4 but since I own both of them can say Lexus is 90% different than Toyota and love the luxury, comfort and technology of Lexus.

Costarica 1700 says:

great video. however I do have one complaint. when you did the sound level of quiet sound decibel test while driving on the Highway at 55mph (THAT’S NOT REAL WOULD TEST DRIVE) at least not in California I wish you guys did the sound lest at 75-80mph That’s real would in all types of car/suv/trucks test!!! with that said I LOVE YOU GUYS keep up the great work.

mohd saeed says:

Cuz they doing thier best in marketing But driving like old car

Ricky Q says:

I own a 2017 RX now. I had a Acura integra back 1999. Bought it brand new. Took care of it. Drive for 6 years. Never spent a penny repairing. 125 km. Just changed oil myself. Not even replace brake pads

MoeGreensLeftEye says:

That grill has to go. Looks like an electric razor

Jimmy W says:

I’m sorry but this may be reliable in the long run, it just doesn’t have the luxurious feel that you get in its European counterparts. If you are looking for a serious luxury SUV, then go lease a European one and return it before reliability becomes an issue.

fauzi hassan says:

Optimus prime?

PDB Long says:

My 92 LS400 was shipped to Germany with my PCS move; there was no Lexus dealership there at that time so it was serviced exclusively at a Toyota dealership. Luckily, all that needed was oil changes. 120mph everyday to work.

repairvehicle says:

My brother in law has 2008 rx350 with 240k miles on it and has original engine and transmission without any repairs. Also, he changes Oil every 15k miles.

Eduardo Camacho says:

The back seats are for kids. Wtf.

Jared Shelton says:

The Kia Sorento is still at the top of my list.

Brandon says:

You just earned a new subscriber. Very well done.

mike zhang says:

Soccer mom s suv,Front wheel drive base ,I would never get one.

latinbeandip says:

got one of these last year…wish i wouldve got the Levinsson stereo tho…missed opp.

Kennth Bennett says:

Please for the love of god drop the shit music on your videos! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriel G says:

car has an exhaust flaw that makes the car vibrates on low RPM, there is a TSB but it does not help
check your vehicle before you buy so you wont get screwed

Rafi Peled says:

Good review, but you lack a lot of things, go check a review by the guy from CARWOW and learn a few things!

Kaine Gunn says:

The steering is just so numb…

WtrDogg20 says:

How good is the 4WD system?

PussMag says:

Funny how people think this is Japanese and X5/GLE are Germans, yet they are all build here in the states

Dr . Pepper says:

Not gonna lie tho it is a great car

Dave Smith says:


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