Introducing the TFLcar Loveland Gauntlet: 2014 Lexus LX570 Preview

( ) What would you call a test of a car’s all-wheel-drive system that combines extreme winter conditions with hairpin mountain turns and sheer cliffs and 12,000 feet of elevation gain in the Rocky Mountains in a blinding blizzard? At TFLcar we’d call this the brand new Loveland Gauntlet. Coming soon we take the brand new 2014 Lexus LX570 up the Loveland Gauntlet. Check out this preview of what is sure to be a classic test of a car’s ability to tame the winter mountains in an all out blizzard.

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Noel Ebbert says:

i was considering the 2014 Lexus LX570
, it just didn’t do it for me. I settled on the 2010 corolla for its heated seats(when its hot outside). 8 cylinders are so unsophisticated. 1.8 liters of JDM engineering that inspired the LFA, BRZ and so many other masterpieces. Drive your lexus and ill drive my corolla and we’ll see who goes further on the highway. who needs a Tesla…

RomanTryit says:

Наверное все русские улыбаются, когда в американской передаче появляется Roman и радует нас парочкой фраз с акцентом))

MegaTechpc says:

I wanna see this!  Looks like another winner for you guys!  Nice job Roman!

Eighty cc says:

Hey Roman! This isn’t EXACTLY car related…. and kindof weird haha, but WHAT is that jacket you have on?! It is awesome! And I’d love to have one! It looks like a Bentley seat! haha thanks guys! I really wish this had happened I love the snow and the 570!

JoshGrami says:

Hope you send some Subarus up that!

thudtheace says:

How about going up independence pass near Aspen, Co. Of course it is closed during the winter (maybe due to avalanche dangers?).


basketball798 says:

Im sorry but id take this over the land Rover anyday allday

Gregory Chen says:

Its basically a Land Cruiser. It’s child play for that thing I dunno why everyone’s so worked up.

salar shojaei says:

that my friend was finally  some good show or at least the beginning of it , i`ve been watching your videos for quiet a while now but to be honest nothing fun or awesome but this one seems to be it, after all the episode with that Pinky girl , no offense but she screams a lot , and makes the show look like a family biz. which car shows are totally not about. anyways good luck , and thanks

Aleks03071983 says:

Андрюха, каа машинка? сколько она у вас стоит?

Sargentfanboy says:

Dang that minivan is amazing in the snow…

sultan al-sulaiti says:

this is the best luxurious SUV in the world right now 
ty still waiting

Roop Dhillon says:

I have an LX and its an amazing car to own

EG1 Del sol and CF8 Accord says:

0:05 lol

RCH45ACP says:

Isn’t this Lexus basically a tarted up Land Cruiser? It should have no problem with anything you throw at it.

chris lucy says:

It looks like you need to install a plow on the front of that Lexus to get around up there. Sure would like to see a little snow in GA this yr, instead, another 69 degree rainy day. Cool snow donuts!

zalewskm says:

Where’d Emme go? I didn’t much care for the tag team reviews but here individual reviews are great.

bmwmsport11 says:

the LX570 is such a nice SUV. but personally if it was my money and i was just buying a SUV to enjoy on weekends, id save up an extra $15,000 for a Range Rover Supercharged(not a rover sport).

the LX570 is the better daily driver/all around vehicle. the Range Rover is just about looks and style.

NIGHTMAREuki says:

Xterra Pro-4X is made for that

Kyokkouha says:

Whoaaa… Thank you Roman and Nathan,
Finally!!… I’m waiting for years for your LX 570 video review. I love this SUV so much.

Aaron Fink says:

And that is why they built the tunnel through the mountain.

Jefford717 says:

Does Andre knows how to speak English?

Christopher Walken says:

love to see vehicles in snow and off-road !

2jzGTE says:

He actually sounds in love with da car

CJEndowed001 says:

C’mon! Take those summer tires off and put some decent winter ones instead!

Dan Troop says:

The Ike tunnel may make the trip quicker but nearly as scenic as the Loveland Pass, not to mention how interesting it is when the question is not how quickly the trip is made but will it be completed at all. Hopefully this does not encourage folks to try to replicate the journey using the M&S tires that standard equipment on most, if not all, 4X4 vehicles.

Autos Fan says:

Take a GMC Terrain or Chevrolet Equinox 3.6L AWD through this! They’re great in snow like this (especially with snow tires)

MuizzVon P says:


niuhuskieguy says:

Hopefully your planning a test with some Subies, Audis, and Mitsus up this snowy pass.

Paul Montero says:

If you had been driving a Jeep they would have let you through. 🙂

DustinB855 says:

Dang its pouring snow up in Loveland. Its not that bad here in Westminster, CO : )

White03T4RV82WD says:

Why is this on TFLCar when it rides on a truck platform and is powered by a truck engine?

cloudsplitter24 says:

I’d like to see the new Pathfinder put through this gauntlet…

Patrick Dow says:

My god, so Andre understands what roman is saying but replies back in Russian. Doesn’t make sense at all to me.

Chris Nicas says:

well that was anticlimactic

Moyerboy78 says:

this looks fun as hell! Nice Lexus ute too, glad to see something like this on your review Roman. Of course it looks like a good excuse to play in the snow with a nice new toy too!

ARSSystems says:

Ugly car.

Zachary says:

Did you haters forget that this is a toyota landcruiser under all that lux? No problem for it to make it.

ted101975 says:

Snow tires also?

Jadah J. says:

I likie! But can’t affordie!

Toyota4Life says:

LX570.  The best large luxury SUV money can buy hand down It doesn’t carry the flash that snobby people want but its incredible capable and luxurious and will last longer then any other SUV. Cant go wrong with buying this at all. It is due for a serious update the next gen should be coming anytime now.

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