Lexus Hoverboard — HUGE Let Down … Says Tech Blogger | TMZ

That new hoverboard everyone’s losing their minds over looks so cool … like the tech toy we’ve been dying for since “Back to the Future” — but it’s actually totally lame according to a guy who got to ride it.


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Lexus Hoverboard — HUGE Let Down … Says Tech Blogger | TMZ


Dhrumil Shah (Personal) says:

The verge?

mikesterlb says:

Seems like he’s jealous…like if anyone can do this but they don’t.

Mike Tyson says:

Fuck this nigga

Smooth Buscemi says:

What did he expect? Is he that dumb?

Lycoon says:

I don’t really car cause you’re gonna have to pay like a billion dollars(not literally) to get one anyway

Parker Hudson Perry says:

Freaking love Sam Shaffer and the Verge! Nothing but honest opinions. Their snapchat is the shit

trueeerinessjazzmile says:

Lexus Hoverboard — [“]HUGE[“] Let Down … Says Tech Blogger – lol

Gaming Nation says:

when the fuck did he say hige let down! tmz man


Wtf why didn’t u guys show him riding it….

Kyuremu .Bron says:

Most people commenting seem like they have no idea how Gravity works. Hoverboards like this will always need some sort of equal and opposite force against it for it to achieve “hover”. In reality it is not even worthy of being called a Hover board when it is more or less sitting on a magnetic field that is between another magnet. I see no way of actually creating a magnetic Hoverboard that would be able to “hover” without a magnetic track. Sadly it’s as far as magnets will take the Hoverboard I think. Next might be some Mini Jet Hoverboards, seeing as props at that scale probably wouldn’t be possible if a person can’t even stand on a Drone. Those could be the next videos we are watching. Or wait 20 years for Fusion. 🙁

First Comment says:


Jensi Oquendo says:

This was shown to the scum of the Earth, TMZ.

ZxRiGxZ says:

Are we surprised lol

Scarlett Universe says:

Geez… we’d never see Tony Hawk bitch about ridding a hover board.

latieraeve says:

I love how people in the comments think they know how science works and are all ungrateful and mad that this isnt perfect. Have you seen the first hoverbord? It sucks more then this and took thousands apon thousands to make couse that kinda science is expensive. Sorry to break your little 80s loving hearts but if you really think its so easy and their just being lazy go ahead and make a better one your self. THe markets open youll make a killing! Oh and google is your friend I sugest using it b4 posting ignorent coments baste only on your limited knowledge on the situation

Heres a kickstarter (

Brock McClain says:

give it time, like another 2 or 3 decades and we will see more hoverboard than iPhones in da future.

Gian says:

I’ll be impressed when it floats at least a foot above ground

Tooth Brush says:

Lol at people thinking that anything close to THE hover board will come anytime soon. I still remember people falling for the Tony Hawk hover board ad. Dumbasses.

Leandro Vereda says:

You hipster cunt, a year ago there wasn’t anything closed to it and birching about not being perfect?! Be happy we are moving towards new technology that is beyond your capacity to understand or even event! Hipster pussies now in days

joe dean says:

Yeah the whole concept is garbage.  You can’t turn.  You can barely go straight without falling.  It scrapes the ground.  The board on the bottom doesn’t have the same shape as the top of the board so theirs no popping it to ollie and do any tricks.  It’s like going down a slip n slide standing up.

Alia Siso says:

It only works on a magnetic track that’s dumb.

Juice1984 says:

Very amazing device. I’m impressed by it actually floating off ground. Good video TMZ. Thank you. Back to making money online for me. Good morning people.

MoreEffectiveTeam says:

Hoverboards should not need an opposing magnetic strip to be inserted into the ground!

EMPIRE says:

Bloggers are pretentious douchebags that think everything is a disappointment. I’m not surprised he’s not excited to have been able to ride it.

iCeMaN tHe BeSt says:

Harvey and.the other dude are Brothers?

Dhrumil Shah (Personal) says:

Yooooooooo The Verge

Dhrumil Shah (Personal) says:

Sam from The Verge?

Effs Pablo says:

the verge has made it lool

James says:

They had to cut the end of the video off because it was getting to complicated for tmz viewers

Robomonkey101 says:

He’s right tho

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