Lexus LS F-Sport 2019 Car Tour!

Taking a closer look at the tech inside of the new Lexus LS F-Sport 2019 and the Lexus ES F-Sport 2019! I also got my first look at Apple CarPlay 😍

This is a new series I would like to do more of which I seek to title “The Tech Inside” where I dive deeper into the tech of places or things… so let me know in the comments which car or place I should check out the tech inside of next!

Lexus LS F-Sport 2019:
Lexus ES F-Sport 2019:

Big thank you to Johnson Lexus of Raleigh, NC! #lexus


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iiAmSOS says:

New Subscriber! I really like the content of your videos and how detailed they are! I loooove Tech!!

DEATH says:

Hell i was expecting another Tesla Model S youtuber

Luis J. Nuñez says:

Both are sexy af cars and FOR SURE better than the one i own right now hahaha. The second one also works with carplay? I’d love to have a fancy car like those!

M Morales says:

I love Lexus vehicles as much as you do but to be honest you’ll find most of those features and tech on a Corolla or 90% of new vehicles today! Lexus is Lexus no need to argue on that though.

iwant_moorecash says:

Only thing I drive is Lexus and Mercedes, I still got my 1992 ls400

Brooks Parks says:

I like the ES

JoshRocks712 says:

I’m driving a 16 year old ES and I love that new ES.

T bone Steak says:

Nice car, u gonna get that car one day ma….

No says:

2;00 a prius has this.. Why is this a talking pint.. my 2008 Avalon has this.

Trong Huoa says:

It’s rare for African American girl talking about cars on YouTube…Gurl you RAWK! You should make more vlog on YouTube about cars…luxury cars….ordinary cars..

Terrence Benjamin says:

I like the car I can afford lol. Unfortunately not a Lexus lol. But it’s nice though. Amazed by the tech in Luxury cars.

Joseph Stuckey says:

Great review…… about 3yrs of depreciation should put it in my price range.

Yagami light says:

Please do a video on top 10 apps of 2018

Josiah Viruet says:

I have a quick question can you please do a iPhone XS Max

Jay Lexus says:

You would look so sexy in that LS500 F sport @techmeout!!!

fropropanop says:

I love the LS but do not mind settling for the ES!!!

Samir Kelly says:

To be frank with you, you are a successful person and will be among the richest person on this planet if you continue this. Love your videos. i also wanna have private chat with you if possible. good luck

tallswag4u says:

Me & that LS getting married one day

Ali Lali says:

Man this car is killer unlike the previous generation

Josiah Viruet says:

I wanted to say can you do a iPhone XS Max giveaway

20081series says:

Definitely the LS.

Michael Diaz says:

That’s cool that you can control the seat adjustment on the passenger side without me stretching lol

Papa Dukes57 says:

ES more my style. Please do more auto technology reviews

MrSincerity88 says:

Oh the Christopher Williams in the beginning along with the car. This should have a million views!

Damone Gipson says:

TechMeOut you have great taste in cars

signdetres says:

How is this the first video of yours I’ve seen??? You seem like an incredibly wonderful person. Subscribed! <3

Supersavage 7 says:

Get the car u deserve it!!!!

Josiah Viruet says:

I net an iPhone XS Max giveaway

James Wisrik says:

RC F , LFA , LS and Land Cruiser in my garage

Supersavage 7 says:

Or go get you a Dodge charger Hellcat like me

Donnie Thurman says:

Congrats! What camera equipment do you use?

Kiyo Gallimore says:

Only peasants drive an ES. Saddle up, grab the hybrid and find some nice wheels, proper bag setup, and a nice kit. #profit.

Goodie says:


Who wants Lasagna says:

So we not gunna talk about how fine clyde is.

Bennie Mangle Jr. says:

And what year and model do you have?

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