Review: 2018 Lexus LS 500 F Sport AWD

I review the all-new 2018 Lexus LS 500 F Sport AWD! A futuristic and beautiful full-size luxury sedan with a 416 hp twin-turbo V6! What do you think of these? Huge thanks to Lexus for providing the car!
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Nick Vielbig says:

Nice review.

Vito Anastasio says:

That throttle response is atrocious.

ephraimperez1111 says:

can you review a K900 too? Thx luv the cannel great info 🙂

Ricky Rick says:

This car looks exactly like a new 2018 Camry XSE! Awesome!

Hyunwoo Kwon says:

My dad told me that if you wanna change your car every 15 years, don’t get lexus….

MrWafflez000 says:

Matt i think the LC500h has a CVT and a 4 speed auto combined, not a 10 speed

Joshua Brown says:

The 2nd gen honda fit has that same kind of volume nob.

realAdolfHitler to says:

Hey Matt, have you reviewed the LC 500 yet?

Rain Santiago says:

Holy crap Lexus needs to cut that weight down. Many people don’t realize the role power to weight plays a role in fuel economy.

Jake Carter says:

Matt finally reviewed my dream car!

Canadian RS3 says:

There are a lot of adjectives I could use to describe the front end, beautiful is not one of them.

zedd man says:

grear review matt, but lexus need to tone down the front , wayyy to much black plastic grill, it really makes it look kinda cheap.

cellphone carcontent says:

Is this possibly the best car ever made? Quick…good looking, reliable, luxurious.Might just be lol its also cool how it has the same power as a first gen isf but with more torque

oaccessasia1 says:

I did not hear even one “aggressive”.

Malcolm says:

Lexus never fails with the LS, good review

D LG says:

It’s worth mentioning that a twin turbo V8 F version is currently in the works, but I’d probably still opt for this twin turbo V6 because it’s plenty quick enough, gets excellent fuel economy (when you’re not driving like your hair is on fire) and it even sounds pretty good. I’d still definitely consider the F version though, depending on the price difference. I think the LS is the one to get in the large luxury class, even ahead of the Germans, due to its outstanding value and undeniable long-term reliability. Thanks for another great review Matt.

StugZz says:

LOL that two second delay at 15:15 you looked so disappointed lol

mgsboedmisodpc2 says:

did you feel a bit under dressed rolling in that lexus

A Dream says:

One of the best cars ever. Lexus kills it!

Jimmy W says:

I live close to the Toyota HQ in Plano, TX and you always see these running around. Every time I see one I can’t help but to stop and stare.

Ricky Morty says:

Matt, why doesn’t Lexus do flat bottom steering wheels?

Waheed Khan says:

autumn shimmer color looks the best on this car.

Omar Carnegie says:

Love this car

gtb5 says:

The Backroad has got to be a tourist attraction now no?

CastrejonHDTV says:

I’m getting 26-28 mpg highway on my LS 460 F Sport.

Kevin Schmidt says:

Need this engine in an ISF and Supra!

jamal terrell says:

One nitpick. While the Bose Panaray has a much higher speaker count, that’s not indicative of a better stereo. Bose stereos are uniformly loud, and tuneless, and you never see real audiophiles with them in their homes. The Mark Levinson does more with less.


Review: 2018 Lexus LS 500 F Sport AWD

themessiah809 says:

What a machine!!

Simmond Cannon says:

You should have a wardrobe for the different types of vehicles you review. You look so out of place in that Lexus. Just a recommendation to boost your channel and you will probably gain more subscribers.

Rated R Cars says:

Bro at this rate you’re not going to need a personal car! :oD

JustVibes says:

How did you get started with doing car reviews??

Indalecio Patino says:

Looks like a camery lol

gurjit randhawa says:

will this motor show up in the RX?

mgsboedmisodpc2 says:

love those ls headlights….but I can only imagine the cost to replace one

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