Signals: The Lexus LIT IS Reveal

The Lexus LIT IS sends signals like no car before. Equipped with 41,999 LED lights, programmed with dynamic designs, and able to react to music and movement, this new 2017 Lexus IS was created to provoke—more than ever. Want to see more of this provocative car? Visit

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Steve Weatherbie says:

now your stereo can be obnoxious to deaf people too.

BlueAcid9 says:

I bet you’d get pulled over and ticketed driving this…

Moon-su Baik says:

its dope!!

blueridermg says:

here you go with a Magnaflow catback exhaust

Mike Potryasov says:

Great concept. It will look modern and unique. This is no Prius so don’t worry about road hazards. The only thing thats a hazard is your slow ass cars.

EPIC says:

will it blind other drivers? :v

Dark Horse says:

All of which cannot be used on the roadway while driving. Park it and turn the lights on cool but that’s about it.

singaj30 says:

Nice i Like!! umm hold up!?… What does this mean for distracted drivers? isn’t this a safety hazard?

Sanjay Madhav says:


doge says:

it’s LITerally LIT BOIII

TGI J says:

Could they really not fit one more LED on there?

Robert Harris says:

You already know if you get in a accendent lights off

Supisup says:

So uh… how much time did it take to make this?

Rina Novaj says:

I’ve never seen anything like this

DallasGreen123 says:

it looks like they put all those leds on it and then had no idea at all what to do with it

ZZZman1980 says:

lexus camaleon

Louie V. says:

Or at least just say 42,000 led lights..who’s really gonna count..

Nicholas C. says:

This car is lit

Gornemant says:

Special boss in a future N4S Underground? :p

ahdunheved says:

over edited bullshit. i want to see the car not a seizure

Dank Famous1 says:

PLUR baby. Ravers rule the world and especially the night

Jakob Hansen says:

Call it RGB and 99.999 % of all gamers will buy it

Sam Abdeslam says:


Nathan Flores says:

I did this first but oh well.

Arondeep Singh-Padda says:


Joshua Deale says:

neon lights on regular cars is already illegal….. but I’m sure the law will definitely make an exception for this…… -_-

TwinDragonStudios says:

Can you imagine getting into even a minor accident with this thing? We’re going to need to replace a single panel. I’m afraid it’s totaled.

Apostolos Christou says:


Dmitry3472 says:

Дизлайк за монтаж видео.

Fernando Pérez says:

How do you wash it?

Neon Light says:

So this is fake? Damn, I thought this was real. Like I was really wanting to buy this once it comes available.

Adam Plitko says:

So its a light bright car!

xxbublebee123 says:

how much?

Thomas Huynh says:

Could have make that 42,000 led …

DeadMan's Monkey says:

Went in to the dealership to replace my lights, you wouldn’t believe how much it cost…

1d0ntc4r3 says:

What if someone stole one of your LEDs?

x50 says:

They could add cameras on every side of the car and display what the camera sees on the opposite side to make it invisible

klishnor1 says:

I suppose it could be useful if I want to talk to my pet squid.

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