The Lexus LF-FC Concept – Distinctive Design, Forward-Thinking Technology

A surprising and emotion-evoking design as part of Lexus’ drive to exceed conventional imagination. The LF-FC is the latest expression of Lexus’ progressive luxury and is a high-tech vision of a not so distant future.

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Rashid Kaole says:

Tesla in trouble

Alexander Bulin says:


sfneurosurgeon says:

If all the driver assist technology displayed here come with a fuel cell powerplant then Lexus will have the most advanced automobile on the road.

Mr Nawaf says:


Darren Lo says:

The best design from Lexus to date. If this car can perform and drive as well as the BMW – that’s a plus.

P R says:

Mercedes 2018 got new color and bigger back seats

LexVVTi says:

first 40sec: such futuristic elegance!

Wade Higgins says:

I was unsure whether Lexus would wow me with their flagship sedan, and take the s class out of my mind. Yes, they did it! I’ve had a few IS’s/F, GS’s and a RC, what I need to do now is work harder so I can get myself a nice house with this LS and the LC. Great job Lexus!

Baby Gamerit says:

how much?

Jia L. says:

Lexus is really going full aggressive style with their cars… which doesn’t match the word “luxury”. But hey, it looks nice.

Mike, TheAnimated says:

Wow this is Japanese as fuck, and I love every second of it

Jaakko Sipila says:

What’s the song ? Somehow the ending scene was impressive.The smile in that man’s face is something “real”… I smile that way also when i start up my lexus. greetings from Finland!

Austrian Truther says:

I love Lexus! You are making the best cars!

Dennis Dennis says:

It´s like a Porn with 4 Girls. *_______________________*

mauricio paino says:


Goran Gagic says:

Mirai’s athletic, model, intellectual brother!
Fuel Cell makes so much more sense to me than pure electric; refueling in 5ish minutes and off you go! Yes, the infrastructure is not there yet but there wasn’t really any infrastructure for electric cars when they came out either. I strongly believe that Toyota/BMW joint venture that everyone talks about is about developing Fuel Cell vehicles and infrastructure. Excited for the future!

Akshay Mahesh says:

WOW!!!! It’s (dare I say) even more impressive than the LFA! Common USA…give me that Hydrogen infrastructure so I can have on of these!!!

Rixellious Japutra says:

I love Lexus

TruAgape1234 says:

Add in Lexus’s almost perfect reliability and this car simply stunning, the PASSIONATE PURSUIT OF PERFECTION!!

Maximus Khan says:

New Lexus are piece of ART!

Thejas kp says:


Darbix says:


Birtan PABUÇCU says:

Geleceğin otomobilleri 2-8 saatte fiş ile şarj olan elektrikli otomobiller kesinlikle değil, Geleceğin otomobilleri kesinlikle HİDROJEN yakıtlı otomobillerdir.

Francisco d. S says:

É muito!

ねこまる says:


ELPJM09 says:

I’m proud to own a Toyota. My next vehicle will be a Lexus.

ون تو 1 says:

لكزس. تسابق. عصره

Samson Okoro says:

I just hope all the tech here is available on the new Ls 500 unveiled recently cause that’s the Ls fc. Almost 100% same design exterior and interior. This would make the Ls the most technologically advanced car in the world by a mile.

Alek yjytuj says:

На русских дорогах , тачка работать не будет будет опасно

secret base says:


loo lolo says:

Lexus is really the futur. Germans are great actual luxury car with so many qualities. But Lexus is really living in the futur. We see that in the actual design. Many people hates Lexus design, but it is so futuristic.


nice car for OLD men….

SactoGuy411 says:

i hope lexus makes the ls fc into a production car. the lf cc was perfect, but lexus didnt make it into a production car and that was very dissapointing.

Sergio Emanuel says:

Best car Lexus and toyota

Wasted Rep says:

Lexus. Put your LF-LC mindset to the LF-FC and make it like a Fc720. Cmon Lexus turn another concept into a reality!

Bitcoin Video University says:

I heard the Germans are trying to make luxury cars
Good luck with that…..

Chayatorn Akathapon says:

Dear Lexus,

What’s the name of a song that was just played?

Thank you,

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