2012 Mazda CX-9 Crossover SUV Reviewed by CarReview.com

Sean reviews the 2012 Mazda CX9, the driver’s SUV. Packing a 273-hp 3.7-liter V6 engine that can haul 7 people.


mark williams says:

Love it . The transmission is always alert and eager to downshift

Ken Shirk says:

For me to take you seriously you need to wear some better clothing for a review. I would not cut the grass in that outfit.

Hamelyn six says:

MINE! (I wish)

aashish padiyar says:

any idea about the cost in the midde east region?

Dmitriy m says:

maybe. but not expensive. it cost 20 000 less then expensive German toys. And Mazda is more reliable these days. German reliability is myth and you can see it.

Kendrick Z says:

good review! keep up with the good work! i can totally relate to the stuff u mentioned!

acatibog says:

Excellent review. I have been comparing different manufacturers and models and the information provided in this review has helped me in making my decision.

444spiro says:

i’m the viewer 44444 :O

Alex Barajas says:

I think he only mentions (personally) a sports car when he refers to the steering wheel. The rest of the “sports car” references he’s referring to Mazda’s statement about the CX-9 having the soul of a sports car. He’s not necessarily making a comparison to a sports car. I do agree, he shouldn’t expect much chasing an Audi. I personally have this vehicle and agree it’s quite nimble for this size of a vehicle. But DEFINITELY not a sports car 🙂

mercmilan06 says:

Excellent review, very well done…I enjoyed it as much as I like the Mazda CX-9

jassy0479 says:

Excellent Review. Very clear and concise. thanks

Carol Ocampo says:


Sami Mohammed says:

Nice review

Parris Collins says:

Great review

Francis Cebedo says:

Nice. This review is much more insightful than John Davies of Motorweek. You guys just need an abandoned airfield.

Stephen Deac says:

I purchased a Grand Touring about a month ago and love it! The city mileage is bad but the highway is good. I love the feel and weight of the car.

Dindo Pacis says:

nice review Sean, can you do one for the explorer?

nfdsasa msu says:

ugly car

Andrew says:

Only pronounced “Marzda” in Japan…..



forkliftninjaz says:

I don’t know why this guy keeps comparing a cuv to a sports car? Seriously what a tard, compare it to the same class of cars not sporty cars. It’s like comparing a bass boat with a canoe, come on, just do the review without adding all hype about you chasing a highly modified audi and yet the cx9 still doesn’t fall behind much at all.

fugitive88888 says:

they need to work on the front

GrandSavrify says:

You should design yourself and should just get lost?

chigasaki06 says:

Really? I thought it was; Ma-zu-da. Classic katakana.

GoDrinkSnapple says:

Love the car, random question, was this car reviewed at West Valley college in Saratoga CA? The background looks familiar…

Thug9030 says:

What type of gas does this use

michelle welborn says:

I have a Mazda 2012 that spontaneously stalls while decelerating. It also stalls predictably on an incline. Mazda corporation has stated “the stalling on an incline is a characteristic of all CX-9 Models” and are not willing to fix it. Please watch this video of a brand new (loaner from the dealer while they looked at my CX-9) 2013 CX-9 (125 miles on it) this is the “characteristic” I am referring to. Find Video on YouTUBE Search Do Not BUy Mazda CX-9 to see video

Chris Frias says:

cool review. looking to swap the mpv for the cx9. I wish the mpg was better.

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