2016 Mazda CX-9 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 3)

MotoMan drives the 2016 Mazda CX9 in and around San Francisco, California. Between driving in the city and out in the Marin County roads, he demonstrates a very different type of engineering that delivers power unlike other Sport Utility Vehicles or Crossovers. He is joined my friend of the show and Mazda master of all Technobabble, Dave Coleman to explain how the new Mazda CX-9 actually works differently . . .

For more information, check out our 2016 Mazda CX9 TECH REVIEW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT-A8RyBUyA

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Joedy Barnes says:

I would take this over the other two. For the high in Signature price point, You are just stepping into the Volvo and the BMW. The signature gives you every bell and whistle and that luxuriously soft Nappa Leather. I’m from Shreveport, LA and I drive back and forth to work and take road trips with my vehicle. I currently drive a Lincoln MKX, and I took this for a drive to compare. My kids immediately jumped in the 3rd row, my wife behind me in the 2nd and the salesman next to me and we drove the vehicle no problems. The knee room for me, a big guy, was a little tight in the front if I was going to change vehicles, but everyone in the car was comfortable and I can definitely see this working on long trips. My only hesitance is the name. Will Mazda command a “luxury” respect as Lincoln. Lincoln isn’t BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus… but it isn’t a “Mazda” either. I know that is superficial, but I suffer from 1st world problems.

Aleks says:

I am in the market for this, and you hit it on the head, it’s all about the rugrats. I personally love the driving dynamics, coming from a Mazda 6 and a Mazda 3, it’s sort of a natural progression. I did manage to drive one, and I agree that it’s definitely got a different “feel” than a traditional V6. It felt a little subdued it is on the highway, but overall, a really nice car. I’d love to take it out on turns sometime.

Brian P Cook says:

I was looking at the BMW X5 until I watched this video (I went down the YouTube rabbit hole) I’m looking at the signature for 45k versus 74k with about the same technology. I haven’t driven it yet, but right now I’m thinking zoom zoom versus the ultimate driving machine that only seats 5. Thanks for the honest video.

DoubleClutchOnline says:

Some video editing would be helpful. WTF was his deal at 5:40? Major turnoff.

Infandous Ktenology says:

Japan is sending us their radioactive and cobbled together left over tsunami junk

chiefordnance says:

Towing capabilities?

roberto rivas says:

i dont like driving with any kind o wind in my car the cleaner the interior the better.

zano742 says:

three cubed isn’t 9. three squared is 9.

Shervin R says:

In Canada, Volvo XC90 T6 AWD starts at 62 k and does not include nappa leather, no premium sound, no HUD, lacks full led lighting and several safety features. Add those and youre looking at 73 K +. Not to mention option to pump regular gas, cheaper maintenance schedule and better = resale value. IMO, the Volvo doesn’t really have the “premium badge” of the Germans and those Germand are not even within a 25 k when matching features.

lucarvian says:

I am beginning my research to replace my 2013 Santa Fe XL or LWB in the US…not because i dislike it…it is and has been a fantastic vehicle. I simply like, for the right or wrong reason, to replace every 3-4 years and try something different. Before my SF, had a 09 Highlander, and ugh, my first experience with Toyota “quality” did not meet expectations. And based on forum comments, my issues were not isolated to me. Important to me are features and aesthetics. Highlander exterior and especially interior are just blah. Pilot exterior….vanilla…its just there. That may be okay for some, not for me.

The 9 is a nice looking vehicle, inside and out. Stepped into one (a GT i think) in a showroom and found the interior a bit claustrophobic. Very narrow due to wide console. Pano roof decision is logical, but few are going to be taking this vehicle to the track or hitting on-ramps at 80 mph. The pano roof in my 2013 Santa Fe does not get a ton of use in real hot weather…it’s just too hot. But when cooler out, it’s awesome to have all that natural light and opening it up to get that fresh air. So no pano is a bit of a let down for me. Another thing….no cooled or vented seats? WTF? My 2013 SF has them!!! And i use them alot in hot weather. Thankfully, the Cdn models get heated steering wheel.

Luxury comparisons are a farce. In Cda, the cx9 signature is just over $50K. Any luxury competitors are going to be $15-$20K more once you add all the packages to get similar tech and features. So why do people insist on comparing apples to oranges?

wonderwall135 says:

i don’t buy an SUV for a sporty experience. i buy it for space and comfort so this is a great car for that.

A Yates says:

45K for this is a bargain all day long!

Luis X says:

Reg sunroof is fine..The engineers had to convince the marketing guys off that..plus i hate trend followers..lol..tho i will assume Mazda will eventually jump ( or fore to) jump on to..

pensive69 says:

my g/f loves the high end model interior and
it might be enough to be a win for her.
for me… i think the ambivalent performance of the engine is
a question mark… is it enough? for $ 44K i’m expecting something
of a rug rate rocket.

Andre N says:

I did not like where the AC controls were placed. Not ergonomic at all. That area should be called Black Hole. Nothing should be place there. Check Hyundai Santa Fe and you will understand what I am talking about.

Robert LeBlanc says:

For $5k more, many would be choosing a well equipped MDX over a CX-9 Signature.

josh says:

he said CX-3 CUBED everyone just gonna let the fact that 3 cubed is 3x3x3 = 27 not 9, no? okay guess not

Luke Han says:

this guy is stupid asfucl

John Larsen says:

Thanks for the video. I currently drive a Pacifica and am in the Portland, OR area. I am actively looking for a replacement vehicle. The CX-9 has blown me away.

I think your observation that the $45k version of the CX-9 places it into BMW, Volvo, Mercedes range misses the point that such vehicles don’t include the laundry list of features found in the CX-9. You have to option those up and you’re looking at spending at least $20k more… A similarly equipped Cadillac XT-5 is $58k. The Mazda is within 1/2 a second of the Caddy with slightly better fuel economy and the bonus of a 3rd row seat. Mazda looks to have one of the better head’s up displays… real rosewood, and napa leather.

Mazda has, in my opinion, raised the bar in value. As for the torque issue, I would say Mazda understands that I need to go zero to 60 in a reasonable amount of time… not trying to win a drag race…

Oh… and I personally am not a huge fan of the panoramic roofs… so I am happy Mazda saved the weight and applied it to sound deadening material instead. Good choice!

Thanks again for the review.

Li Fan says:

5:49, I thought I’m watching Office with Steve Carell being excited about something

J Bettis says:

drove a Sport FWD and all I heard was the tire noise. A slight growl under acceleration. No wind, no engine, no transmission noise. Driving into the sun there was a glare on dash screen. Turned putting the sun to our side, no glare. No apparent culprit.

Grant Chen says:

Hi MotoMan! Thanks for the detailed video! And to answer your question at the end of video: I’m considering switching car right now, and I’m also choosing between Volvo XC90 and the CX-9. I’m leaning towards the Volvo more simply because a lot of the features in High-end CX-9 comes standard in the Volvo. However, there is still a 20% price gap, I’d like to think of it as I’m paying for the Mazda package in Volvo. I’m your friendly neighbour from Canada!

Ronald Glickman says:

I had been searching for an SUV with great tech, sharp design, and something fun to drive. Did not want something that looked like a Dad mobile. I had come down to the Pilot, Highlander, and Durango. The Durango had the look but felt like a tank driving and the touch screen was too cluttered.. The Highlander and Pilot lacked very much on the exterior look and their tech was meh at best IMO. Have been driving a 2014 Civic and thought the Pilot’s tech wasn’t refreshing enough from Honda for me to drive it. And Toyota’s Highlander has a cluttered feel with buttons lined up and down the side of the touch screen. I stumbled upon the CX-9, loved the look and design, took it for a test drive and loved it more. It checked all of the boxes for me. Super smooth to drive. Didn’t feel heavy. Really easy to navigate the menus during driving without reaching for the touch screen. HUD is a nice touch and the best part is that I don’t think this car looks like a kid carrier as much as other cars in its class. The only negative I found with it was that the towing capacity wasnt as substantial as I liked but it gets the job done towing a jet ski.

As far as comparing it to luxury models I’m confused with this guys question. Most of those models start at 45k+ and in order to adequately equip them with similar tech, seating, and AWD you have to hit around the 55k+ mark. So yeah I’m def gonna stick with getting the Mazda.

Brandon Hogue says:

The problem with the $45,000 vehicles mentioned are that they’re base vehicles. In the case of BMW/Audi that’ll get you tires, a motor, doors, and a steering wheel. Want auto dimming mirrors? That’s a $3,000 package. Same with Volvo even. I’ve yet to see an XC90 in a lot that stickers for less than $55,000 while I can pick up a Grand Touring CX-9 (Everything but the wood and leather) for ~$41,000. We’re really impressed with the CX-9, right now it’s the pick to replace our TDI.

Nathan Admiraal says:

From Cali… would take CX9 over BMW due to maint. costs, 3rd row, and gas mileage. Cons… rougher ride with 20’s, storage behind 3rd row is nill, glove box is small.

Alston Hsu says:

If I can’t afford a Tesla Model X, CX-9 will be my only option left (GT with Tech package) because the NAPA will be ruined by kids…

Robert LeBlanc says:

I’m interested in how this will rate with IIHS testing.
The outgoing CX-9 was Poor in this regard.

Thai Thanh says:

Boring review

epicbtu says:

50 lbs is what percentage of 4,000 lbs? The pano sun/moon would be a deal breaker for a lot of buyers especially the people getting the higher end models. At least give a option of a stationary glass top to lose the pounds of what the mechs would add.Frank from Seattle currently driving a Subaru Forester. I’m looking for a bigger car because the family is growing. I being a cheapo am looking for the most affordable and best bang for my buck. This Mazda is on my list because of the fuel economy for the awd models.

MediaWatchDawg says:

5:09 Driving “aggressively” around San Francisco? Sounds like somebody has “issues.”


Sidney Lin says:

No panoramic roof is a deal killer. I actually think they cannot hide the bracing and ribbing in the roof is the real reason it is not offered.

Anthony Macneil says:

Disappointed no Panoramic roof, 360 camera, Apple or Android, ventilated seats. The sunroof makes it look cheap especially on a Signature. Canadian it’s $52,000 plus freight and tax. For this price those above should be options. Come on Mazda listen to your customers. Hopefully redesign 2018 will be different.

Leo Enin says:

Won’t buy any mazda until they make a sunroof unfortunately. Love everything there (except media system perhaps) but lack of sunroof is a dealbreaker for me.

shady nakhle says:

i took cx9 for a test drive just the day one word WOW
im from australia and asked the dealer about the red napa leather, the aluminium trims and the real wood sadly we get none of that here such a shame disappointed actually

chunhaylee says:

The siamesed exhaust ports look horribly restrictive. This is one engine that has zero performance potential. So anyone thinking- Mazda could slop this into the 3 or 6 and get a performance model out of it- forget it.

Mike Hemingson says:

The 2016 Mazda CX-9 is my favorite car so far. With a mph of 22/28, it’s a quick and efficient car. A lot of people have told me that soccer moms drive this but I don’t care. I drive what I want without caring what others think.

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