2016 Mazda CX-9 Sneak Peek Review: Mazda builds an XXL CX-3

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2016 Mazda CX-9 is an all-new three-row crossover from Mazda. It is about the same size as before, but it’s lighter and has a brand-new turbocharged four cylinder engine with up to 250 horsepower!

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JsnLwrnce says:

Its not terribly expensive

AltaSonata says:

Shut up and take my money!!! Wait, don’t have any

praveen kumar t says:

Cool mazda has set the benchmark again… I want to trade my 2013 cx9 “right now”.

gpcirillo says:

Very interested. I suppose we all have to get used to the idea of small, turbo engines in big vehicles. Apparently, there IS a replacement for displacement. I’m a little disappointed with the 6-speed transmission. That’s one or two cogs short of expectations. But if it’s durable, then it’s worth it. I assume it’ll have a towing capacity around 3,500 lbs. (PS: If you bump nose-first into a wall or pole, it looks like the first thing to hit will be the chrome grill.)

7bqbq says:

This car is WOW :

musicfude83 says:

that guitar loop is driving me mad

good review tho

Kevin Lee says:

9:20 until there’s a rapid shift in technology forced either by social, economic, or environmental factors, and then you discover your screwed because even though you were the best at being efficient and had the best average gas consumption, you now know nothing about doing it electrically because you thought all that “other stuff” was a distraction. That’s a real future proof way of thinking. I hate the auto industry for not moving fast enough to save the world. We have the tech to be mobile on renewables. Make it happen today, so our next generation has a tomorrow.

aa240sx says:

nice – hope the ‘birds’ didn’t get you!

wcjeep says:

On the next Mazda review, after the embargo. How is the infotainment compared to the competition? Better or same as the Ford Sync3?

some one says:

this should be called cx3x3 hehe

Bearrygames :p says:

Canadian to we are in KPH ok so don’t miss us

wonderwall135 says:

you should have asked if this engine will come to the mazda 6

Lupus1874 says:

pls replace roman

Lupus1874 says:


Fields Carlisle says:

also, I hate the silly chrome bar across the rear. that ruins the entire rear end.

Jon Scott says:

I have the 2008 Mazda GT FWD which I love. This car looks great and could be my next car

Marc Gismondi says:

owning a 2008 cx-9 and looking at this 2017 model is really disappointing because the 2007-2013 models were powerful and the interior was nicer in my opinion and the 4-cyl with a turbo? common i know its to save gas and all but still suv’s need V6’s

Evan Landry says:

When does the 2016 CX-9 come out?

tofuw says:

Would there be ecu upgrade and aftermarket mod support for this engine???

Uncrowned says:

luxury in an affordable price? honestly puts everyone to shame

Khoa Le says:

Very attractive exterior and interior

sta1984 says:

Seeing 19.1 mpg average on the dash! Kinda of a let down WHEN it’s rated 22/26 city/hway! V6 Pilot and Highlander get that easy! Turbo 4 always does marketing language only and never deliver real world claimed mileage! Come on Mazda, this rave on your zoom zoom eventually dies out and doesn’t translate to sales on all your vehicles, predictions are you’ll be absorbed by Toyota in 5-10 yrs!

Sang Eeth says:

So there isn’t a good ol’ V6 coming?

Carlos Maldonado says:

when is the next cx9 review?

Eduard Arakelyan says:

I’d really love Android auto. The Mazda system really isn’t that bad but it’s years behind what Google or apple offer. Really nice SUV though, back end reminds me of MX5 a bit for some reason


OH MY WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MAZDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DroverChicago says:

Wake me up when they offer this engine and driveline in a Speed6.

Alan Founcright says:

Mazda had Hybrid before. In Japan there was and maybe still is a Hybrid Mazda6 sports wagon.

Patrick MacDonald says:

Can you guys do a winter or off road review of this? I live in the NE and so far the only SUV I’m convinced of that can handle our snowfall is the Pilot and I like the looks of this more.

Kelvin Waters says:

Hey Mazda, take that torquey 4 cylinder turbo-charged engine and shove it … up an MX-5!

mikej791 says:

Mazda…source a damn V6 already

Juan Cabrera says:

Can you make a comparison between 2015 and 2016 Mazda cx 9?

Anthony Macneil says:

Disappointed no Panoramic roof, 360 camera, Apple or Android, ventilated seats. The sunroof makes it look cheap especially on Signature. Other manufacturers have panoramic and other options. Come on Mazda listen to your customers. Hopefully the next-generation will have those options in 2018

TheRealBajan says:

Mazda are nailing the designs of their cars, cant wait to see the new RX

torrid94 says:

Mazda are on a freakin roll!!

Mr. Mazda says:

Another strong update to a starting member of the Mazda SUV team. Great review. Thanks!

marcusdumitru says:

this new CX9 is really beautiful! Elegant, comfortable, practical. I’m only sorry it’s not 4×4, with low gear and good angles…. anyways, what I am really curious is how good does it do on ice/snow/mud. How good is the AWD? Did they upgrade it from the old model? I am waiting for TFL to take it to Gold Mine.

icecreamania says:

No Android Auto = pass for me.

Fields Carlisle says:

this is so sad. the new 2.5T sounds so boring and dull. the gear shifts are extremely slow too. that 0-60 time was over 8 seconds.

xxgg says:

So Android Auto isn’t available yet. But will Mazda give update option to all 2016 models?

slllll says:

mazda cars are what hondas used to be.

Gaurav Patel says:

Does it have remote start, heated rear seats and steering?

Flush75 says:

Video editing and shot selection is quite horrendous/too-many random shots and pointless/annoying close-up zooming (I could do better) – – also noticed you guys using drone footage lately (don’t do it – doesn’t look good or relevant to the reviews). Otherwise decent review – looks like another nice car from Mazda (KODO < one of the cleanest line-ups currently on the road IMHO)

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