2016 Mazda CX-9 TECH REVIEW (1 of 3)

MotoMan heads to his favorite part of San Francisco, California with the 2016 Mazda CX9 for a different kind of TECH REVIEW – one with a view! Following up from the 2016 Mazda CX-9 Debut REVIEW from the 2016 LA Auto Show, he goes more in depth on the engineering required for a 2.5 4 cylinder turbo to develop 310 lb ft of torque as well as some of the other design and engineering the 2016 Mazda CX9 both shares as well as is unique to the last Mazda to receive SkyActiv and move to an all Mazda platform . . .

For more information, check out our 2016 #LAAutoShow Mazda CX9 DEBUT @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG5oEdQOgcg

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Grand PaPa says:

cam belt or chain?

Ubon94 says:

really good looking suv.. if I don’t go for xc90 would consider this one..second row and third is kinda so so

Anthony Dunn says:

Why is the RON rating in the US so low? I know we pay a lot for fuel here in the UK but I can’t find anything lower than 95?

Anthony Stevenson says:

Good morning. I live in the Virginia/D.C. area. I am single with no one but myself to drive the vehicle. I brought this new version of the CX-9 because I like the room inside of it. The smooth ride five by the long wheel base. After work and on weekends I play a bass guitar and have to carry 2 to 3 basses along with my 2 big bass cabinets so I love the room that it provides me.

I look, viewed, and test drove several crossovers to see which gave me the most for my money and fit what I needed. I narrow it down to three vehicles. The second tier was the Acura MDX and Infiniti QX60.. But my top two were the Volvo XC90 and the CX-9. The CX-9 won out because I have been driving a CX-9 since 2012 and know what kind of a car it is. I brought that CX-9 new in March 2012 and it has serve me well. Great driving car. So I know what it was made of and that weighted the new one as the best choice for me. All of them was good but clearly the CX-9 and Volvo was the best and CX-9 won out because of prior ownership.

Thanks for the video. As always, great job my friend.

Matt Fraser says:

Great video. I like how you attempted to explain SkyActiv technology and pointed out that the vehicle is built differently from other manufacturers and what difference that makes. Admittedly Mazda hasn’t done the best job in communicating what SkyActiv technology means but I myself am working on creating content that explains what it is at a dealer level. That being said, I like all of your videos and thanks for reviewing the 2016 Mazda CX-9.

Infandous Ktenology says:

Oh look!

Cup holders on top of the engine.

Now I have a place to store my ice cold beverage whilst working on the pile of junk.

Martin Dluzansky says:

If you had children you wouldn’t call them rugrats 😉

Ola Ogunlola says:

I have owned a 07 CX-9 since 2007 and absolutely luv it. However, time to replace it with something new. We were looking at the Highlander and Pilot until I saw the 2016 CX-9. The beauty of the redesigned 16 CX-9 is simply captivating. My question is given that the new one is 2.5 4 cylinder, how does it compare with older models with 3.5 6 cylinders in terms of engine power?

kwelios says:

Sooooooo, where was the review of the TECH?

Gerald Carroll says:

I have been looking at the Enclave, Acadia, Grand Cherokee, Durango, Edge, Explorer, etc. They are all dated. I am not a minivan fan. I like the fact that they blew up a CX 5, imported the ride and handling characteristics of the CX 5 into the CX 9 and added a third row. I’d keep the third row folded for extra cargo space. At first I was a little skeptical because this vehicle doesn’t have the horsepower that its main competitors have, but that’s not this vehicle’s purpose. I really like this vehicle as a family hauler and am considering a purchase.

Mr Bobby Brown says:

The problem is THEY don’t actually explain what “SkyActive” means to the consumer. They throw around that term on their commercials as if it means something, and yet 99% of the viewers have no idea what it actually means… so in essence it IS marketing mumbo jumbo, and that’s why some people get so frustrated with Mazda’s marketing. I had this discussion with my father and I asked him what he thought it meant and he said “I don’t really care, and I know it’s not this, but it sounds like Mazda has it’s own intelligent satellite system communicating with all it’s vehicles. Like Skynet in the Terminator”. I just wish Mazda would actually explain what it means in one of their commercials.

Lee Cheng Ye says:

I love the Lexus NX 200T F Sport , Because it look very cool and the best is it have a turbo . And i love the digital speedometer . I am a college student, i am from Malaysia.

Ad says:

I’ve been waiting for this

Visbalalam says:

Favourite car in this segment is the 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Highlander, cause its extremely good value for money.

Daniel Smith says:

Of all my options in the three row crossover market, I just bought my wife a 2016 Kia Sorento SXL. I will admit it is an “emergency” third row but we rarely will use it. We are expecting our first child this week and don’t tow anything, so for my wife, the aim was high end luxury and feel for middle of the road money. I live in the Bay Are and couldn’t wait for the new CX-9 so I’m eager to see what you say about it in coming weeks, but as of now I couldn’t be happier. Sticker price was $46k and I got it for $37k and the luxurious fit and finish combined with the wonderful technology and – until the cx-9 – best in class styling, we are absolutely in love. Now I’m secretly hoping you hate this CX-9!

depellerinluc says:

I’d love to see how this compares to Pilot and Pathfinder.

B.L. Alley says:

I had a 07 CX-9 and it was easily the best 3-row vehicle. Mazda puts so much more thought into their cars that other manufacturers without forgetting about style.
It was a daily driver, bike and kayak hauler, and a travel car. It was smooth, quiet, and fun to drive. It handled winding roads better than most cars and always felt stable on the interstate even at high speeds.

Rio Winardi says:

At 0:13 you say “2017 mazda CX-9” but this video title is 2016 Mazda CX-9 . So what do you mean ? 2016 or 2017?

TakWang Chan says:

I had an ’12 Mazda3 which was the first yr/ the SkyActiv engine/trans. was offered as an option. I must say the high strung/ tight nature of the chassis /drivetrain helped quell any vibrations. Mazdas have promised/ delivered  fuel economy numbers which has been more spot on/ accurate than most/all, I hope that they continue on that trend!I also had a ’07 MazdaSpeed6 AWD 2.3 turbo sedan which was ablast to drive! which were strong right down to the mirror housings!

K big says:

Sex Ed @ 4:37

mike duncan says:

We have 94 octane as husky stations in Canada

headcas620 says:

As nice as this is and as much as I like mazda, it’s a wannabe minivan. Anyone who buys a 3 row crossover instead of a minivan is a idiot.

salocin911 says:

We are in Tucson AZ and we currently own a 2012 EXPLORER and we mostly haul stuff and our 3 dogs around. I have to say this is more intriguing than the TRAVERSE or HONDA PILOT.

GODSGIFT2780 says:

this is hands down the best looking vehicle in it’s class Mazda is killing them when it comes to design. this thing is just drop dead gorgeous inside & out.

Jesper Hald says:

Hmm, I like the approach that Mazda has to how to build a car. Their cars aren’t as mainstream when we’re talking design, and on the tech, they think different….and different is good!
I just wish they’d mount a turbo on their gasoline engines here in Europe (Denmark)! The lag of torque is a b!tch!
However, if I had the chance to choose, I would love a XC90…with the engines from BMW or Audi…ore perhaps a Macan Turbo S?

headcas620 says:

I was just there!

TheRealBajan says:

Scew the luxury brands, this sumva bitch cx9 is hot as fuck.
I live in the Caribbean, I drink rum and gets womens, this would look so good with premium wheels. Would look good next to my cayenne believe it or not.

Mark Gucci says:

you speak soo much and you not showing us anything try to explain in short ways that would be better

Renew DG says:

Poor review

Mr. Mazda says:

Wow. That’s a ton of techie stuff to absorb but kudos for presenting it!

Jared Jones says:

Why doesn’t this have hood struts? A prop stick on a $40k+ car?

nismo armada says:

I would used for snow and long trips. I love the style.

سعيد العمري says:

شاريه الله لا يعوق بشر

Andrew Fay says:

My wife and I have 3 kids- back and forth from Honda Odyssey to GMC Yukon XL back to Odyssey then to GMC Acadia, then back to a couple more Odyssey’s. We can’t seem to get away from the Odyssey, even though we really want to. It is hard to beat the space, decent power, storage, towing, and on and on. But it doesn’t have AWD, and the kids are getting into skiing big now, so we really want the AWD. And the kids are older, so we don’t need as much luggage room for strollers, play pens, etc. So we want a nice SUV with a 3rd row. We are wanting to jump up in quality, but we want to keep somewhat decent mileage. The US makers just don’t have anything that fills the bill. The new Mercedes is $70k – a lot of extra money to move 3 kids around. It just isn’t practical. The BMW 5 is just too small – but I love the idea of diesel. I drive a VW diesel, and hate what they have done to the US diesel market. We test drove this today and it is very nice. Feels like it is just under the BMW quality for the cost of a Chevy. It is very impressive, and we may try this out. I like the technology of tuning it for low-end torque at 2,000 rpm and not focusing on high HP numbers at 5,000 rpm, which my wife maybe hits once a month when racing her girlfriend off of the line!

BIGWEBB88 says:

Needs a panoramic sunroof

Car Lecturer To The Way says:

Wish that u would give more features review.

oldatarigamer says:

MotoMan deserves more subs for these terrific reviews!

Kom K. says:

Talk too much

WINGS says:

the only thing i hate about this new cx 9 is that….. where is the 360° review camera? so sad… 🙁

Juan Tampocao says:

This is the best Japanese made SUV I guess.

christian Chichester says:

Kinda looks like a better looking version of a Q7

Antoine Mahan says:

lol you’re so funny. . Rug rats? lmbo

Anthony Macneil says:

Disappointed no Panoramic roof, 360 camera, Apple or Android, ventilated seats. The sunroof makes it look cheap especially on Signature. Come on Mazda listen to your customers and step up to the plate. Hopefully the next-generation will have those options.

mike duncan says:

This vehicle is Miles better looking than anything bmw, benz or audi has out right now in the same price range.

John Smith says:

I currently drive a 2013 cx9 and love it….on style this car is much improved in and out but I’m not sold on the turbo.

niptodstan says:

………………..I digress!!!!!! Stop it.

Yippie says:

You were totally checking out that female jogger. Even did a 360. haha

Jorge Nunez says:

looks like mazda added a fluid dynamics engineer to their squad. cool.

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