2016 Mazda CX-9 TECH REVIEW #LAAutoShow

From the 2015 #LAAutoShow , MotoMan takes a look at the 2016 Mazda CX-9 – the LAST Mazda to receive the SkyActiv treatment. This one is a bit of a different case because while they were able to do the usual trick of lowering mass while increasing power output & efficiency this is Mazda’s biggest car/SUV/CUV by far . . . So MotoMan shares some specific technical details about how they arrived at the new #Mazda #CX9 as well as an usual story about one of the people behind it . . .

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Jacob Adler says:

Married. One Kid. Two Dogs.

Just got back from the Chicago Auto Show, and the CX-9 was a clear stand out for me. Stylistically, it looks amazing compared to its premium competitors like the Audi Q7, and obviously immensely better than its direct competitors. I’m thinking about buying one when they are released.

Yippie says:

The front end looks like it’s ready to plow snow. Snow drifts here comes the CX-9.

Anthony Szeto says:

more about this vehicle!

peakarach says:

C-X9 all the way.

Erik Jamin says:

Naturally aspirated engine >>>>>>>>>> Turbo

Joe Manning says:

Married, 1 dog early thirties. I like the sorrento because the top model has no black plastic, or it hides it really well

Sheldon Warner says:

Honda Pilot 2016 Elite. Florida

Najee Jackson says:

2017 Armada

ABO GASSAN Qarni says:

I’ll choose the Mazda cx9 .
livin in Saudi Arabia and have 4 kids .

TwoLeggedTriceratops says:

This guy is all business casual in his attire, haha.

mohammed Awadh says:

I live in Bahrain (middle east) and i will buy this but i wish not expensive as lexus rx350

Drewbie85 says:

I have a 2014 Mazda 6 i hope they will put a turbo on it again sometime.

Isaac Fox says:

Nice vehicle, I just question if 4 cylinders will be enough for such a large vehicle.

Jean Paul Peters says:

I really like the new CX9, specially the interior. My wifes car is a 15 mdx (replaced a audi Q5 2.0T) and it have great driving dynamics. Although it’s not as quiter as you should expect on rough pavement. I will evaluate the CX9 when it becomes available in my market, but not sure a 4 cylinder turbo can be compared with the 290hp V6 vtec on the mdx. We will see….. From Panama city in Central America.

cadsux says:

As someone who has owned 3 Mazdas & 2 Hondas, I would lean towards the CX-9 for it’s handling, looks, & reliability. I reside in the hilly San Francisco Peninsula. The 1st gen CX-9, although outdated, was still consistently rated top notch for driving dynamics in the 3-row CUV segment. I am concerned about this new 2.5L turbo since Mazda had reliability issues with their previous 2.3L MZR turbo, found in the MazdaSpeed3 & CX-7. When Mazda discontinued this & the rotary engine, and switched to Skyactiv in 2013, their reliability ratings went up. According to Consumer Reports, in 2014, they ranked just behind Lexus/Toyota, and 2015, they ranked behind Lexus/Toyota and Audi. Ford would license that MZR engine and develop their Ecoboost lineup, and they’ve had reliability issues with every model equipped with Ecoboost.

Antoine Pageau says:

3 kids, Canada, currently own ’16 Mazda 6 ’15 Mazda 3 ’05 911 C2 ’08 BMW 328 Cab. I buy cars from manufacturers who under promise and over deliver.Mazda is totally on the right track.

Diego Montoya says:

Thanks for your coverage Motoman. I love your obsessiveness to design and engineering. Mazda and Volvo are two of my favorite automakers and I recently fell in love with the 2016 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD Inscription. How does the new 2017 Mazda CX-9 AWD Signature compare with the aforementioned Volvo XC90? Also, do you believe this new powerplant (2.5L Skyactiv Turbo mated to an AWD drivetrain) will find its way into the Mazda6 at some point in time? Mazda played with my heart when the said 2 years ago that there would be a 2.2L Skyactiv diesel available in the “near future”, but because they didn’t use the blue after-exhaust urea stuff, it never passed emissions in the U.S. (What’s the Japanese word for betrayal?) I think this turbo could be great for them though, as some of us still want torque with our design and safety, as we are former Volvo 850 Turbo or S70 T5 owners… Can’t wait for your drive review in 4 or 5 months. Thank you kind Sir.

Sean Kealey says:

Wow! I’m continually amazed at how much better cars are getting over all. It really is hard to find a truely bad car these days. Mass produced cars have just become so luxurious, useful, practical and affordable. I was riding along in my my friend’s Ford Escape platinum, and I was honestly shocked at how nice an entry level car could be. Keep up the great work MotoMan! This is honestly a really, really sharp looking SUV.

Nik Brudar says:

Skoda Superb, best family car and value!

John Lee says:

+motomantv did you see a panoramic sunroof on this model? Please tell me hard to get an answer anywhere. I would get this over a pilot and highlander since i think it looks better. I hope it has all the same safety features. Thanks

Lathan Starnes says:

Mazda has to be my favorite car company right now. They seem like a company run by engineers. They somehow manage to be competent, desirable, and reliable. That interior honestly makes everything in the class look boring.

Justin L says:

Does this have power folding mirrors?

Anthony Stevenson says:

Please forgive me. One more thing. I would love the CX-9 more if it had more gears in it’s transmission, at least 8 if not 9 gears.

Shelby_Protin says:

Sooo, I;ve been driving 09 cx-9 for more than 1 year now, and i must say.. is nearly perfect car. It’s very spacious, and 280 hp is enough to ashamed most of premium middle size sedan cars 😀 I love my Mazda, and for sure will buy new model 😉

Cody Thompson says:

I would choose the Mazda CX-9 because, to me, they try harder than anyone else, and it shows. Like you said, they punch above their weight. They truly are fun to drive, affordable, fuel efficient and reliable….just awesome vehicles and I love the direction Mazda is headed.

Ralph Kowalski says:

before you buy any car with a turbo call the dealer and ask him how much it is to fix it it’s 4200 bucks for the Acura RDX parts and labor ,

Z StHope says:


Jason Miller says:

Current CX-9 is ~4600lbs, so you can do the math on the new one.

Robert Robinson says:

There is no doubt Mazda has a winner with the new CX9. The design is gorgeous, just like the rest of the current Mazda family. It’s both sporty and luxurious. If the driving dynamics are anything like other Mazdas, as expected, it will really standout in the crowd. The Pilot, Highlander and MDX are boring in comparison. With style, performance and reliability, I can’t imagine driving anything but a Mazda. I drive 30-35k mi/yr in Atlanta traffic for my work and love every minute in my ’14 Mazda 3i GT hatchback w/ stick shift (my 6th Mazda). I’d like to have a second vehicle for personal use and the new CX9 would be perfect.

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