2016 Mazda CX3 CUV PREVIEW & MotoMan Answers YOUR Questions #AskMotoManTV

MotoMan previews the 2016 Mazda CX3 Crossover by covering some of the highlights of this not only all new car but new SEGMENT to Mazda. update He then answers three viewer questions #AskMotoManTV . . .

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Blake Swan says:

I live in the US and my mom had the Nissan juke and loved it. I drove it as well and loved the turbo. She sold it only because a semi drove her off the road and felt she needed a bigger vehicle to be up higher. She bought a new Jeep Cherokee but misses her juke greatly. I think the whole idea of being up higher because of all the pick up trucks ect I’d why this segment of raised hatchbacks is selling so well. Love you moto and keep up the amazing videos.

Ascend Canah says:

I have a request, could you please make a review about BMW 7-series? You are the best reviewer so would love to see that!

Ahmad F AlNahhas says:

Will I live in Saudi Arabia and I love your show ..maybe you will come visit saudi Arabia and test some cars (;

Juan Manuel Martinez says:

Wow, The CX-3 is probably the most photogenic small CUV. love that color. 

(By the way, I don’t really like CUVs, despite their popularity, but this… Oh this one looks quite nice)

IceDree says:

A Color Would Not Expect In a Maybach? That rules out the White & 5 Different shades of Black ….hhmm Luner Blue or Emerald Green?

I wouldn’t mind taking an S65 Coupe to a track … actually i don’t mind taking it anywhere … heck, I’m prepared to hook it up to a small trailer & call it home . . . 😉

We have a 2007 Daihatsu Terios, its a bit biggerlonger than a Juke but smallershorter than a Rav4 … classified as a Compact SUV though … we are flipping it soon & I’ve considered a Renegade … but i have unhealthy thoughts lol … i still can’t get her out of my head.

On a side note, our neighbor have a Juke (pre facelift)

Speaking of Mazda, is it true Derrick left them?

Joyce Smith says:

Why you never do a test drive with Nissan Juke. It is the most beautiful car I ever seen

Conor Sullivan says:

I live in Ireland and you can’t go 2 sets of traffic lights without seeing a Nissan Juke!

d tasca says:

Hi Motoman
Recently purchased a Subaru XV for standard all-wheel drive, ease of entry and exit and overall usefulness. Has met/exceeded our expectations!

Kevin Krzos says:

Hi MotoManTV
You wanted to know about people that buy this segment of cars. I just took possession of a Honda HRV three weeks ago and totally love it. I live in Long Island New York and this car works great in this area of the country. With that I mean the snow in the winter time. Thumbs up with the work you’re doing on your channel I love your show.


Csab says:

I like the Germans and they make nice cars but the language is very unattractive to say the least ……

Shaocheng Pei says:

Hey Motoman, thanks for all the great work. 
I have a question on my personal purchasing early next year. 
I am looking at new gen A4, new gen GLC, new gen C-class, and new gen BMW X1. All of these will be AWD, since I live in Canada. 
It will be a lease. I currently own a 2012 Passat. I am 25 single, professional, live in downtown Toronto, looking to buy my first premium German car in life. 
If you were me, what would you buy?

Brennen Landers says:

The new TTS has more power, a different infotainment screen view, and the magnetic suspension. Is that worth the price increase if I would just buy coilovers for the base TT?

d tasca says:

Oh and by the way its tangerine orange!

lindell spence says:

Mr. motoman I have been watching you now for over a year on a regular, but i notice you never do anything on telsa. I recall at the some auto show this year the Girl in the trunk mention telsa  and you didn’t sound very favorable towards her mentioning them. With your presentation style I would love to hear your review of the model s, especially with these new insane and ludicrous modes

Aviation Direction says:

Anyway, I digress!

Ravena James says:

I actually think this segment started over 10 years ago with the introduction of the Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe.  I owned a Vibe until 2013 and stupidly gave it up for a sedan.  When I saw this car in one of the new car buying guides I immediately felt the same joy that I did when I bought my cherished Vibe (and it doesn’t hurt that Car and driver made a similar comparison).  I’ve been waiting for months; reading and watching every review I can find on this new ute.  When you pull the specs for the 2004 Vibe and compare them to the new 2016 CX3 there are some difference definitely (engine, head and shoulder room, etc), but the look and appearance of the two cars are definitely similar.  I fully expect the CX3 to find a home among the people who are still owners of Vibes and have been waiting for something to enter the market that’s very similar to that Vibe and offers the same versatility.

tomtang0514 says:

I just saw a Golf TDI in my last track day and damn that thing is not slow…

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