2016 Mazda Mazda6 – Redline: Review

Mazda is the kind of car company that doesn’t like boring vehicles, so when it came time to enter a segment known for vanilla offerings, the company made sure to add a sharp injection of style, sophistication, and fun. The 2016 Mazda6 embodies all those qualities, now if we could just see a bit more “zoom-zoom” under the hood, we’d have no problem calling this the perfect family sedan.


Armando Berrios says:

I got my gt with premium package today. I got a lease hopping the next gen comes with turbo option!

Brittany Le says:

I’m thinking about buying this car in my town .

Stephen Nichols says:

they have this in awd else where, but not in North America. that’s a deal breaker for me

Delta P.I. says:

I love mine.

eyeswideopen23 says:

I liking the Mazda 9 if I got the right name nice SUV but all I need is the two row

Serkan Ister says:

He sounds like he works for Mazda dealer as a sales man. Another dishonest review from him!

Lisa Bourland says:

Can you review a 2017 Nissan Armada

Apex Predator Chris Hansen says:

Test drove a new one last week. Standard equipment is good, price was good, but the manual transmission did not impress me. It’s pretty rubbery and vague. If they could offer a V6, 6mt, and under 30k, it would be hard not to be interested.

dirk diggler says:

fucking automatics, get a manual you lazy fat fucking american idiots

Latricia Mitchell says:

CM Security protects your privacy CM Security protects your privacy

Evan Johnson says:

WTF that transmission sounds like a 4-speed auto!

Mitchell Fenton says:

I am tempted to get one. There was a great deal on a 2015 GT for under 13k. I missed out on a 2007 IS350 with ML and Luxury Package with less than 100k miles for under 11k

Mustafa Hançer says:

Rear looks cheap. Front nice. That’s the problem.

ericj305 says:

Cheap cars, feel like they’re made of plastic. Mine had to have its transmission replaced at 7000 miles. Customer service is absolute garbage. Never again.

Rusty 123 says:

Get that stupid info screen off the top of the dash board.

John Rhee says:

Mazda really needs to put in Subaru WRX’s new boxer engine.

nils blomqvist says:

Mazda 6 The best car ever!!!

Carlitox b says:

damn this car is beautiful !!

Jason Hamilton says:

anyone no about tsb alert for 2016 mazda 6 something with suspension

Martin Cruz says:

I hate the way he talks!!!

jduke989 says:

Mazda needs have the cx-9’s engine as an option in almost all their vehicles , it’s crazy that they don’t it’s really holding them back


I couldn’t take it for more than 6 1/2 minutes. Definitely a good looking car, absolutely not the best at all in it’s class. I’m surprised they didn’t put the start button on the front bumper, the centre consul is great right up until you have to clean it or you spill your coffee and short-circuit the fucking thing. The HUD and NAV, well let’s just say whoever put that together aught to be shot. Complete disappointment for the money I’d rather have one of the euros. Pull up

Modified Cars & Bikes says:

dream car 🙁

Tuan H says:

Zoom Zoom modafkas

Martin Smith says:

I was kind of on the fence between this and the Subaru Legacy. Mazda’s EPA estimates gave them an edge but this is the third review I’ve seen where testers didn’t even come close to the EPA estimate. You can’t all have lead feet. How come Honda doesn’t seem to have problems hitting their EPA marks while Ford, Hyundai, GM and now Mazda seem to miss by a mile?

unknown964 says:

Hmmm which would you recommend as a first car, the 2014 Mazda 6 or Honda Accord ?

Evan Johnson says:

Anyone think the lane departure sound is terrifying?

aquaticko says:

Sounds surprisingly good; I think the 2.5 sounds better than the 2.0 in the Mazda 3. Nice car, overall.

Tech Defender says:

I wished we got the wagon! If we did I would spend the extra and jump from the 3 hatch to that wagon

David K says:

Good review but FYI, sport mode is not new – have it on my 2014 Grand Touring.

DeCarlos Williams says:

How can a car this beautiful and be this fun to drive be so underpowered? Come on Mazda at least give the consumer some other option. Ford, Nissan, Chevy, Hyundai, Honda and Toyota all give you the option to upgrade.

thien tam Nguyen says:

The price of this car in my country is 50.000 $ :(((

Vincent Jackson says:

That Bitch Sharp!..

Lul Benji says:

which mazda 6 this is

Mr Mok says:

I’ve noticed that to get the high MPG’s in Mazdas, I’ll have to stay under 60mph on the highway, Who drives under 60 on the highway? I average around 70-75mph like everyone else around me. And at that speed it drops to about 25mpgs. Horrible. This is not the MAzda 6 but my CX-5.I assume its acts the same for all Skyactives. Because of this, I take my BMW 540it on the highways. It’s an 8cyl but it get about the same mpgs at that speed, but its A LOT more entertaining.

William Djokro says:

A few questions
Does the manual come with sports mode button?
Is the 2.5 engine the same with what Mazda3 2.5 version?
Are 2016 and 2017 version different?

Nate TheDaddy says:

I guess everyone is different. This thing rates so high, but to me it’s the second ugliest car in the segment ahead of the Camry

Brad Smith says:

This guys screwed half the stuff he says about certain cars i could pick apart because it’s absolutely crap. He says what he’s payed to say not what is actually the truth.

Roachehh says:

Love my Mazda 3 2.2 d sport.. I know it aint the mazdaspeed but its still fun as hell to drive and beautiful to look at in my eyes.

24/7 Gaming says:

0:39 Whos that??

jahwangful says:

Get a lord of location of start engine button.this is terrible.

Jovani Maglaya says:

you need a better mic, good job!

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