2016 Mazda MX5 Miata PREVIEW & MotoMan Answers YOUR Questions #AskMotoManTV

2016 Mazda MX5 Miata PREVIEW & MotoMan Answers YOUR Questions #AskMotoManTV

MotoMan previews the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata by covering some of the highlights of this MAJOR update one of the most iconic sports cars. He then answers three viewer questions from an episode of a ‘similar’ car #AskMotoManTV, . . .


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quwers says:

That carpet is awful and the lighting is dreadful.

SpeedyBahr says:

You lost me at 155hp

Hellfax says:

I would guess a 50 plus male would buy this car from what I already see on the roads. I think if they released a hard top version than it would attract a younger buyer and it would more directly compete with the BRZ/FRS. Beautiful looking car though.

Adrian Esteves says:

I agree with a lot of folks here. This car needs 200 hp and at least 180 torque. Then its balanced for a lot of peoples liking. Also to stiff that suspension a bit more in the club sport. If people want a soft ride they can get the touring or base.

uncertainty principle says:

such low hp and torque =(
yyyy mazda ….my golf has 160 ….i would have expected at least 200 ….

Fadil Karim says:

I can’t wait for the full video of the Miata. I have faith that you will cover the real essence and philosophy of this car.

oldatarigamer says:

Men over 60

NuclearGrizzly says:

I see mostly women driving Miatas.

IceDree says:

I understand your score of for the GTS now . . 🙂

I’m in the middle when it comes to the Aftermarket world, Window tint (the types that reflect sun rays), Alcantra headliner, Wheels & Tires are as far as I’m prepared to go …. maybe even an Active Exhaust. 

that’s kinda a tricky question, at one side you got the enthusiasts who wants something fun to drive & track capable …. on the other side you got the people who wants cool, reasonably priced convertible … its a similar story to the Wrangler. two sides to the same coin

As always, Excellent episode & Q&A M.
Let the battle of the Daves begin! looking forward to it!

Durararide!! says:

It’s beautiful

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

M to the X with a 5…

ewt415 says:

I really wish this Miata had 200-250 horsepower, or at least a higher trim level where that is available.

Alonso Tejeda says:

People in their early-mid 20’s , probably people that really knows the history behind this model, and know that this is a very sporty and fun to drive car. I don’t imagine someone like my dad in his 50’s cruising around with this  😉

sungod1976 says:

+motomantv 996, 997 6MT GT3 or 991 GT3? Which one do you pick?

StanO011 says:

Sadly, it’s women!

matt k says:

A sports car for the man who doesn’t need to overcompensate

Jenson Pais says:

Lot of homophobic and sexist comments about this car. Definitely not understanding the idea behind the car. There is after market tuning available which can get you around 200bhp.

Omair Khanzada says:

Hey Motoman! Are the LED headlights in the ND adaptive? Thanks!

Sebastian Krebs says:

In Germany this kind of car has always been called the “secretary porsche” – and you kinda often see women drive a MX5.

SkiddingMouse says:

+MotoManTV I know exactly what you mean with leaving cars stock, specially performance ones. I´m not sure about the type of buyers here because i saw all types of people at any age. I think the Mx-5 may be one of the few roadsters for almost anybody. Can´t wait for that road test, really can´t! :D.  The Porsche-illness it´s a very strong thing, once you get a bit used to them everything else feels “not as good all the time”.

Csab says:

I would say 50 years old man buys this Mazda. Not the young because they want more power.

Nabil P says:

Hey motoman have u done a video on the new wrx? And if not will u be doing one?

Hobbyandtech says:

Nice videos +MotoManTV  Subscribed

IamDaGrouch says:

Whether by design or not, the “second coming of Christ” line made me chuckle. Thumbs up!

Vince Story says:

Great video, excited to watch the full episode of this car.

abhishek jha says:

Well I think people who are over the whole echelon of GTR’s and 500hp Saloon just buy this car for cruising or some people think of it like a canvas in which they can tune the car(sort of like mustang gt) and also girls who have a hint of Petrol in them and want a convertable 🙂 +MotoManTV

Philip McMillan says:

Oddly enough, the people who buy Miata’s, at least from what I’ve seen, are older/empty-nester types. I lived next store to a 60yr old guy in CT that owned a ’92 miata that he bought 10 years ago. I currently live in SW Florida and the only people I see driving them are still older people. The younger crowd flocks more to the Scion, Subaru Imprezza, and Nissan 370Z type sports cars. It’s a shame because the Miata could be the more satisfying driving experience than the aforementioned cars. Plainly put, numbers and sheer power (horsepower) impress kids while dynamic control and overall experience impresses adults.

headcas620 says:

Silly motoman, you don’t modify a car for resale value. You modify it because you love to wrench or the car has flaws that can be fixed.

Omar20ve says:

what a waste… a piece of trash with 155 horsepower?/ give me a break mazda..  instead of putting a 2 rotor engine you make that car for kids/homos .  damm..

Targa Florio says:

Target Market for the Miata/Mx-5: 18-35 year old females. Always has been popular with the ladies historically. As for the Miata, what really excites me is not this version, but the FCA offering based on this, the Abarth Spider. Bigger power, handling and design tweaks. Now that would be something worth reviewing IMO.

coolsdon says:

The car is called an MX5 and always has been .Stop referencing Miata,no such thing!!

s p says:

just drive

Lee Mike says:

Could a golf bag fit into the trunk?

Yippie says:

The demographic are people 6 feet tall and under. I’ll still not fit in the new one.

Andy Mac says:

Can you do a video on the 2016 Volkswagen Passat

supremewhip says:

Want want want want want want

Martin Arciniegas says:

Gay people buy these cars

Anonymous Racing says:

This car targets bachelors, young drivers with no kids and little responsibility, and older unmarried men.

jungle jingle says:

The man with review’s that inspire the soul of driving, Can’t wait.

Benjamin Coles says:

I thought this was about the mx5 , not the porche?

M3RRIH3W13 says:

In the pantheon of the Porsche 911, the Corvette, and the S class?  C’mon, man.  It’s an old school sports car.  It’s lightweight, excellent power to weight ratio, and, generally, handles like it’s on rails.  They are the modern freshening of the MG Midget or the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio.  Both of those cars were a blast to drive, primal or elemental in emotion.  The younger generation may not have driven these cars, but that is the class they are in.

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