2016 Mazda MX5 Miata TECH REVIEW with Mazda Engineer Dave Coleman

Old friend of the show & Mazda Engineer, Dave Coleman, takes you on a VERY DEEP technical dive of the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata. He starts with details such as where the electric power steering is mounted, moves to the Miata’s new engine to demonstrate not only how but why Mazda engineers made the decisions they did in developing the new Mazda Miata ND He continues all the way through to the rear of the car as well as introduces the concept of a Miata petting zoo . . .

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Ben Puffer says:


Jesse Guerrero says:

I wish we could have something like this for every car

buggy164 says:


James James says:


Robert Drake says:

5:00 too bad those transmissions are blowing out. Hope they find a fix soon.

BradCMSP says:

Always loved Technobabble, have Dave on more!

Yasser A says:

what an awesome guy to present , good work and nice presentation

3ducs says:

Very good vid!! I dream of a 3.0 liter 60 degree V6, 232 HP. Shorter engine, mass lower and further back. 60 degree V6s are silky smooth, like an in-line 6. That would be the bell housing that is so smooth I think, long to move the transmission back closer to the driver and shift mass to the rear, aiding weight balance.

B Simpson says:

That’s more like it! a presentation from an engineer, not a presenter! More like this please!

IceDree says:

Love the technical review M! And as always, excellent episode!

djweetos says:

More engineers less marketeers, always +1

hydroboy35th says:

Excellent informal video, I’ll take something like this over an auto show person reading the spec sheet any day.

Ronald Suizo says:

This is very informative and makes me want to buy the new ND!

Sami Anttila says:

Great stuff, thanks!

Kingsoupturbo says:

Man I love Coleman! the king of Sport Compact Car who finally got his dream job with Mazda! really interesting things they’ve done, I like the 1:1 6th gear with a tall rear end concept, I’ve never seen that before, some very cool weight savings too, great analysis! Project 510 for life Dave! )

NuclearGrizzly says:

i wish my 6’7″ frame would fit in this Miata.  Heck, any Miata.

toshibavoodoo says:

2 seconds in and Im already excited!! what a great car, can’t wait to acquire my own.

DkingE39 says:

omg can someone say highly tune-able. and 3.9 diff

18echosf says:

Excellent technical review. Great video!

Peter Tran says:

Josh Jacquot disliked this video cause jealous.

vaajchang says:

we need more of this technical analysis!!

ALef_11 says:

This video basically shows an evolution of the NC platform. What about the chassis rigidity, considering a lot of steel parts have been replaced with aluminium.

Gorm Lundén says:

Thanks for making the recent technical videos. Keep them coming.

Michael Gross says:

Great video.  Bring us more with Dave Coleman, please.

Gregers McGanja says:

Awesome vid

epiphonedotblack says:


KingStivan says:

love miatas but hate the the front end! and im talking about THIS show peace front end ^^

SkiddingMouse says:

very nice, very interested on how the transmission reinforcements have been created. didn´t thought i would see that anytime soon.

Kryxtal says:

Love the detailed technical information from this video; this is the kind of stuff that I come to this channel for that you can’t get anywhere else!

GoGagets ! says:

im in love with the new Miata.i also liked the peting zoo.

Krutón says:

I’m really glad you’re sharing all this information – it is very interesting, informative and makes me want the new MX5 even more.

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