2016 Mazda3 – Review and Road Test

The staff at Kelley Blue Book has always had a fondness for the Mazda3, a fondness that has only intensified with the introduction of the 3rd generation sedan and hatchback. What makes the latest Mazda3 so great? KBB’s Micah Muzio explains in this review.

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ppusern says:

Civic 2016 with turbo engine is a good sporty car too! with load of tech, including lane keeping assistance that almost steers the car for you.

WarpWorld7 says:

Do you guys have any reviews coming out on the Mazda 5? I can’t find anything but your 2012 review. Great videos btw. Thanks!

FasterThanSoup says:

“…all powerful knaaaab”

Chris Leefe says:

exactly how fast does their 2.5L go 0-60mph?

BlarghMan says:

How is this versus the 2016 civic?

enzo freire says:


Tony Nguyen says:

r they easily stolen???? with theives who use remote frequencies to steal cars

Sttm35 says:

Fantastic videos you guys are recording…..

Romband1919 says:

Car looks gay also the the reviewer

stirange says:

From Chicago? Mahhhhhhsda?

Will ajr says:

Wow that ipad looking dash is eye candy for the thieves..

Darth Fader says:

Got two small boys now. 3 year old, 2 month old.
This, the Cx3 or cx5?

ItsEganTime says:

Would you recommend this car to a college student? For the price and all?

Ramiro Hernandez says:

Manual transmission Rocks! Good job Mazda

James Vuduc says:

Don’t poo-poo the 2.5L automatic transmission. In manual mode it shifts up and down faster than the Scion FRS/ Subaru BRZ. Try it! Dive in a corner, stomp the brakes, and downshift from 4 down to 2. That will put a grind on your face. Note how eager the transmission downshift. That is no small feat. Try that on the FRS and you will notice a second or two wait time between you pressing the shift lever and the actual shifting. I have watched so many reviews and nobody ever mentions that.

Aryzen Inniriea says:

Top-notch video. Great car too!Also, lucky lucky little camera it is, at the end!

Gus Diaz says:

mazda is nice but the 2017 elantra is very stylish and interior is luxurious I don’t think it’s a powerful as the mazda I could be wrong but I’m not trying to race out on the streets If that were the case I’d just buy a sports car but I’d have to say comparing both, elantra was a lot more luxurious, smoother ride, and very roomy but everyone has a different taste in what they like I say get what you like if you get behind the wheel and you feel good then that’s the one! end of the day a new car is a new car and will get u from point A to B to C ect…

penguinboy561 says:

This is a great city car. The hatchback has a ton of room in the rear. People are always surprised I can fit my whole bike back there without even taking the front wheel off. And the interior just has such beautiful simplicity. It’s been fun to drive, and I’ll be happy keeping it for a long time.

Ryan Potter says:

These cars are not for tall people any more I am 6 foot 2 inches I have the 06 hatch and the sport is missing the back support unless you get one with lumbar I think it comes on touring models and I don’t like how the headrest is preventing me from actually sitting up straight, flipping it around made it way too far back. oh and don’t think about sitting in the rear seat my current one didn’t really have leg room either unless you have a short person sitting in front of you but in the new one my head hits the ceiling. mazda I am going to miss you. They did make the sound system better though. The audio controls takes a bunch of steps to do things and will take getting used to.

Travis Mohan says:

how is the 2016 mazda 3 on a video posted in 2014 ?

macready lives says:

Great review. Wonderfully produced, entertaining but relaxed and low-key. Excellent work! Oh, and simply beautiful, beautiful car.

classiccarz says:

Good reviewer, but the occasional shit eatin grins I could do without.

Jams Bro says:

Really nice video review thanks Micah!!

Skanda Rao says:

What’s the fucking best?

Ems says:

hump day? you jerk!

Justin Hunter says:

Just bought my Mazda 3 today. I can’t stop thinking about how great it drives.

ちらし덮밥 says:

I am thinking of getting a mazda 3 base model auto but it is my first time buying. all the invoice prices I find online are ~18100 which is only few hundred dollars lower than MSRP of 18875. I was wondering how much lower I can negotiate. How much did you guys pay for this car, excluding fees such as destination, acquisition, etc. please help!

kennethlestat says:

Very nice car m/

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