2016 Subaru Crosstrek Review

The 2016 Subaru Crosstrek is formally the XV Crosstrek, or Subaru Crosstreck. With more ground clearance than a subcompact crossover, like the Honda HR-V or Mazda CX-3, this new Subaru is more manageable than the popular Compact crossovers like the Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4 and Forester.
For Canadians that like to go off the beaten path, the 220mm of ground clearance will help this Subie Crosstrek in winter driving and off-road. Not a traditional SUV, this tall wagon style of compact crossover is what many Canadians are looking for.
Competitors to the Subaru Crosstrek are the Jeep Renegade, Jeep Patriot, Ford Escape, Jeep Compass, Honda HR-V, Mitsubishi Outlander, Mazda CX-3, Fiat 500X, Chevy Trax, Chevrolet Trax, Nissan Rogue, Nissan Juke, Mazda CX-5, Mazda CX-3, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Subaru Forester, Mini Countryman, Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, Buick Encore, Volkswagen Tiguan, VW Tiguan, BMW X1

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Driver6M says:

I’d forget the manual as the shift is a bit clunky. The CVT is really good and it’s known that Subaru makes one of the best CVTs on the market.

ynp1978 says:

Anyone know if Subaru will ever put the 2.5 liter 175hp engine in this? I think it would help it greatly.

Paul Castro says:

too bad they got rid of the orange. I kind of liked that color a lot

Mic D says:

I purchased a brand new 2016 Crosstrek Limited with EyeSight/Navigation. Interior is cheap looking. The speakers are terrible. The Starlink feature is subscription based and no real added value. The voice control for navigation is AWFUL. The technology in this 2016 is quite embarrassing for the price they charge for the vehicle. If you test drive the car, test all the features, with and without using your smartphone. Vehicle is grossly underpowered, it really needs to be 175HP. The real problem with the lack of HP, accelerating onto the freeway. My 2007 Prius does a better job.
The best thing about the car: Blind spot system, ride is nice, can fit 3 adults in the back, compact, safety/crash tests. But for the price, there are way too many shortcomings. I would not buy this car again. If you can’t tell, I’m really disappointed in the technology. The dealer went over the basics, seemed fine, BUT you should have a full demo and ask a lot of questions.

shadowdance4666 says:

Who’s leg do you have to break to get it with a six speed & a sunroof or doesn’t come that way?

Torrance Amie says:

8 liters per Kilometer? WTF!

Robert bents says:

Funny, for all of you who are complaining about the oil consumption, and everything else, I have a ’14 and I’ve never had any issues with it, it’s a great little car, does what it’s supposed to and what I ask of it, and it’s always reliable

Kabloosh says:

I just picked up one. I think they got a sleeper in dropping a WRX set up in it and the car would sell like hot cakes. That being said it seems to be selling like hot cakes anyways.

Audie Arce says:

Hey! Mate hows the Heating and AC?

Stunnedstudios says:

148 horsepower??? This thing needs a V6

Babyblue1992 says:

if they added a 2.0 turbo that pumped 220-260 hp, think how crazy it would be

Terry Dolphin says:

Not sure why they got rid of the orange, at least keep it an option

SexyBulldozerMan says:

nobody ever mentions that subaru is the only brand to offer a manual with awd. nobody else has that available.

Grim Dark End says:

The Crosstrek is what happens when Subaru wants to make the outback today, but has to deal with CAFE rules. Great car, my buddy has the 2015 version. Incredible in the snow/offroad, and if you get the manual you will have one of the most fun cars to drive, period.

Grim Dark End says:

If you get the crosstrek, get the manual. It is 1) easily the best car to learn manual on, and 2) some of the most fun you can have for under $30,000.

Nikki Jones says:

Love the HRV and Rav4, but I may get this instead

Jared Sharp says:

Are these dependable?

TikiShootah says:

i’ll stick with my 2000 outback until they make modest sized crossovers again. new outback is damn near the size of a tahoe or suburban.

Gunther Berghof says:

they need to upgrade the engine, even the little VW beetle will beat this tiny boxer

iamnotfernando says:

whats all this off the beaten path stuff going to the cottage crap? The extra ground clearance is for commuters too. Parking curbs, plowed snow, pot holes, snow banks, low driveways have torn my wrx front end to shreds. ground clearance is huge

MetaView7 says:

Subaru engine burns oil. You need to top it up every month. That’s why the oil change interval is 6 months while most of the other cars are 12 months.

norcoca says:

Why are the fog lights switching on and off in the slalom?

Ruben Ramirez says:

Best car in the world I just got my limited

courtney Vegan says:

no led? why subaru why.

7 ra says:

i want this car, soon ull be mine : ) when i get married

willie billie says:

Canucks can’t pronounce Mazda

tigerbalm says:

I like it, best blue…wheels are HIDEOUS, IMO!

Wout Vermeulen says:

preserve find flood telescope copy send.

Kosta Papastergos says:

A turbo diesel option would be nice

Phillip Burt says:

1:28 to 1:34 looks like the fog lights are shorting out already, “right goes out, left goes out, right comes on”… Brand new vehicle?

Chris Byrne says:

I enjoyed my 2014 XV Crosstrek, and now I’m considering a 2016 Crosstrek. I think there have been sufficient upgrades to the car to warrant its consideration. The only difference is I will likely go for the CVT transmission. It was fun rowing the gears in my 2014, but now that I live in hilly Seattle, with lots of stop-and-go traffic, it’s more of a nuisance. The Eye Sight system and infotainment improvements earn my praise. Very promising improvements!

dopemcee says:

depends on how much of a lesbian you are.

the butch-er you are , the more intense your subaru desires.

Alnando Espaillat says:

If only they put in a wrx engine in it lol

Clarissa Ashley says:

I cannot find the price on this how much is this car in Canada

Sebastian Soza says:

I live in Quebec and so far i like a lot this Subaru for all the reasons you have given to us. In comparison to the Hyunday Tucson,what would be your oppinion? I live in rural area where we have 5 up to 6 months of snow. Thank you for your answer.

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