2017 Mazda CX-5 – Review and Road Test

The CX-5 enters its second generation with sharper looks inside and out, enhanced technology and safety features, a strong value proposition and even a forthcoming diesel model…maybe.

For the latest Mazda CX-5 pricing and information:

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Downshift MKE says:

As a car enthusiast I will always opt for the CX-5 over the CR-V or RAV4, but the Honda comes so well optioned and with significantly more interior space that it might be enough to draw me away from the sportster in the segment. Check out my thoughts on The CR-V


dwilsonjr78 says:

The CX-5 is definitely a great CUV alternative for people like me who want something a little bit different than the compact CUV stalwarts: the CR-V and the RAV4.

Andy Maidment says:


Chee Hoe, Foo says:


Matthew A. Radspinner says:

No Apple CarPlay….frustrating

Arslan Khalid says:

Zach, you are a legend! You’re becoming my favourite car reviewer

cance7984 says:

I’m waiting for you to get in bed with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Mazda.

Bernie Fen says:

LMFAO.. went dead at the beginning of this video..

r56mini says:

I have two cx5’s and I love them. They drive nice, they are fuel efficient, and they look nice. Yes, I would like a little more lumbar support. Add memory foam on lumbar section and it will be a winner.

Vesa Roivainen says:

display looks like it’s from BMW 😉

Rusty 123 says:

They lowered the height and the ground clearance. If I wanted a sedan I’d buy one. Stupid move.

Solen'Ya The Pickle Man says:

I watched many reviews on this car and there is one thing everyone is saying…that it’s under powered or that it should get a turbo charged engine…but the truth is I think this car is just fine exactly how it is for starters how many crossovers have a proper 6 speed automatic not many that I can think off…the rogue which is a class above has nearly the same amount of HP from its engine which is paired with that horrible CVT transmission and yet it sells like hot cake and people don’t complain about it’s horrid engine and heavy frame…so I think Mazda nailed it for a day to day drive it’s perfect…plus it handles well which I can’t say that many cross overs could

Norfakaruddin Razi Sa'ari says:

No Apple CarPlay????

Aradhya Sharma says:

Hit like if you like Micah’s videos more.

Trevor Graham Welch says:

I don’t like the Square panel that sticks up all the time why dosent it go down ???

cst626 says:

Straight up, i like these guys

Paul Cabrera says:

lol so funny great review

Takuan says:

Good review but what an ugly, lame, boring uninspiring stroller. This wheel design makes me wanna throw up. Could You guys get hold of an Alfa Stelvio?

Wisdom King says:

No horsepower .

ROBIN van PERSIE says:

I thought he was Aaron Crascal 😀

Ghetri Yono says:

very entertaining and informative video with short duration

wingedzer0 says:

2:20 oh shit I know where that is! This is near by my house, off the i-5 Avery exit. And you see him coming back up the same hill at 2:45. And driving around various back roads off Alicia and Moulton.

pablo aracena says:

Kind of weird wasn’t it 0:07??

SpencerLowe2014 says:

My dad wants to buy one.

Tourette TV says:

72mph?! Past 65mph you start to waste mpg.. so whats the real highway mpg? Hmmmm any owners?

GavinQuacks says:

RAV4? Unrefined? I’m confused

GeekTech Show says:

I like how you wiped your hand on that guys face lmfao lol at the start of the video 😉

John Arz says:

Can somebody tell me if this car is quiet when driving? do you constantly hear the road or the wind outside?

Ira Gershwin says:

What are the height and width dimensions of the rear opening? Not the inside cubic cargo volume, but the length and width of the actual opening?

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