2017 Mazda Mazda3: Review

In this one I’ll go for a drive in the NEW 2017 Mazda3! I’ll also go over the exterior, interior, engine set up, trunk space & more! Hope you like!

Big thanks to Jack Giambalvo Mazda in York, PA for allowing me to check out the NEW 2017 Mazda 3! For more information on their inventory please feel free to check out the link below.


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Mary Fink says:

are skyactiv engines with direct injection as prone to carbon build up as others? i was looking into getting the mazda6 until i found out it was a gdi.. makes me hesitant. i want a car that wont have to be in the shop every 50k miles to remove the build up… i also know nothing really about cars and wouldnt feel comfortable trying to clean it myself. toyotas dont interest me, honda accord is my other choice however the newer models are also gdi engines.

S Kirk says:

Please Mazda, Android Auto


Jooo J says:

WHY do you speak like a circus announcer?

alex lam says:

too many but….too many anyways….too many and…..gosh……..but anyways………..too many

asianyangster916 says:

WTF!! I can’t finish this video. Can’t stand the way you are talking.

J C says:

Love the reviews man. Very informational especially with the different trim levels!

doug aussie says:

Never buy a car that is too sophisticated.

Pentzzz says:

Just a quick note…if you’re going to “show” the acceleration, shifting response or any other feature like this, show the dials. They way you did it is really weird :)) So, let’s check the acceleration real quick….(your face expression)….yea, it’s pretty good.
Do you know what I am saying ?

doug aussie says:

Boring, car designs are so boring, all the cars in the last 20 years have basically gone sideways, look at the sideview mirrors, why are they there we have rear view cameras, so ditch the sidemirrors already. Do mazdas come with a crash recording video system or do you have to still buy it for yourself? Theres nothing about that design that spells future just more of the same.

Pizza Pizza says:

looks just like my 2014 mazda hatchback GT

Viperxyz says:

Good review without your voice

Michael Scheller says:

don’t forget to follow @3rdgen_squad on Instagram 🙂

Jakob Bryant says:

You don’t buy a Mazda for racing, you buy it for all of the new technology.

LordTrayus says:

This car is way too slow at its price point. Bring back the mazdaspeed!

hawaiiguy1 says:

you give sedan specs but you are showing the hatch..i.e. the trunk space, you said 12.4 cubic feet

zak stour says:

does Mazda offer car play

Paul P says:

It’s like a hybrid of the interior of the big three German makers. I would call it a ripoff if it wasn’t so nice and actually in my price range lol.

Balls Deep says:

it bothers me that the sedan doesn’t have the dual exhaust

ian nick says:

hi, is it possible to tune the car with aftermarket amplifier, subwoofer, speaker etc while using the actual on dash touch screen head unit?

Bouvier says:

i need a v6 not a v4

MarkDrummer says:

Which is more reliable…2017 Toyota Corolla SE, or Mazda 3 GS?

Seth Bruns says:

You’re voice gives me a headache…

Sp0ck says:

The base sedan is a perfect first car.

Duck says:

That engine cover shakes a lot I bet my gf would love to sit on it!

vidviggy says:

Bobcat Goldthwait

Jon Benigno says:

Free live traffic updates on GPS NO LONGER available = FAIL. No Android Auto or CarPlay available = EPIC FAIL.

Mingfei Wang says:

Your speech rhythm is cool!

Graeme Slater says:

i only lasted 57 seconds mate, ma ears are on overload haha

Tim Audette says:

Great review, thanks

Leon says:

I am so sold on this car. I think its my dream car from now on. Hopefully one day I will have this one

Michael Scheller says:

nice review! Please go follow @3rdGenMazda on Instagram 🙂

Tùng Trần says:

Quý khách hàng có nhu cầu nhận xe sớm và ưu đãi vui lòng liên hệ Mazda Hồ Chí Minh: 0902.881.002 để được phục vụ chu đáo nhất. Hỗ trợ vay trả góp với lãi suất cực ưu đãi!

melotheory says:

looks like snoopy’s face

Luis Herrera says:

it’s a good drive. but I just can’t with the looks of it. the front is just ugly. not hideous or anything. just fuckin ugly. and the back is so boring. it just looks like a mini van.

6string says:

I have the 2006 Mazda 3 hatch. I’m still doing repairs on it keeping that thing going.

I’m contemplating getting the Subaru WRX which I would have to get used as it’s too expensive new or get this Mazda 3 hatch brand new.

Tough choice.

David Silver says:

Mazda is the way to go

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