2017 Mazda Mazda6 | Road Test & Review

Mazda engineers have a passion for driving. This passion is born into them, it’s nothing that can be taken away. With every creation that comes forth from their collective genius, this shines through brighter and brighter.

Take for instance the refreshed 2017 Mazda6 sedan. While outward appearances seem similar to last years model, it is what you cannot see that counts – G-Vectoring Control.

What is that you ask? Mazda’s clever way of enabling the front wheel drive Mazda6 to have a notably neutral stance while cornering. The system monitors steering input along with factors such as yaw rate to help push the engines torque forward and aft to either axle in order to aid in the cars ability to stick to the road. Does it work? Yes – well.

The Mazda6 is a family sedan, but don’t be fooled, this is one entertaining sedan to drive. With its SkyActiv® 4cyl engine pumping out 184hp & 185lb-ft and your choice of a 6 speed manual or automatic transmission, not only is this sedan a hoot to drive, it’s frugal as all get out with fuel. Opt for the new i-ELOOP engine regenerative braking system and you can average 30mpg.

But not everything is about the drive. The interior is what matters to many looking into a family sedan and this Mazda does not disappoint. Space? Check. Style? Check. Technology? Check. With a full color heads up display, touchscreen navigation system with Bose audio, heated seats front and rear and a heated steering wheel, a full suite of active and passive safety features…. there is more than enough to stuffed into this car to keep you satisfied while the driving dynamics keep you smiling.

This truly is an incredible sedan. It is fuel efficient, very handsome in and out, supremely enjoyable to drive, spacious, technologically advanced and starts under $22,000. You have found your next family sedan.

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Christopher DeGiorgio says:

the narrator did a fantastic job, and covered the key features with confidence and enthusiasm. He really highlighted the strengths of the vehicle. The video increased my interest in this car. It is a fantastic bargain, and so much more reliable, sportier and better made than many competitors. The Mazda 6 is a high quality car that has the ability to compete and beat the Audi A3, A4, Honda Accord and Camry.


the mazda 6 is an awesome quality comfortable vehicle I love mine soon much higher and really reliable thank you Mazda

Bryce B says:

I just bought a 2017 mazda 6 touring. I’m wondering which cold air intake and exhaust I should put on it. Any suggestions?

sbs5130 says:

Earlier ssr1680 commented about reduced EPA fuel efficiency estimates vs. 2016 models, and the video author commented attributing it to the 2017 reformulation. Unfortunately, there’s definitely more to it than that.

Using the i-ELOOP equipped trim as en example, the 2016 model was rated at 32/28/40 at release. That was revised to 32/28/38 under 2017 reformulation. The 2017 model is rated at just 30/27/35.

The 2017 Mazda3 also has EPA estimates much lower than 2016. Using the 4-door 2.0L as en example, the 2016 model was rated at 34/30/41 at release. That was revised to 33/30/40 under 2017 reformulation. The 2017 model is rated at just 32/28/37.

But this substantial YoY reduction in EPA estimate is *not* observed in the 2017 *CX-3*: the highway MPG is down just 1, and city is the same. That matches exactly the reduction seen from the reformulation of the Mazda3 and Mazda6.

My best guess is that it’s because of G-Vectoring control. Dave Coleman said the torque reduction is (normally) achieved by retarding ignition timing, so surely that’s messing up optimal engine efficiency. The Mazda3 and Mazda6 have GVC new in the 2017 model, while the CX-3 does *not* have GVC.

Mazda6 Sources: https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/Find.do?action=sbs&id=35982&id=38033 https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/comparempg.shtml#id=35982
Mazda3 and CX-3 sources also from fueleconomy.gov.

Paula B. says:

I just bought my new 2017 Mazda 6 Grand Touring in red and I absolutely love it! Not only does it drive so smoothly, but it has power to it as well. I really like all the features and I always feel safe driving the car. Mazda 6 is the way to go if you’re looking for a new vehicle.

Snagz J says:

Have a 2016 Touring on hold at an excellent price. Is it worth going with the 2017? Particularly – is the 2017 significantly quieter? – Is it worth an extra $4,000 – which is what it would cost me to to with the 2017 over the 2016. Thanks –

Ali K says:

3 things. In essence a good review. Don’t be afraid to edit your videos, if you make a mistake restart the clip, it won’t flow nicely if you just continue. Find a way to stabilize the camera, far too shaky for what is clearly trying to be a professional job. Don’t be nervous, easier said than done I know, but I can hear it in your voice. Make it fun. Can’t stress the last point enough. There are hundred of car review based youtube channels. If you don’t stand out you won’t get a subscriber. Either take the feedback or ask what I know but either way, I think if you keep the videos as is you won’t get very far.

DimachkaS says:

Lol that was extremely busy? .. love the car tho

An Zah says:

the 2017 model has one reverse light only

Marcos Alfonso says:

Those aren’t the real mpg’s

MosDefinitely says:

how is the parking break is it a manual pull system or the click botton

Shibby says:

and yes that steering thing you are talking about does that happen in the 2015 model as well?! That explains why when I am turning at a light and I accelerate quickly, and sometimes it does this on the highway going off of a ramp, it feels like the wheels lose traction and the Vehicle skids for a little bit. it’s done this ever since it was brand new and I remember somebody told me no know the vehicle is not sliding, it’s because of the automated steering. What the hell!

joewillgo says:

0:37 is a huge turn off for me with this car. It’s really nice car. But a car of that size & class doesn’t include the automatic hinge to keep the front hood open by itself? You have to do it manually? That stinks. Other then that, this is really a nice car, just needs the Turbo Charged Engine from the CX-9.

Gary McNaughton says:

Good video. We are in the UK and have the 2.2 diesel. Fantastic car and if we’re careful can get 60mpg.

Jerald Gwapo says:

is it more comfortable than its rival??? how about the road noise??

billy fatbowe says:

…It adds SOMETHING on the grill………LoL……..Homework4U……….haha……….;–),,,,,,,,,,

PCMasterRace says:

Seems to share a lot with my mom’s CX-5. That’s not a bad thing at all, it’s actually a good thing considering the CX-5 is awesome.

Bella Rose says:

So anyone can pop the trunk open?

W B says:

The fuel economy numbers that were quoted were not correct. For example, the 6 with I-eloop gets 40 mpg on the hwy.

christopher kibler says:

Pull your pants up kid

Martin Smith says:

Dude, get out of that neighborhood as fast as you can! For the love of God, run man!

Marcos says:

Great review brother !!

LifeIsGood says:

why does this dude remind me of michael cera??


Beautiful car, to top it off and double sales add the 2.5 TURBO.

Carlos Rossi says:

Sweet..I want one!

John Grabowski says:

> “There’s no spots that feel cheap.”

Check the steering wheel stem and the adjustment lever. They nearly break off if you’re not careful.

Rusty 123 says:

Beautiful car. Don’t like the info screen sticking out on top of the dashboard. They should have left it integrated into the dash.

Ngọc An Nguyễn says:

Hi @GAG ! Do you think Hyundai Sonata 2017 or Mazda 6 2017 better?

sanibel island says:

Thank you for the thorough review. Great work!!!

Richard Russo says:

that color gives me an erection.

Jay Rock says:

car reviews on youtube is not really your thing man .. i mean picking your eye while you talking is not professional..

spoada says:

More pep than 4 cyl accord or camery. Honda v6 has more power than it can get to the ground. Still awesome but mazda so far in 6 years of ownership is the most reliable car i have ever owned.

Modified Cars & Bikes says:

Nice Review Dude …..

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