2018 Mazda Mazda6 – Redline: First Look – 2017 LAAS

With more muscle under the hood in the form of a 2.5 turbo engine from the 3-row CX-9, the 2018 Mazda6 looks to challenge new rivals from Honda and Toyota. A redone interior with more features and premium materials further bring the latest Mazda6 into a premium class. It should put up a good fight against the latest Accord and Camry.


John Boulding says:

Turbo offered but not in a stick shift…whaaaaa???

my orablue says:

I am sure you are aware that Toyota uses “Dynamic Force” branding for their new engines. At 2:15 You mentioned the Mazda 6 engine uses Dynamic Force turbo which sounded like a Toyota technology. Mazda calls their system “Dynamic Pressure Turbo” which more accurately depict their turbocharging technology.

Osama Shello says:

finally mazda have a strong engine, i am going to masturbate

Carlos2400 says:

I still love my mazda 6 from 2014 but I might have to upgrade for that turbo.

reginald joseph says:

People whom have already bought these new camry are going to regret buying so fast

Flight23 says:

Definitely like it better than the Accord and Camry, but the Stinger looks 10x better.

Mike Harris says:

Now the total package

Nick Villanueva says:

Great work from Mazda!

Nick B says:

I hope Mazda offers a signature CX-5 soon!

Brent says:

I still like my 2014 mazda6

BrandyBoy says:

Everything is perfect except…. idk who approved a downgrade on the rims smh

jaswinder singh says:

Rims look too ordinary .

Javi Johnson says:

Im guessing this is the most expensive model right?

Rocket ansky says:

A 2 door would be cool

Flight23 says:

Poor color choice for the display at the auto show

Mig D says:

Very nice car! Why buy a luxury name brand nowa days if you can get everything you need with this one?

Taegon Lewis says:

I’ll be the only one, with the strength to say it: Mazda is a weak and pretentious brand, now. And, I’m one of many, waiting for them to either be fun and exciting/or a no-nonsense brand, or wait for their imminent downfall.

reginald joseph says:

Wish Hyundai and Honda bastards had brains like Mazda’s people have to make a car attractive exterior wise. The car looks a 5 series of BMW that’s fucking awesome

Wesley Lavinder says:

3 months baby

hawaiiguy1 says:

why’d you say the *2016* and not the *2017* cx-9 when referring to the turbo 4?

EnRich says:

Very nice. They should offer a manual stick transmission on the high end engine and trim. No one does that!!!

Nicholas Newman says:

If only they offered the manual for the turbo engine I’d be all over this…

canonlybeme4life says:

This seems much nicer than the 14 6 GT I owned. It was loud, rough riding, and had a horrible infotainment screen. I might take a look when this comes out to see if it has the refinement that they are claiming in the “real world.”

Cyril De Guzman says:

2018 Elantra Sport looks a lot nicer and meaner. Also, why is this engine not an option for 6sp man

Nya Stclair says:

2009-2013 Mazda 6 Looks better

Narindra Singh says:

Wow they made all the changes I want… may have to upgrade my 2013 3 for a 6 gt =)

Usl says:


Confetti Sprinkles says:

@ 3:58 I’m sorry? 2018 and you *still* haven’t added a smartphone integration system? You increase the size of the touchscreen, but the thought of updating it in any way is an after thought, if even that. I really hope they do add this feature and let it be free to upgrade for older models without it like Hyundai does with their Sonata.

伊勢崎正視 says:


Bruce Smith says:

Do Americans pronounce it Marzda, instead of Mazda?
Still, a beautiful car!

William Jackson says:

Will definitely be trading my 2014 in for one… But God I hate those wheels

maurice benton says:

2017 Mazda 6 4 cylinder top speed is 135 compared to 2018 accord and Camry clocked at 121. Also @ 2017 Mazda6 0-60 clocked 7.3 sec and 2018 accord 7.3 sec and Camry 7.9 sec. Contrary to belief, Mazda 6 is the fastest and more sporty… people are robots… they believe anything someone else says. 90% of accords and Camry that are sold are 4 cylinders… lol.
2017 Mazda 6… https://www.caranddriver.com/mazda/mazda-6
2018 Accord… https://www.caranddriver.com/honda/accord
2018 Camry…

A Dream says:

If they can put out a speed3 model w/ a 2.0T engine doing 220hp/240lbft torque, we’ll be all in on Mazda.

Edit: Oh and it must be manual transmission with a limited slip diff. Possibly a hatch as well.

Unchainedmaple888 says:

310 lb ft of torque with FWD…hmm…

Lou says:

Honda Accord or Mazda 6 or Camry. What should i get?

Farhan Fahim says:

When in the Spring this car would be available?

Crusader says:

Beautiful. That front end looks like it wants to eat something.

Vic da G says:

And android auto?

namastesahib94 says:

How hard do you think it’ll be to swap that engine into a Miata?

MJ Zoom says:

The turbo manual could’ve been something

Eric Scott says:

Wish there were an AWD option.

Vincent Bruce says:

I miss the futuristic led lighting grill. Does it have full LED headlights on the grill like on the topmof the line. 2017 Mazda 6 premium

Harvard Ford says:

2018 MAZDA SPEED 6 GUYS. WE NEED A PETITION. bout time Mazda made amazing looking cars. If they made a Mazda-speed 6 or even a Mazda speed 3….my balls would explode

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