2019 all-new Mazda 3 PREVIEW with Skyactiv-X Diesel-Petrol engine Mazda3 comparison – Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you a preview of the all-new Mazda3 that is coming 2019 – together with the special Skyactiv-X engine.

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Concept looks super cool ! Front end will not pass regulations 🙁

Left Shark #TheRealMVP says:

the concept car looks like Ferrari FF

R FlorezD says:

Important thing will be the price..

Andrej Collak says:

Thanks 😀

Verliebt says:

I need to get a mazda 🙂

Surf Shop says:

Mazda’s designs are just beautiful

C.P. Juan José Ramírez says:

The new generation of the mazda 3 hatchback will be for the 2019 model. ¿?

Rafael Cordoba says:

If that concept becomes the new Mazda3 I’m gonna buy that car with no hesitation 🙂

ACS607 says:

Beautiful, simplistic design that emphasizes curves and shape over hard edged surfaces and lines. Mercedes for sure are using the same approach of ‘if you like the design take a line out and if you still like it take another line’ which is refreshing in comparison to Audi and VW adding lines and surfaces. This car will be stunning. This concept reminds me of the MK1 Leon. Another excellent review from Autogefuhl.

Mark Rocque says:

Great review. Looks like it addresses a few problems with the current car, which are the lack of power (even the 2.5 litre version) and the noise levels. My other problem with the current Mazda 3 is that some parts seem quite ‘cheap’ such as the thin seat foam, boot floor and wheel arches. Hopefully the new car is a bit more solid.

Colin Smith says:

The concept car looks awesome!

jan singh says:

Very unique and interesting engine.Thanks for another great true to goodness review Thomas.

Chris Till says:

I am a huge Japanophile so I want them to succeed. But them shunning electric in favour of complicated compression engines that are still no where near as efficient as EVs is a huge risk for the company. They could find themselves in a lot of financial trouble in the not too distant future if they’re not careful.

T K says:

It looks similar to the Veloster.

ΝΟΜΛ says:

that kai concept is a work of beauty but car designers make no consideration to how it will look with a country’s licence plate slapped on the front 🙂

Isaac Alonzo says:

Wow if a petrol engine gets 5.5l/100km the diesel engine should get at least 20% more than that or 4.4l/100km (53.46mpg) which is remarkable!

quitw says:

Handsome car, and handsome host too

Thanks for this, Autogefühl, I had a pleasant start to my morning!

Stuff stuff and More stuff says:

I wonder how close the production model will be to the concept. Hopefully close, the concept is stunning

hellion605 says:

interesting concept and as always – very nice review. thank you, Thomas!

peter kiro says:

I just hope the real production model is going to look like the concept display!!!! No hope

Jay _ says:

The Kai concept prototype is gorgeous but we all know the production Mazda3 will bear little resemblance to it. The newest production CX-5 and MX-5 are beautiful so I have no doubt that the next gen production Mazda3 will be pretty. The rectangular shape in front of the roots supercharger (pointed to @ 10:30) is an air-to-coolant intercooler. No?

Muaz Ali says:

This Preview is awesome 😀 btw gotta admit, this concept Mazda car is Flame.

S. D. H. says:

Shame that Mazda has the worst quality/reliability rating of any Japanese automaker currently selling cars in the U.S.

YTuberosity says:


TheLightQuantum says:

To my knowledge, those dampeners should be “acoustic baffles”… they expand inside the B-pillar cavity during cataphoresis process and they seal it avoiding sound to travel through.

Mehmet Bakır says:

i suppose that, it has the best design i have ever seen in its class. Thank you Thomas,

nemanja milosevic says:

7:12 20% less fuel consumption compared to diesel or petrol?
30% more torque compared to diesel or petrol?
It makes a huge difference to which they are comparing to.

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