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The SKYACTIV family of engines delivers greater fuel economy and fewer emissions, in a lightweight, responsive design. Every time a SKYACTIV engine is fired up, an immediate connection between vehicle and driver occurs.

Mazda’s breakthrough SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is an innovative automotive engineering strategy that delivers superior fuel economy, enhanced safety, lower emissions and a natural, intuitive response to driver inputs – all without ever giving up an ounce of Mazda’s signature driving exhilaration.

In light-load driving situations, such as cruising on the highway, Mazda’s new Cylinder Deactivation – available with select SKYACTIV-G 2.5 L engines – shuts down two of the engine’s cylinders to save fuel. Valves are controlled by a switch in the Hydraulic Lash Adjuster (HLA). Releasing the lock pin changes, the rocker arm’s pivot point and the valve stop moving. A new design produces a stronger tumble flow and a higher pressure fuel spray with multi-stage split injections, which result in a more uniform fuel/air mixture and cleaner combustion with less soot.

Cylinder Deactivation enables two-cylinder operation in light-load situations, improving real-world fuel economy without sacrificing driving performance. SKYACTIV-G is yet another way in which Mazda continues to “Celebrate Driving.”

Now available in – 2018 Mazda6 and 2018 CX-5.

Learn more about the Mazda’s SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY here:

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wankel rotary. says:

Subaru hahahaha

Luke Rinderknecht says:

Now bring the SKYACTIV-D to Canada already!

Alex Messina says:

When exactly, which model year and month, was the cyl deactivation introduced

Efren Baron says:

some of the few 4 cylinder engines with low rpm torque(naturally aspirated), really fun to drive

Ali TONKUŞ says:

Beğenmeyen 11 kişi neyi beğenmediniz

murky says:

How does Mazda avoid the oil burning and reliability problems experienced by cylinder deactivating engines of other manufacturers? Is it worth expense and complexity when the increase in rated fuel economy is negligible? Has Mazda addressed either of these questions somewhere?

Borut Goli says:

This is nothin new. But savings of fuel are minimal since you still have friction and forces on crankshaft are strong. Better approach is small displacement turbo intercooled engine.

PAPA DZ 360 says:

Very advance engine… Mazda the best!!!

xxxpensive says:

Wow mazda is really leading the way …thanks mazda

Robert Gift says:

Do the deactivated cylinders not create vacuums which impose “loads” on the other cylinders?Would gasoline vapor be.tter than injecting tiny aerosoled gasoline droplets?

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