DETAILED Review | 2016 Mazda CX-5 AWD | Everyman Driver

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Dave Erickson is a Multimedia Producer, 5x Ironman Triathlon Finisher, Freelance Reporter, Videographer and Podcaster. Before Everyman Driver, Dave spent 15 years working as a TV News Anchor and Reporter with assignments: Iraq, Haiti, Canada, Mexico and Panama.
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Kuemmerling Enthusiast says:


Great review Dave. As I live in Sweden we have the diesel as an option so tomorrow I’m taking delivery of a 2016 “Optimum” (Grand Touring) with a 175hp and 420 nm. One odd thing is that Mazda doesn’t offer a sunroof in Europe even as an option. Your reviews and your excellent off road films, (I didn’t even knew this car could do some of the things you did with it), was instrumental for me in my search for a midsize SUV. So thank you so much for your hard work!

Sylvia Lopez says:

I have this car, GT AWD 2016, I do feel the car needs more power, perhapse 240hp with 240 torque, it feels under powered for sure.

Ray Hansen says:

under powered… … needs a 3,ooocc engine and 7speed auto.trans.

AJ says:

he says he is 6feet tall in the 2014 cx5 review video….on here he says he is 5’11” and “has been for 20 or 30 years”

michael was says:

picking up a loaded GT on Sat. can’t wait!

Robert LeBlanc says:

Mazda’s choice to omit the power rear lift-gate, even for the Grand Touring trim, was idiotic.

Michael Harris says:

Cool!!  Secret storage compartments to hide your weed at, man!!

chemguyj5 says:

That was an excellent review. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot guys.

Reverberocket says:

Thanks for the review. Would have like to see at least a short off-road/snow condition test.

Quagmire88 says:

Do you have to turn the safety crap off every time you start the vehicle?

chinablows says:

How comfy are the seats on long trips (over 3 hours)?

bigbufobufo says:

I caught one error which is that the manual transmission is only available with the 2.0L base model engine. Manual transmission is not available for the 2.5L

Spencer Tba says:

Just as a FYI, you are incorrect. only the base 155 HP engine has a optional 6 speed manual.

Young Chang says:

as far as the daily car review goes – this and 2theredline are my go to places

JET997u says:

Everyman Driver Dave always gives the full picture of a vehicle and his reviews are thorough.

Robert LeBlanc says:

WTF is splattered all over the engine bay?

B Bennett says:

I love you videos! Every time I want to know about a vehicle, I look up the Everyman Driver version. None of the others I’ve seen are as details as yours. Thanks!

Robert Lawson says:

forgot to mention the bose audio

Ms Kelz says:

Thanks for the straight talk, no annoying background music, no jokes. Very informative.

porsche187 says:

when i test drove, i had the same issues regarding reare and blind spot visibility, drove me to take a harder look as subaru with its bigger windows

Tony D says:

sniper bird

Mike M says:

These safety features are starting to become annoying…

Helen Mcgrail says:

How do you dim or brighten the instrument panel lights when headlights are on?

Ta m1973 says:

Could you tell me if the road and wind noise was bad? How bad was it? Thank you.

okami hirazawa says:

hopefully someday cx 5 would 7 seats passenger

mskita007 says:

I just purchased this vehicle 3 days ago. Sometimes I wait in the car for my kids to finish music lessons. I put the car in “accessories” mode (engine off) to listen to the radio. It shuts completely off in 25-minute intervals. How can I disable that feature so the car can stay in accessories mode for at least an hour? Anyone’s response is welcomed!

jacob gonzalez says:

What size tires do you have on your mountain bike? Will a 29er fit with both tires on?

Everyman Driver says:

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Mathis Goossens says:


LionMaker Studiosss says:

This car would be even better if it had lane watch!

Lisette Zaldivar says:

Thank you for your video. I’m considering to get this car and needed extra opinion and review about it. After this I’m 110% sure I want it. 🙂

Cynthia White says:

This is very helpful. Thank you.

Dave Valdez says:

Great review. Thank you!

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