First Look | 2016 Mazda CX-3 | Mazda USA

Take a look at the all new 2016 Mazda CX-3


maninredhelm says:

Does the market need both the CX-3 and the CX-5 though?  I feel like one or the other would be sufficient, and then if you really need more space you upgrade to the CX-9.  At a minimum, I think the 3 and 5 should have dissimilar styling to appeal to different buyers.

Abdulkadir Turan says:

Hey guys !! I like this car And like that music on video..Who is know that music name ?

etbadaboum says:

I love it except the plastics outside… But maybe it would have looks too similar with the CX-5 I guess.

dlang says:

My next car.

taZd says:

Looks great… well done Mazda

TheAmazingAviator says:

I Think A Mazda Speed CX3 Would Be Weird, But The Mazda Speed 2 Would Sell
Like The Mazda 3! Still, This Car Is Gonna Sell Like Hotcakes!

TheAdventureMazda says:

They absolutely NAILED the styling on this thing. I love it…this is gonna sell like hotcakes.

jose manuel loscos says:


Mo Ka says:

This kind of makes me wish I didn’t buy CX-5 a few months ago.

Paul Naylor says:

Styling looks great! And it comes in AWD. I would like to see them offer a higher performance engine with AWD as an option on that one as well. Like a 4-cyl. turbo that made somewhere between 220 and 250 hp and over 200 lb-ft of torque. Would greatly increase the fun factor and smiles per gallon.

minmiboa1915 says:


krisna dewanta says:

Sony, make.believe.. Haha

Gulliveck says:

The stupid iPad-on-the-console again. I hope there will be a version without navi.

thebunnis says:

If they offered a manual transmission in the states, I would want one. I’m confused. Why a manual for the CX-5, but not this? Makes no sense to me. It should be the other way around if anything.

kozodoev says:

No manual gearbox = no deal. Basically, useless car.

marker220 says:

how awesome would it be if they made a mazdaspeed version!

Ken Kino says:

pretty much better than i expected. great job!
i’ll get this!

Cody Kloepfer says:

Love the look of it! The CX-5 is insanely popular in my area, so I’m curious to see if this will be just as popular!

Walker Haglock says:

We owned 2 CX-7s, and were going to get another until they dropped it. Bought a CX-5 instead, CX-9 just too big. CX-5 is just OK, nothing out of the ordinary. Mazda should have kept the CX-7 line, or brought out something similar in size instead of a model smaller than the CX-5.

きたしゃんふん says:


ryno pb says:

 I just want to see mazda come out with a GT3 customer car based off a FMR road going car. Mazda doesnt sell LMP2 lolas… can you claim race what you sell if you are racing a prototype.  

Vitalii Bek says:

Looks great on the outside, inside boring

Jefferson Arley Liquitan says:

MAZDA elegante como siempre .oohh

Fedor Flierman says:

Thumps up for this car!!!! It looks great!!!!

Juliet Gonzalez says:

Looks enticing, but never buy a first year model.

Alex Monti says:


Z StHope says:

Put the 2.2 diesel in it already………!

Jonathan Mei says:

That’s a seriously beautiful car… regardless of price. Knockout for Mazda

Lei Chen says:

Smaller version of cx-5?

Wolf-Jester says:

But what about the all new Mazda 2?

nemanja milosevic says:


Mann Aye says:

the black plastic trim at the wheel wells on this model is too large in relation to the size of the car, and looks not so great. looks fine on the cx-5 though, hopefully they can fix this in future refresh models 

edit: actually, it looks like the cx-5’s trim is really just smaller, so with the cx-3 being a smaller car, it can definitely be better

Eric L says:

I’m not a fan of the black fenders and panels. They look cheap, found on inexpensive cars and never on a luxury car. While I’m a HUGE fan of Mazda (own(ed) several) this 1 piece is a turn-off to me.

EL-Jay Wijdeveld says:

Amazing cool compact crossover

The Official DJ Kirb-3 says:

Darn I just bought my new CX-5 lately. Man this one looks way better than the CX-5. Oh well.

theshonen8899 says:

They push this crap out instead of an RX-8 successor. Why?

tron3entertainment says:

It’s like a cross over for cross overs. 

ryno pb says:

imo this is a giant miss in the styling. The outside looks like a mazda 3 and a range rover evoke had a baby but he turned out to be a bit special. The interior doesnt feel styled but just a bunch of ideas thrown together and put into one unorganized mess of trims and vents that dont seem to match anything. “here john why dont we hit the interior randomizer button and here we are, the new cx3 design.” I really am not too crazy about this car. Being a CX5 and MX5 owner I am getting kind of tired of the Kodo style. its only been two years but it feels like the kodo style has been used for over 5 years. i understand if you use it in your SUVs or just your saloons…but ALL your cars is a eyesore.

lovelyamor13 says:

This car is beautiful! I have a CX7 and I love it but when this one comes out, I’m definitely trading it in!!!! LOVE IT!

Ray Hansen says:

What,no road test?

TikiShootah says:

lol  yea cuz a 12 inch  review window wont cause accidents at all… 

Jamie Pickles says:

I like First Look | 2016 Mazda CX-3 | Mazda USA

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