Layman Tech Talk Ep11: How Mazda’s SkyActiv-X Engine Works? | EvoMalaysia com

So in my video where I explain where the torque from diesel comes from, where it’s the simultaneous combustion of all air-fuel mixture (which is only made possible by high compression), someone asked about Mazda’s SkyActiv-X engine; which is exactly what I intended to talk about next. So here goes, a gasoline (petrol) engine that uses diesel engine technology.


Peter Ambrose says:

Bobby review the E350e !

FederalNetwork says:

8:32 “this video was brought to you by kl sentral bus express” ultimate product placement ever.
Good driving skills by the way by turning your head to check blind spots

Tzu Yen Peng says:

Well good speech, and I like your last line “Fxxk you architect~FxxK you~” lololol

Bieffe says:

Tech is good. Mazda have place quite alot of $$ to this R&D direction. But their cars are not selling half a well as their rivals. So is actually $ down the drain…can Mazda still stay in business? Is like F1…When can we ROI?

Richard Chin says:

Petrol and Diesel engines lah.

Kok Siong Lee says:

For those mech engineer geeks in your channel (very detailed):

reovencci sanche says:

next task Bobby, V6 & straight six, layman term

Adrian Leong says:

Haha that ending part XD

Dasd Da says:

i bet the trim level will be differentiate among skyactiv G, D and X for mazda 3. Gonna costs few 10k dollars more for the skyactiv X i reckon

Ong Xin Shen says:


W R2 says:

5.41- “gasoline fuel has more resistance from gasoline fuel” Hmm I think bobby is trying to say gasoline vs diesel?

Daniel Düsentrieb says:

How’s the ride in your Volvo XC90?

Wee Sheng Lim says:

Hi Bobby, which model would be the best pick if comparing between tiguan 1.4TSI HL vs CX-5 2.2D FW? thx

crysisownz says:

It’s easy..the worst engine ever if u think about reliability in the long run,lawa kt luar je mazda ni

Yee Jan says:

Review Mazda 2 Pleaseeee!!! 😀

Dasd Da says:

Also bobby, would that means that skyactiv X is less susceptible to carbon deposit in the engine due to higher thermal efficiency? And if the engine parts do get deposited by carbon, would that affects the mechanism of SPCCI?

Albert Yap says:

Totally agree…fuck those architects. The never own a large car…

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