Mazda CX5 WORLD PREMIERE TECH REVIEW w/ Mazda Engineer Dave Coleman – 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show

In front of the 2017 or 2018 Mazda CX-5, MotoMan catches up with old friend of the show, car guy extraordinaire and Mazda engineer, Dave Coleman. Dave shares some of the technical details he can on the heavily revised Mazda CX5 Crossover – CUV – including a major bombshell, an engine offering with 310 lb ft of torque. They end their discussion with a VERY pointed question about what could be a HUGE deal in not only the Mazda CUV world, but the car world as a whole . . .

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Rusty 123 says:

The 2016 CX5 looks better. That info screen sticking out of the top of the dashboard is hate inducing. The front end doesn’t look good with the egg crate grill and the protruding hood lip. Designers just can’t leave well enough alone.

Ben Stern says:

Will the diesel be as quiet as the gas engine?

daniel9068 says:

ok question is any carplay on mazda ? i would get a diesel in automatic

Andrew Smith says:

I would buy the manual 2.5L next time I’m in the market! I drive a manual Mazda 3 and want to upgrade to the CX-5 when I can afford it. Definitely like the 2.5, and approve of dropping the 2.0. While I go back and forth about driving a manual, I’ve driven 2 manual Mazdas for the past 7 years. Love ’em!

Lars Fischer says:

I have a ’14 forester premium with manual today and would trade it in for the cx-5 in a heartbeat if the manual were offered – the Mazda is light years ahead in ride and interior. AWD is a must though, diesel AWD with manual would be incredible.

dlmetzger says:

I want the diesel engine with the manual transmission!

Innocent Baby Seeking Assault Rifle says:

Wow right before watching the video I was actually wondering if they would have a 2.5 manual this time. *OF COURSE I WOULD BUY IT!!!*. (Although I would want a diesel manual more, but beggars can’t be choosers).

C Shaw says:

upper trim diesel manual for me please. I’ll use my money from my TDI sportwagon buyback. Oh wait, not much room in hatch. I can fit 2 labs and a jogging stroller in my sportwagen. I don’t think the dogs alone will fit comfortably in cx5. How about a Mazda 6 wagon diesel manual instead? That I would buy!

Hamilton Hair says:

Yes on a 2.5 with six-speed, heck yeah.

Donald Trump Documentary says:

I love this video

Kevin Satler says:

i would love to buy the 2.5 manual. I owned a manual protege 5 for 10 years. It was the funnest car I owned that could still fit a bike in the back. I think the new CX-5 will be the one to take that crown if you sell this version of it.

Rusty 123 says:

Hate the info screen sticking out of the top of the dash board. Deal breaker.

CLIP HIT says:

good car. Thanks

flip8021 says:

Count me in for an AWD 6-speed Grand Touring 2.5!

fmonk says:

I would take a 2.5 manual, 2.5 with paddle shifter and a diesel with either. Shut up and take my money!

amirul adib says:

Pls bring it into Malaysia as fast as u can Mazda! I neeeed it!

David Wade says:

What would I buy? A Mazda6 diesel wagon!!!

MrLysy1975 says:

I would get manual with 2.5

Jacob TJ says:

manual days are over.. put a dct and paddle shifters

kajida says:

I would buy a manual if I could get it with AWD

James Lee says:

2.5 manual YES! Diesel manual even more YES!!! Both options would take Mazda from being on my radar straight to the forefront. New-car shopping in the new year so hopes are high.

Jamie Virnig says:

I would buy the 2.2 diesel with manual in the CX-5 or Mazda 3.

Rick Deckard says:

Maybe put 2017 in the subject to get more views

Nobody Important says:

Gimme a break… VVVVVVVVV They say they will buy the manual, but they never will.

K J says:

Just let the guy talk. Terrible interview.

Paul says:

For 5 years that I’ve been waiting for a manual 2.5 lt CX-5. It never showed up. Until now. I haven’t bought a vehicle yet. I was considering buying a Subaru this coming April, but now, for sure I’ll buy a 2017/2018 (whatever they call it) CX-5. I just hope that we’ll have more than a basic CX-5 to purchase. Nevertheless, that would be an amazing thing for me.

jneto0893 says:

Great video Motoman! It’s time for my mother to start looking for a replacement for her 328i xdrive and the CX-5 is at the top of the list. I would really appreciate a tech & first drive review when the 2017 is out! Thanks

Danny Little says:

cooled seats and more horsepower. It’s freaking hot in Bama most of the year!

Artur Abdullin says:

Needs a bigger engine!

Renew DG says:

I dont like that rims design… dislike

ReturnOf7heKing says:

Will the 2.2L diesel be available in a manual?

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