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Artem Demin says:

“memory allocation error” all the time. Reset doesn’t help. What can i do with it?

Konstantin Lipskiy says:

From 9am today, every 20 minuts i refreshing Google play and waiting for the application))) stil waiting) im using iphone, but for this application i prepare a Andorid phone, and of course- Mazda)

zul armans says:

hi lukasz, sorry could you tell me how to input user name and password, i already connected the mazda unit with my phones portable hotspot but only shown the ip adress without user and password, thanks b4

Kironde Nelson says:

videos look great but I cannot get audio

Joaquin Cabañero says:

hello! is available today?? is the same name the aplication? thank’s

Albert Ruiz says:

good job!

Andrei Shumski says:

good job. it works through ssh? sound quality good?

Sadanan Santadtan says:

I can’t connect it. it’s show message connect error and socket is not establish. How can I do? My MDZ ver. 56.00.513 and my phone is note3(use MMP ver.3.1) .thx.

Joaquin Cabañero says:

hello! is posible download for Android??

miroslav lavicka says:

mne to nejde

Kironde Nelson says:

thanks for this

Стас Купцов says:

Where download this app?

Roger Leong says:

Hi Lukasz, great job! unfortunately, I can’t get any audio from the video I I play with this app. os ver 51.00.351.

Георги Маринов says:

Hello mate, I cannot connect with the phone – it says “socket is not availiable”??

Gabriel Herrera says:

Hello Lukasz! thank you for all your work. I am from Mexico. I installed Mazda media player and it work.. but most of the time it show “memory allocation error” when I try to play videos. What can I do or what Iam doing wrong?

Somprasong Khonthong says:

Hollo Lukasz, When will be available the appication?

Somprasong Khonthong says:

hello Lukasz, I can not find it

marpik22 says:

Great work ! How to run audio video ??

Thanks 😉

Kolto roc says:

Great Work! Video Playback was nr.1 on my wish list 😀
I hope there will be an option in the app to support you 😉

Maarten De Rijsal says:

Hello Lukasz , I search scrolling title folder and track musik : Help me please

Musheng Wu says:

Awesome! Did you modified the circuit board or only use android app to hack the system?

seif ayadicl says:

hi my phone dont get the right ip adresse what to do

Lukasz Skalski says:

Hi All once again!

“The eagle has landed”

Finally pre-alpha version of Mazda Media Player is ready to download. After many problems with Google Play Store I’ve decided to distribute Mazda Media Player app directly through my homepage:
(next releases will be distributed in the same way, so please visit my website from time to time).

Enjoy and don’t forget to give me some feedback at – especially if everything works well (info about model and firmware version will be useful) and also and also if you encountered any problems. At this moment app has been tested only on Mazda 3 2015 v33.

Please remember that it’s still ‘pre-alpha’ release and not everything work as should. If you have any question or problems please contact with me!

Jeffry Kusuma Candra says:

why i got message like this “there was a problem parsing the package”?
i using zenfone 2 (android v5.0)

Александр Кубышкин says:

Could am I a betatester?

Albert Ruiz says:

When will be available the app? Could am I a betatester? thx

Steve Nugent says:

Is there any risk of bricking the infotainment unit by doing this?

nimav82 says:

Nice. This must have required a lot of work. Is there any plans for an ios app or a web interface so ios users can enjoy this?

Leonardo Soto says:

this version work for android 6? i have a conneection problems

Igor E says:

ЛУКАШ ! где можно скачать приложение? давай не подводи.

Kolto roc says:

Hey. Are there any news about v0.2?

star bern says:

Hi lukas i already downlond and follow ur instruction but fail to firmware is version 31..or need to upgrade to the latest version

Александр Кубышкин says:

отличная работа!!!

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