Mazda SkyActiv-X review

The Japanese brand’s dominance in Australia – as the second best-selling manufacturer – is very much an anomaly on the world stage

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Lucky Luke says:

Now imagine that technology with a hybrid and you get fuel economy that’s out of this world

2605155 says:

4:04 there is an old RX-7 in the background. I bet the employees have grabed some awesome cars.

yakyakyak69 says:

Throwing money down the ICE grave hole…

Schalk Loots says:

It still has an oilfilter oil changes, airfilter and fuel filter. If the engine reaches a certain mileage the wear of engine components causes increased emissions. Bad idea Mazda. EV s seem to be the sustainable transport of the future. By 2019 this car with it’s complicated engine might not even hit the road. If I can give Mazda some advise…start manufacturing EVs.

Ralph Louis Mendoza says:

why are you sitting so close to the steering wheel , short legs i guess.

Saul Villalobos says:

Sounds very promising. Proud owner of a 16 Mazda 3 and let me tell you, its gonna go from great to insanely great. Anxious to test drive this powertrain. Mazda rocks.

Psylent Productions says:

.Will trade in my ’15 Mazda 6 for a ’19 Mazda but only on one condition: it must be in the ugly prototype paint scheme.

Jere Heimonen says:

Combustion engines <3

Mark Wright says:

So from what I understand. They took a regular gas engine, mixed the fuel and air better into a homo-genius mixture and gave it compression ignition instead of spark. I don’t see how its that much more complicated. Its just a more efficient engine that gives you the fuel economy and torque of a diesel but the better emissions and power of a gas car. Too bad i’ll never get to try it for another 20 years because I’m never going to afford a brand new mazda haha

Fridgemusa says:

What a fucking wheel spanner this guy is!!!

guitarplayerforu says:

Mazda is thinking of everyone and not just city drivers. Good luck getting from the North to the south of England on one charge or any big distance in an electric car, unless you go Tesla at the moment they’re just city cars and nothing else. We still need internal combustion engines for the longer range journey’s. Mazda has apparently teamed up with Toyota for their Electric/Hybrid vehicles. Best of both would be a hybrid that used Skyactiv-X. Hybrids will be the next generation until the pure electric infrastructure is there and its equivalent to what internal combustion engine vehicles give now.

Marc Gratton says:

Et j’espère que vous aller Mourir avec Bandes de Morons FINI la GAZOLINE HALLO

Pro Doug says:

If you don’t change the fuel that the internal combustion engine uses to something renewable then how are you really saving the internal combustion engine from dying out. I love the efficiency of this engine but it’s efficiency will only last for so long if we have an oil crisis. e85 is the true savior of the internal combustion engine and diesel is probably going to be around for long long time

Derek Fletcher says:

this is the answer. electric has too many downfalls and hasn’t been tested long term. not to mention our lackluster ability to produce enough electricity as it stands today. Great job Mazda, I would love to buy skyactiv-x.

William Wallace says:

Time to leave the combustion engine that have ruled for 100 years.

ProjectSun says:

ICE (Internal combustion engines) as a whole are an amazing piece of engineering inventions to date. Despite the fact that most car manufacturers are so obsessed with developing EV automated cars in the future. I can assure you that internal combustion engines are only just beginning to make real gains, even Infiniti is starting to show off its own unique ICE concept known as the VC-Turbo. Doesn’t make the headlines as much of course, but a truly ingenious design (variable compression – long known, but only now possible to commercialize). Also remember that internal combustion engines have many uses, sizes and powertrain configurations. They work brilliantly in an electrified powertrain, as suddenly the prime mover is on board. In addition, engines like this, and Infiniti’s variable compression engine, are much better suited to alternative fuels, such as those starting to be made from agricultural waste.

Just because something has been around a long time doesn’t mean it’s bad, or old fashioned. If it’s been around a long time, and is starting to improve at rates we’ve never seen before, then all the more reason to keep it and improve it. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Diversify the market for sure, but don’t just assume something that was the only way of doing something is a bad way, particularly if it’s getting much better in and of itself. Without these innovative machines, we wouldn’t be where we are now, and if they suddenly disappeared, not only would I cry myself to sleep but people would realize how important they are when civilization collapsed, which make no mistake it would. Just to back that up; not only transportation of people, but trade, freight, industrialized agriculture and so on all have the internal combustion engine to thank and increasingly so. Indeed, what renewable electricity generation we have often relies on massive reciprocating engines to support it a lot of the time. Wärtsilä for example. Or in the transport sector right now Cummins, Volvo, Scania etc who manufacture engines capable of running on cleaner fuels, i.e. natural and bio-gas.

It saddens me to hear people (especially celebrities, billionaires, etc.) who don’t know much about internal combustion engines hitting out at them, and the engineers working their butts off on them. A press release is one thing, facts are another. I take my hat off to Achates Engine – the reason why companies are persuing it is precisely because it’s so important, not the other way around. I’m glad that companies like Mazda and Infiniti are recognizing this. Once again, time has proven again and again that ICE are still one of the most reliable, flexible and increasingly efficient prime movers out there despite some of the drawbacks as every technological invention has undergone through.

As some of the car enthusiast’s famous words, goes. “Save the Manuals!” Now Save the ICE!

ferw swer says:

How was engine sound ? like diesel ? or more quite than standart gas engine ?

viper says:

Fun fact, if the US market had kept buying the small compact cars that were introduced in the wake of the 70’s fuel crisis they would be able to supply their market with fuel solely from local oil supplies.Imagine the world today without a reliance on Middle East oil.

美光伍 says:

How much mpg? Torqued?

corvettez06usa says:

The obsession with electric cars has blinded most to the fact there are serious disadvantages.

-Having liquid fuel means range is an afterthought. Low? Filling up doesn’t take a visit to a rest area and waiting around for a half hour or more.
-If everyone had an electric car tomorrow, most power grids wouldn’t be able to handle the stress. And what we would feel good about in low emissions would be false as the carbon footprint from power plants would increase drastically.
-Batteries eventually will wear out and die, but between new and that point capacity will diminish over time. You buy that car in 2017 with a 300 mile range, then by its 8-10th year it’s now only 225. The tank in my Mustang will always be 16 gallons, and preventative maintenance can keep it’s fuel consumption fairly consistent on that 10th year as it was on day 1.
-Cold cold winter day? Battery capacity will go down. Hot day? Same.

I could go on really, but I’ll just end it with this: I think EVs are here to stay and will only get better, but should be just another option to consider as each person assesses their needs and wants for their own unique situation. And if EVs really are destined to take the place of petrol cars, the market will speak if/when the technology is there for it to do so. Until then, I am very happy Mazda isn’t just shrugging their shoulders and giving up. The internal combustion engine is too versatile and we understand too much about it to just deem it a waste and throw it out.

Dusan Ignjatov says:

This will be my new car 100%! Love Mazda !

Rang Klos says:

Let’s look at the engine, oh, it’s covered. Let’s talk about what’s under that cove, but it’s too technical.
So the most impressive thing for me is it’s so quiet.

Dude, find another script writer who makes you look less stupid. Do it now.

Lino Sammut says:

I still prefer driving electric.

Sparky says:

I’ll buy one

infineon1985 says:

Its sooo quiet!
That’s great news for car lovers every where….

When I buy that car, i have no engine sound and have to pay taxes and fuel.
I want sound out of a 4 cylinder vtec or a 80-90‘s v6 or v8.
There is no point in going with that engine instead a electric car for daily commuting.

Rotaryray C says:

Wanna increase fuel economy by 20-30% ? Do what they did in the 80s : BUILD. LIGHT. CARS.
You can’t tell me that if you put a standard Mazda 2 engine in an 85 Mazda 323 it wouldn’t get 40+ mpg… It’s not complicated. It’s 2018,,, build 1800 lbs cars again.

Frosty Boi says:

go back to middle east you goat fucker

Lane says:

I think this engine will be a great starting point for when mazda eventually goes down the hybrid slide. An engine that is already that efficient and powerful could only get better if it gets a good hybrid battery and motor. And since they paired with Toyota, they are getting a really good hybrid system. I think mazda are going to make a really good hybrid if this engine is as good as it is protrayed.

I AM GEORGE! says:

WTF is up with that driving position?

eze ess says:

still no android auto

Player 4 Studios says:

Dosent have a turbo! (Has supercharger but dont mind that)

Blazing Dumpster says:

If combined with hybrid, could efficiency be improved further? How would the net carbon foot print compare with a range and charging time limited electric?

Howy says:

Mate the bloody video was about a engine you dont know anything about it, you said everything new is about the engine but its too complicated so im not gonna explain it, what the point in the video? you didn’t even show mpg, you sat too close to steering wheel and made me nervous and with 190hp i doubt you even need esc. the video was just talking about a mazda prototype thats so far away from production i doubt it will even be 1% of the car you drove.

Michael Ijere says:

why is nobody talking about that sweet matte wrap

N- Nani?! says:

SkyActiv-X is a bold move. I wonder if the fuel efficiency of this motor will inspire them to do something similar with their new rotary engine. Respect to Mazda.

Wolffy93 says:

“I’m not going to get into the engine which is new…..Lets jump to the seats and handling.” “The powerband is very linear and it doesn’t even have a turbo” dude it’s got a super charger -> Linear power. Why are you even making a video.

Kevin Schmidt says:

Let’s see what this looks like in a truck!

Ian Lord says:

This bloke doesn’t know wtf he is talking about

Alejandro Bello says:

Great news not just for car lovers, but also for nations that cannot afford a way more expensive electric bill (non-nuclear countries)

jpmackin says:

Electric power plants / vehicles are the near and distant future..not combustible engines. Just look at all the car manufacturers making electric vehicles and many world nations like China (soon to be if not already the largest car market in the world) announcing recently they are going to completely eliminate diesel and gas vehicles..

El Chasco says:

Is supercharged or na?

Andrew Blanco says:

The best engine of all times ( behind of rotary wankel )

My 2bar says:

I wanted to hear what it sounded like!! 🙁
Foot to the floor.

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