Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (“SPCCI”) is Mazda’s proprietary combustion method that enables a seamless transition between compression ignition and spark ignition.

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The Lone Wanderer says:

I fucking love you Mazda as a fellow mechanic down here in New Zealand

DeadisBetter says:

And then it broke down

Bogiva Mirdyanto says:

This video is unnecessarily long

son of kami says:

That woman’s voice tho don’t know what she sayin but it’s as beautiful as watching flames ignite

Guds777 says:

If car manufacturer were serious about the environment than they produce engine that would be used to charge generators that would charge small battery bank and capacitors and there would be electric motors in wheels. The most effective way to utilize Internal combustion engine is to generate electricity and use it to power the car. IC Engines can go up 30-40% in efficiency just by generate electricity…

azrul nizam says:

F1 car had been using it since 2014 called the HCCI ( sfCI + HCsi ) to compensate with a tight fuel regulation resulting in increase of overall efficiency making it sitting around 40% of overall thermodynamic efficiency close to that comparable diesel engine thus significantly increase its power output for a given engine with a small displacement.

Jahquan Russell says:

I wonder what is sounds like

nel c says:

another stupid silly concept engine from mazda

Tim Roberts says:

4:30 – 4:40 is enough to explain

Xalataf says:

God, you all are just saying, retarded. Mazda has commitment to the internal combustion engine, and you all are saying that EVs are the future? Don’t you think the plants for the batteries don’t pollute? They pollute more! Especially when that battery gets corroded or dies, that’s harming the environment more. Mazda knows this and sticks to the internal combustion engine for that reason. Rotaries? They’re a unique design meant for track and racing use and/or for small items like chainsaws or lawn mowers. Not for daily driving! Y’all hate on the rotary, they can be reliable aswell if you take care of it, and it’s not for daily-driving. Take note that you won’t have as much fun in a kinda slow, polluting when built EV compared to the braps of a rotary or even a normal 4-pot.

chasebh89 says:

Could have just said “higher compression and conical piston” instead of making it sound like you just reinvented the wheel. That top notch of the piston will get hot fast so better hope your cooling system is on point
Also with such a high compression ratio and a hot tipped piston you’ll have to watch out for preignition sapping power and possible knocks

Chris Tuttle says:

I dont get it…

Kane Williams says:

Looks like they have just built an engine designed to knock

Jackedrado says:

In theory it would have to be built as strong as a diesel motor, or it would tear itself apart like most of the modern little turbo 4cyls do

MB4LUNCH says:

Mazda has always been cutting edge and not afraid to try new ideas.

Rodrigo Palazzo says:

“To understand the core of enbironmental problems” well, your wankel rotary engine in the mazda rx8 its a 1.3 litter, and it waste more fuel than a 5.0 ford mustang. So what “environmental problems” are you talking about? Global warming?

Lino Sammut says:

Let’s make fossil fuels something of the past , I’am up to my tonsils with pollution.

Gilberto Domingo says:

The world is in a verge to make alternative cleaner energy solutions and Mazda is “commited to the internal combustion engine”? You are shit, Mazda! Take a tour over at Tesla or BMW.

Gerrad Reynolds says:

“the ice is dead” mazda: “holup”

Jeff Welbes says:

MAZDA, please continue your research and development program. Engines like this may still play a significant role in the future.

Am Mk says:

Reading some of these comments, it really frightens me how bold and ignorantly self-assured the stupid people are. Isn’t it scary?

Brian J Malmsteen says:

Meh, ICE is dying. It contributed to so many enviromental issues.

ابراهيم ابراهين says:

As mercedes bens

evoTimer says:

Well, Infiniti (Nissan) released a Variable Compression-Turbo engine.

Augusto Bandera says:

The new bla bla bla….An other pile of shite.

gmcdmax 17 says:

I’m confused lol so just uses a higher compression piston what’s revolutionary about that?

Newsom Garage says:

So is it just a high compression motor?

victor ST says:

To me it sounds like engine knock

*eXo* *Duz* says:

All you need is a quicker and hotter sparkplug to produce this kind of ignition..the timing of spark firing and a higher compression ratio of piston is the key..why new, it’s old and most racing mechanics uses this for higher torque and power

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